7 Best Ant Killer for Kitchen 2019: Safe for Household

You need the Best ant killer for kitchen? Looking to wipe out a major ant infestation in your kitchen? There is nothing as bad as witnessing a military of ants matching in your kitchen.

Ants will nest mainly in your kitchen looking for food. They, particularly, causes bad smells, can sting and are a nuisance in your house. Therefore, it is critical to repel or kill the ants early enough both in kitchen, Bathroom and Lawn (fire Ants).

Well, we’ll provide adequate information on appropriate ant killer that you can use.

Reviews: Top 7 Best Ant Killer for Kitchen in 2019 Reviewed

1. Terro T300B 2-Pack Liquid Ant Bait

TERRO T300B Ant Baits are sweetened liquids that will attract ants in your kitchen. The ready-to-use formula will kill all the regular household ants.

Best ant killer for kitchen
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Place the TERRO T300B on the floor near the ants trail or path, where the ants will be quickly attracted. The ants passing on this trail will come into contact with the bait and carry it into the mound.

Also, you can place the bait at a location where there are many ants. Further, the bait has a unique design that prevents it drying out.

The manufacturer outlines that the TERRO T300B Ant Bait will wipe out the ant colony in weeks upon application.

Working Mechanism

The liquid TERRO T300B bait is considered a better option as it will be readily carried by the ants back to the mound and thus kill more than the ants you can see.

The ant foragers are attracted to the sweet TERRO T300B bait, which they eat and drop the ‘trail pheromone’ all the way to their nest.

The trail enables the workers ants to locate the food outside their nest. Therefore, you’ll notice a large number of ants immediately after applying the bait in your kitchen.

The TERRO T300B acts slowly too enable the worker ant to make several trips to and from the food and thus supply the whole colony with adequate bait to kill them.

However, you’ll need to remove all the ood items in the kitchen on rom an areas easily reachable by the ants.


The active ingredient in MAXFORCE ANT Gel is Fipronil that kills a wide range of ants including: Honey, Ghost, and Argentine ants.

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Do not worry if the bait will wipe out the whole ant colony as it will be effective or about 14 days. However, you’ll need to inspect, within that time, if the gel requires reapplication.

For maximum effectiveness, you’ll need to apply the Gel in crevices and crack when you see ants going into the openings or when the ants are foraging.

The ants will have to come out of their mound and eat the gel. Later, they will take the gel back to their nest and desiccant will dry their bodies.

The ant gel will slowly kill the ant colony from your kitchen. Equally, any ant or insect that runs through the kitchen or application area will carry the chemical to the others in the nest.

Therefore, you have to start using the MAXFORCE ANT Gel as it will kill a broad range of ants in your kitchen.

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