Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Spray Review

So, Bedlam Plus is a residue formula and hence even after applying, its active ingredients will continue repelling and killing bed bugs for about 1-4 weeks. Spray lightly on fabrics, drapes, sofas, mattresses and mattress encasements

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Luckily, Bedlam Plus has no restrictions like other bed bug sprays and thus you can apply it at any location you’d apply other liquids. But exclude pets and kids from the places where you’ve applied the Bedlam Plus until the aerosol has fully dried. 

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The active ingredients are n-octyl dicarboximide (bicycloheptene) in addition to sumithrin, which is a great chemical to allow you to readily kill the bed bugs.

Luckily, the new formula in this Bedlam Plus has imidacloprid that enhances a faster knockdown effect even for different bed bug strains. 

While spraying your sofas, you’ll need to give special attention to corner cracks, folds, and seams since that’s where you’ll mainly find bed bugs, larvae, and their eggs while still reducing their hatching rate. But, cover up your aquariums to protect your reptiles and fish.

I’ve used many bed bug control products and I have to say that Bedlam Plus is definitely one of the best solutions we have out there. So, why and how did I end up selecting Bedlam Plus? 

Further, I found that Bedlam Plus was easy to apply (with the ready to go applicator) and equally made from natural ingredients.

Luckily, Bedlam Plus was able to kill even the bed bugs that had developed immunity against various pesticide ingredients such as pyrethroid.

Bedlam Plus didn’t stain my clothes and fabrics in addition that it won’t get waterlogged and thus won’t lose its effectiveness while applied in different areas such as bed bug frames and door frames.

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