Banana/ Golden Orb Spiders: Facts & Bite Treatment

In 2008, a picture came up in the media (from Australia) showing a Golden orb-weaving spider that was eating a bird. In this post, we’ll cover the habitat, size, webs, benefits in garden, venom (deadly?), and uses of their silk.

Banana/ Golden Orb Spiders/ giant wood spiders are in the  Nephila genus and are yellow and black colored with stripy legs, but could range from greenish-yellow to red. Banana spiders mainly live in the warmer areas.

Golden orb spider size 


Are golden orb spiders poisonous 

Are Golden Orb spiders dangerous to humans?

Are orb spiders dangerous?

Where are golden orb spiders found?

How long does a golden orb spider live?

Golden orb spider eating bird

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