Bed Bug Bully Review – Bed Bug Killer

Skills, the manufacture of Bed Bug Bully, markets the product as an effective, non-toxic, all-natural bed bug killer spray.

So, how accurate is this? Can Bed Bug Bully safely exterminate mild to moderate bed bug infestations? Will it kill even the baby bed bugs?

In this post, I seek to verify these claims by undertaking a thorough review of Bed Bug Bully. So, let’s get started!

Summary: Bed Bug Bully Review (Full Analysis)

My Overall Review: Only Suitable for Treating Small to Medium Bed Bug Infestations. 

1. Bed Bugs Bully is a contact killing killer that offers great residual protection for prevention and killing.

Luckily, being odorless and chemical-free, you can even spray this insecticide in the bedroom even before your sleep.

2. The spray will kill the whole bed bug life cycle – eggs, their babies, and adults bed bugs (check the pictures of bed bugs here).

Bed Bugs Bully is equally safe, besides being highly effective, to both humans (including kids) and pets in your house.

3. Spraying bed bugs bully won’t stain your furniture, linens, or other surfaces in the area of coverage. Equally, it has no harsh odor or chemicals – but leaves a mild scent behind.

4. However, some available case studies claim that Bed Bugs Bully is ineffective in treating bed bugs. Further, some homeowners claim that pesticide doesn’t kill bed bug eggs.

The issue is that the pesticide won’t kill bed bugs and their eggs tucked deep in the fibers or the blankets, pillows, and mattresses.

Features or Specifications 

Below are the natural oils you’ll find in Bed Bugs Bully – they’re highly toxic to bed bugs but very safe for humans (including kids) and pets.

1. Castor Oil – 0.5%, Clove oil – 0.40%, & Citronella oil 0.40%

2. Mint oil – 0.24% & Rosemary oil – 0.4% 

2. Citric Acid – 1% & Sodium L. Sulfate – 2.5% 

4. 32 oz total Weight  

Bed Bug Bully – Key Features

1. Long Residual Protection 

Bed Bugs Bully is created to have a long residue effect – it’ll last even about 30 days.

Therefore, the pesticide will continue exterminating the bugs for a long time after the first-bed bug treatment. 

However, it’s good to repeat the bed bug treatment using this pesticide about 3-4 times after several weeks. 

2. Contact-killing Pesticide 

The pesticide will kill the bugs only on contact and thus great for controlling bed bugs you can see in your home.

However, this could be a disadvantage because the bed bugs might be hidden inside crevices, cracks, or inside carpet fibers.

3. Non-Poisonous / Non-toxic 

As we’ve noted above, the bed bug bully mainly is made from natural oils, including castor oil, clove oil, citronella oil, and mint oil.

The product has no toxic chemicals and will be safe to use around your family members, other humans, and pets.

This can be contrasted to using other pesticides like the best bed bug fogger that would require you, your family, and all pets to leave the house for about 12 hours after setting them off.

Also, bed bug bully won’t leave a toxic or lingering odor – and thus, it’ll be comfortable to even sleep in a room that you’ve just treated for bed bugs.

3. Its a Liquid Form Spray

The pesticide exists in liquid form and hence will be easy to apply to bedbug-infested areas such as mattresses, crevices, cracks, or bed frames.

Further, the liquid form makes it easy to combine this bed bug bully will different cleaning products such as drain cleaners – for effective control of bed bugs.

4. Suitable for Outdoor and Indoor Treatment 

Bed Bug Bully will work great for both your outdoor and indoor spaces. You’ll be able to control the bugs both inside the house and before they infest your dwelling spaces. 

I dare say that the bed bug insecticide will work for most weather conditions – including winter and summer, killing bed bug adults and their babies.  

An alternative to Bed Bug Bully to Kill Bed Bugs

Traditional pesticides are just as effective or the naturally developed bed bug killers. An excellent pointer is Steri Fab, which many people trust in exterminating bed bugs from their business premises and homes.

Sadly, most bed bug sprays are ineffective in controlling bed bugs, or they’ll have a lower efficiency level.

For this, I suggested that you use a combination of different bed bug control techniques, including Eco Defense, mattress encasement, diatomaceous earth, and dry bed bug steamers.

1. Mattress Encasements

Bed bugs will always be looking for dark and warm places to hide – and mattresses are such good locations. However, you can use bed bugs mattress encasement as they’ll safeguard the mattress against any such attacks.

Further, any bed bugs that’ll lock inside the mattress encasement will lack the chance to take their regular blood meals and will thus starve to death. This is mainly because bed bugs can’t bite through clothing or fabrics.

However, you can also use box spring encasement if you’re using box springs. Also, ensure that the encasement isn’t damaged or scratched since this will provide entry or exit points for bed bugs and their babies.

2. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth will be a great alternative to bed bugs bully because it’s cheap, non-toxic, and it’s all-natural – it’ll prevent the bugs from moving around your house and thus spreading carelessly.

However, DE must not be used alone as it’ll have lower kilning effectiveness. DE is a natural white power that’s manufactured from sea rocks.

Luckily, it’ll tear the bed bug’s skin, dehydrate it by taking out its body fluids and thus kill it. So, put some DE over the floors and furniture in your house where the bed bugs will be walking.

3. Dry Bed Bug Steamers

Steamers are an excellent way to treat bed bugs in your walls, cabinets, mattresses, furniture, chairs, and sofas.

For example, most steamers will generate steam at over 200 degrees that’ll exterminate both bed bugs eggs and adults.

Luckily, steam will easily reach the bed bugs while hiding in the crevices, cracks, and baseboards. However, only shift the steamer at 1 inch every second while treating these blood-sucking bugs in your house.

The machine has nozzles that’ll release small amounts of dry steam. However, the device must be used cautiously as it can burn kids and pets with high-temperature steam.

Remember to use a respirator to protect yourself from ant gages or chemicals that might be released.

4. Vacuuming

A vacuum will enable you to keenly clean all the tough spots and corners that may easily hide bed bugs and their babies.

However, be sure to securely seal the vacuum bag before disposing of it after you’ve finished vacuuming. Next, ensure thoroughly washing the vacuum cleaner to remove all the bed bug eggs, the babies, and adults.

These, if not removed well, could trigger a bed bug re-infestation. Further, store the vacuum machine in a sealed bag – this will prevent re-infestation.

5. Wash Fabrics with Hot water

Next, you can wash your clothes with very water and then dry them to kill the bed bugs and their existing eggs.

Use a dryer to kill bed bugs with the least – but ensure to check the maximum temperature recommendation for each cloth fabric.

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