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Armored Pest SVC Review – Exterminators

Armored Pest Svc is an Idaho-based bug control company. Other cities it operates include Oklahoma, Columbus, Kansas City, Arizona, Phoenix, and Englewood.

  • The company does not have a storefront but offers door-to-door sales, website booking, and phone appointments.

Armored Pest Svc undertakes preventive and routine treatment for pests like silverfish cockroaches wasps, ants mice, and spiders

The company does not notably offer specialized control of serious bugs such as that for termites.

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Details: Armored Pest SVC Review

Armored Pest Svc, however, provides their pest control to residential clients only.

  • You can book routine pest control or annual plans for the prevention of pests.

The company claims that its pest control only utilizes non-toxic insecticides or pesticides.

Also, they will use a suitable enclosure when handling household infestations.

  • For example, Armored Pest Svc uses BLUEguard in its pest prevention mission.

The company does not use traditional marketing but hires contract marketers who use a door-to-door sales strategy.

I noticed that the company’s contracts were highly advantageous to most homeowners as they comprehensively cover most common pests.

For example, the technicians offered to remove spider webs and wasp nests that they found in the house during the preventative treatment.

  • I can report that the preventative treatment (specifically the annual plan) is cheaper compared to using reactive pest treatment.

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Negative vs Positive Reviews of Armored Pest SVC

I sought to examine if the claims by armor pest defense matched up to the reviews given by the customers.

  • My conclusion is that there was a negative correlation – where customers reported the Pest Control services as being of poor quality.

However, the positive client reviews were notably many compared to the negative customer feedback.

Celebrity client reviews reported harmful and concerning company operations and practices.

For example, some of the customers reported the other companies’ door-to-door salespersons used overly aggressive strategies.

  • Some of the salespersons over-promised on the service quality, they underrepresented the contract’s financial obligations, lied about the pest problems, and some even refused to leave customer premises.

Besides, other clients reported the company building services that one under-delivered or even where the exterminators never showed up.

Further, other clients reported that the definitions exterminators sent to their premises were under-trained and thus showed ignorance and negligence leading to property damage.

So it is clear that the salesperson from the company tends to over-promise him by making the client sign the contract documents even when they can’t deliver appropriately.

Besides, even the clients that had positive reviews about a company noted that one has to be overly specific on the pest control tasks to be accomplished under the procedure.

Unlike other exterminators near you, Armor Pest Defense shrinks the money-back guarantee with the annual plan in the fine print with exceptions and exclusions.

  • So overall my view is that Armor pest defense has very many negative reviews.

However, the company’s annual pest prevention contract may be suitable for households that have ongoing bugs problems including mice ants, and spiders.

  • But as noted above you need to be overly specific with your requirements and direct exterminators on what must be done.
  • Also, be sure to carefully read the pest control contract prior to the official signing.


  • Includes reliable cleaning services
  • Offers a suitable annual contract
  • Uses pesticides and insecticides that are non-toxic


  • Many negative reviews
  • Performance and quality are unreliable
  • Overaggressive marketing

Pests Controlled by Armored Pest SVC

The pests covered in the annual bug control by armor pest defense include;

  • Cockroaches
  • Crickets
  • Spiders
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Ants

A positive Ant Inspection that was done by Armor Pest Defense

  • Richard from Armored Pest Services was extremely meticulous, and he took the time to explain every detail of his inspection. I would definitely recommend them for a thorough and enlightening Ant inspection.

My aunt refinanced her house using a loan and a requirement for us to undertake an inspection to determine the level of wood destruction.

  • Armor Pest Defense undertook the anticipation in a professional and satisfactory way producing the required report that satisfies the lender and my aunt (the homeowner).

Another client with a positive review reported that Armor Pest Defense was excellent in exterminating mice and cockroaches at a great price.

The customer noted that the company would send timely postcards with the dates of the next pest control visit.

  • Also, the exterminator is ready to adjust the date if it is not appropriate or convenient for the homeowner.

The pest control technicians that were dispatched to my home were professional and they discharged quality services.

  • The technicians are also effective and prompt – such that they will respond to client calls largely within minutes.

Homeowners love the annual bug control contacts that cover a number of their properties.

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Armored Pest Services comes among the top 10 best exterminators around but also has its own shortcomings.

  • However, the company will help you exterminate various pests that are in a household including ants, flies, fleas, and bed bugs.


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