American Pest Review

American Pest Control Review in 2024

When you get signs of pests in or around the house, it’s critical that you hire a reliable pest exterminator.

Top bug control services such as Terminix and Orkin will inspect the house and undertake some appropriate treatment to control the pests.

Below, I have reviewed American Pest for its effectiveness considering factors such as customer ratings, treatment effectiveness, availability, and costs.

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Details: American Pest Control Service

American Pest is a Washington-based and family-owned bug control company that has been in existence for 90 + years.

Over those years, the company has received a number of excellence awards including from the EPA (for less environmental release of pesticides) and the Department of States in the United States.

They will also prevent and control ants and ticks in your backyard.

The various pests included in their bug control plans include stink bugs, stinging insects, ringtails spiders, silverfish, rodents, rats, pavement ants, oriental cockroaches, house ants, mosquitoes, millipedes, mice, lone star ticks l, ladybird beetles, meal moths, flies, flies, fleas, drugstore beetles, crickets, cockroaches, clover mites, cigarette beetles, centipedes, carpet beetles carpenter ants brown dog ticks box elder bugs black-legged ticks bed bugs, ants, American dog ticks, and American cockroaches.

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The “effective viral disinfectant” is an additional and attractive service that the company offers (among other extra services) that sets it apart from other exterminators.

  • In this service, American Pest uses materials such as DSV which have been documented to remove SARS-CoV-2 – as approved by EPA.

The additional services have been documented to release tension in the community or households attacked by organisms including SARS-CoV-2.

  • The wipe-down and disinfecting remedy will help control or prevent contamination with coronavirus on various services.

Luckily, including these wipe-down and disinfecting services into your vacuuming and deep cleaning plans will help protect large areas with minimal effort.

I would recommend these additional services for areas such as busy households, workplaces, and large buildings.

  • For the first termite control on your premises, American Pest offers a $125 promotional discount.
  • Also, you will get free estimates and around $50 on the first bug control

Some customers give positive feedback on the “free estimates” because the company sends technicians to undertake “inspection” for just $100.

However, inspections are only recommended for clients that don’t understand their pest problem or when the exterminators want to estimate the cost.

I noted that the company is classified as being Green Pro Certified which means they are active in pursuing environmental safety both in the use of products and procedures.

  • For example, American Pest has a clear plan on how to undertake pest control (while protecting the environment) on premises that have kids or pets.

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Upsides and Downsides of American Pest Control


  • Offer protection from different wildlife and bug species
  • Its pest prevention and management are environmentally friendly
  • The website has online chat for clients
  • Qualified entomologists are the ones who create and oversee the bug management programs
  • Offers the Powerful Virus Disinfectant as an extra service


  • Frequent errors or issues with free estimates
  • Billing issues for some clients

Pests Covered and Plans Offered

American Pest Control provides bug and wildlife control for commercial and residential spaces or premises in the Illinois area.

The company’s exterminators and bug technicians use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for the control of various pests including;

The IPM method of controlling pests involves a toned-down technique for applying chemical pesticides but only using what’s critically necessary for your current bug issue.

  • The aim is to maintain a mindful effect (positive or negative) on the surrounding environment.
  • For example, the company will use preventative techniques on your house such as removing warm water and food (their access to pests) and sealing bug entry points.

The initial visit by the company to your premises will include the technicians inspecting the home for best and outlining a plan to eliminate and prevent their reoccurrence.

Next, the American Pest technicians will create a bug control plan customized to the needs of your home.

  • The custom pest control plan will depend on the local climate and the changing seasons since they affect the pest’s activity.

Below is an outline of what the American Pest technicians will do for the unique seasons.

  • Winter – technicians will undertake preventative pest services against wildlife to keep them off the home.
  • Fall – The strategy will involve prevention methods against rodents and pests – stopping them from getting into the home.
  • Summer – during summer, the pest technicians focus their pest control on the outdoors aiming to reduce flies, ants, mosquitoes, and fleas in the yard.
  • Spring – During spring, the American Pest technician will inspect for signs of a growing pest infestation while also treating for regular spring pests.

Service Locations

American Pest offers its services to both commercial and residential properties including for birds such as mosquitoes, ticks, ants, termites, and bed bugs in a number of locations including;

  • Sterling
  • Peoria
  • Pekin
  • Lincoln
  • Greenville
  • Galesburg
  • Champaign
  • Canton
  • Bloomington

The appropriate way to determine whether American Pest offers its services in your locality would be to call the client service line.

  • Representatives will check if the company offers their services in that zip code and also assist you to get a quote.


Overall American pest comes out as a positively reviewed exterminator service that has qualified technicians to handle different pests.

  • However, the company’s services are not widespread enough last day and their website does not have enough details on the Pest Management processes.

Other recommendations that I would rate higher than this company include Rentokil pest control.


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