Top 7 Best Ant Traps in 2021

Besides being such a big nuisance, ants are incredibly destructive. Have you considered the best ant traps? Ants will damage your home by burrowing through the wood and contaminating food, not to mention building unsightly mounds inside/outside the house.

And once they invade, chances are they won’t go away on their own. The best ant traps and ant killers will help you eliminate these destructive insects before causing more damage.

7 Best Ant Traps 2021 

1. Enforcer AntMax Bait Station – EAMBS4

The Enforcer EAMBS6 is a powerful ant trap that eliminates a wide variety of household ants. Available in 4 bait packs, this ant trap wipes out the Queen and the entire colony. This helps keep the infestation at controllable levels.

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The trap contains Abamectin, the active killer ingredient that interferes with ants’ digestive system. A slow-acting ingredient, Abamectin, allows the ants to get back to the colony and distribute the poison to other ants.

This helps to kill the colony much faster. The trap is safe for use around pets, is long-lasting, and quite affordable.

How to use Enforcer Ant Trap 

– Open the bait and set the trap in strategic areas

– The ant’s population will be significantly reduced in two weeks or less if the infestation isn’t severe.

2. TERRO PreFilled Liquid Ant Killer II Baits – Our Top Pick

Terro ant Trap is ready to use ant bait that will quickly eliminate both indoor and outdoor ants. Unlike most ant treatments, Terro doesn’t just kill ants that come in contact with it.

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It wipes out the entire colony, making it highly effective in eliminating severe infestations. The bait contains borax, a killer ingredient that interferes with the insects’ digestive system, causing death.

Although highly toxic, borax is slow-acting. Ants that consume it can carry it and pass it around to others in the colony.

And because it’s bait, more ants will be further attracted to the liquid, ultimately reducing their population. The trap features a stay-fresh tab that keeps the liquid bait fresh until opened.

How to use Terro liquid trap

– Break the bait tab off and place it in areas with a severe infestation. This can be in a crack in the wall or at the door

– If there are more affected areas, place more baits

– Complete eradication can take up to two weeks, so replace the bait liquid once it’s depleted

– Repeat for reinfestation

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3. Advance 375a Granules with Bait Stations – Runner-Up

Advance 375a granules is a powerful ant bait that combines a variety of foods and Abamectin, a delayed-action insecticide.

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For best results, the manufacturer also recommends using Advance together with Maxforce FC Ant Killer Bait Gel.

This means that the insecticide keeps the ants alive long enough to take back and spread the bait inside the colony. And once the Queen perishes, reproduction in the colony comes to a stop. ‘

The ant trap, just like squirrels poison, is ideal for both indoors and outdoors use. However, the manufacturer suggests avoiding areas that have been previously treated with sprays or insecticides. The ants may be easily repelled by baits placed in such areas.

How to Use Advance 375a Granules

– Sprinkle the granules in affected areas to draw the pests

– If dealing with an outdoor infestation, sprinkle the granules all over the yard

4. Grants Indoor Ant Traps

Like Terro, Grants ant trap wipes out an entire colony of ants in just a few weeks. The liquid bait is contained in the stakes with a small feeding hole where ants feed on.

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Ants that consume the bait carry it back to the rest of the colony, including the Queen. You can easily stick the bait in the ground with the sturdy plastic stake if you have an outdoor infestation.

It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, packed with ten killer stakes, and is budget-friendly. It’s also environmentally friendly as it does not contain any dangerous chemicals or poisons.

How to use Grants Indoor Ant Trap

– Place the stakes in strategic areas where ants pass by frequently. These may include cracks on the wall, the doorway, in the yard, dog house, around the garage, etc.

– The trap will do the magic in a matter of weeks

5. Kness Pack Ant Bait Stations, Box of 12

Easy to use and highly effective, the Kness Ant Bait Stations is an excellent ant trap for both indoors and outdoors. The bait comes in the form of a narrow bottomed canister with two compartments.

Kness Pack Ant Bait Stations, Box of 12 Check Price on Amazon

One compartment contains granular baits and the other liquid baits. The bait also contains numerous holes where the ants move in and out quickly, carrying the colony’s bait. This, of course, makes eliminating the colony much easier and quicker.

The bait is made of rugged green polypropylene, which perfectly blends in with the outdoors. It’s also tamper-proof, waterproof, and won’t spill the contents through the entry points. Plus, the station is resistant to the UV rays, allows the bait to stay active for extended periods.

How to use Kness Ant Bait Stations 

– Load the canister with bait in both compartments

– Stick the bait in the ground or wherever you’re facing a significant infestation


Ants can’t destroy your entire home in a matter of months. Some wooden areas may even incur extensive damages that are beyond repair.

Of course, repairing can be a costly and time-consuming affair. The best ant traps will help you control the problem before it gets out of hand.