7 Best Bed Bug Heaters in 2020 Reviewed

Could you be searching for a better way of killing bed bugs in your place? Best Bed Bug Heaters

Bed bug heater is a brilliant option that kills these bloodsuckers using high temperatures.

Proper selection of bed bug heater is vital. So, which are the best bed bug heaters? This article will explore the subject in details.

Let’s get started! 

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Reviews: 7 Best Bed Bug Heaters 2020 

1. ZappBug Bed Bug, Eggs, & Nymph Heater – Our Top Pick 

ZappBug Heater is suitable for travelers and professionals since it’s highly portable. In addition, the device easily fold during storage – it measures 23″ x 37.5″ x 23″. 

ZappBug Bed Bug, Eggs, and Nymph Heater Check Price on Amazon

The sealable product has a double walled chamber laminated internally to aid in heat radiation. ZappBug is able to maintain a maximum temperature of 120 F – 155 F which is automatically shut off by the help of a timer. 

The device is also fitted with wireless digital thermometer – this ensures that the temperatures reaches above 120 degree Fahrenheit for effective killing of all stages of bed bugs i.e. eggs, bed bug nymphs and adults. 

ZappBug Heater is easy to clean and set for working – it takes 30 minutes to set it up. The device is safe and non-toxic – has no chemicals or pesticides that can harm you or your humans during operation. 

ZappBug Heater can treat bed bug infestations by heating your clothes, shoes, beddings, books, papers, files electronics and other small household items – you only need to load the items and press on button. 

ZappBug Heater is quick acting. It will take 4 to 5 hours to kill bed bug infestation in your items. The device generates less noise during operation – it won’t cause discomfort. 

  • Easy to use.
  • Portable – collapsible.
  • Kills entire life cycle.
  • Battery powered.
  • Quick acting – 4 to 5 killing hours.
  • Safe – no chemical or pesticide.
  • The product is cheaper than other heaters of the market
  • It may take longer when heating some items.
  • It’s small-sized.

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2. PackTite 2 Bed Bug Killing Heater – Runner-Up

PackTite is a quick acting bed bugs heater. It will treat your bed bugs infested items in 4 to 6 hours. In addition, PackTite is non-toxic and chemical free – it’s safe for both commercial and residential. 

PackTite 2 Bed Bug Killing Heater Check Price on Amazon

PackTite is easy assemble and use. Place your items inside. Ensure they don’t touch the top zipper/flap or power cord and press the on button.

The device has an overload protection mechanism to prevent overheating – it is fitted with thermal overload protector.

PackTite is easily collapsible which it easier to store. It is fitted handles that enables you carry it with ease.

The optimal temperature (26 degree Fahrenheit) generated by PackTite is effective in that it kills the entire life cycle of bed bugs. In addition, the device has an automatic time that controls its heating time.

You can best use PackTite to treat your beddings, clothes, handbags, footwear, books and papers among others from bed bugs infestation.

With PackTite, you can get rid of entire bed bugs infestation. Its suitcase size that measures 19″ L. x 36″ W. x 24″ H. inches and a usable space of 18″ L. x 30″ W. x 15″ H is large enough to treat a large number of your items without frequent loading. 

  • Accurate – has temperature sensor and timer.
  • Safe – chemical free.
  • Efficient – kills entire bed bugs life cycle.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Easy to store – collapsible.
  • Less expensive.
  • Consumes more energy.

3. Prevsol Bed Bug Heater 

Prevsol is the most effective type of bed bug heat that will sort your home bed bugs infestation completely. 

Prevsol Bed Bug Heater  Check Price on Amazon

It is capable of treating your entire home up to 8825 square feet. Prevsol can heat an enclosed room to a temperature between 130 to 140 Fahrenheit. The product is able to kill the entire life cycle of bed bugs i.e. adults, nymphs and eggs.

Prevsol is an easy to set up and use. You just need to plug in the power cord to the socket and kick the power button.

This device saves on power consumption. The BK-17L Heater operates on 40 or 50-Amp 240 Volt plug/stove, 2 120/20 Amp breakers and 30 Amp 240 Volt plug/dryer, which are linked to a power cord are lower power devices.

The ample design of Prevsol makes it portable – has fitted handles.

This product provides a quality and high performance. The US made BK-17L Heater is highly rated for its superior quality performance for many years.

Prevsol is environmental friendly – it’s non-toxic and chemical free and thus does not pollute your areas of use. It is also quick acting – it’s able to kill all bed bugs infestation within 8 running hours.

It has a high heat transfer function – this ensures efficient heat penetration to bed bugs hideouts instantly.

Prevsol will help save your money and time. It has cheaper running cost as compared to hiring an examinator or bed bug professional.

In addition, it is customer oriented. Prevsol comes with a 12-months warranty and a 24-month full on resistor assurance. 

  • Treats a large area.
  • Efficient and effective.
  • Money and time saving.
  • Quick acting – 8 hours complete killing time.
  • Powerful – runs on US made BK-17L Heater
  • Kills entire bed bug life cycle.
  • Use more energy.

4. The ZapBugg Oven 2

To eliminate bed bugs from your clothes, beddings and other small household items, you need ZappBugg Oven 2. The product can perfectly fold and unfold easily enabling easier storage. 

The ZapBugg Oven 2 Check Price on Amazon

ZappBugg Oven 2 is fitted with two 1500-Watts heaters that heats its chamber to a bed bug killing temperature of 120 F and 155 degree Fahrenheit – this temperature kills a 100% of the bed bugs life cycle i.e. eggs, nymphs and adults.

ZappBugg Oven 2 is environmentally friendly. It doesn’t contain any chemical, pesticides or toxic substance. Therefore, it’s safe for use in any place.

The device measures approximately 39 inch. Length X 339inch. Width X 27 inch. Height. The large volume provides ample space that can house relatively large quantities of bed bugs infested items such as chair, suitcase or cushion.

ZappBugg Oven 2 comes with a 25-foot extension cord that can easily extend to power source. The device is less expensive as compared to other heaters too.

This device is quick acting. You will be able get rid of bed bugs in beddings clothes, foot wear, files, books, papers of electronics within 5 to 8 hours of operation.

ZappBug Oven 2 is very easy to assemble and use. Just load your bed bugs infested items and hit the on button.

The device is also fitted with automatic timer, which regulates its heating time. The wireless digital thermometer fitted in ZappBug Oven 2 ensures that the running temperature is always above 120 degree Fahrenheit. 

  • Highly portable.
  • Non-toxic – no chemicals.
  • Effective and efficient – 100% killing.
  • Very Powerful – 1500 watt heater
  • Needs 2 independent circuits to run it.
  • Requires more energy.

5. ZappBug Room Bug Heat Treatment Chamber

If you are searching for a large size bed bug heater, ZappBug Heat Chamber is the best device. It has a large space measuring 80 inch. Length X 111 inch. Width X 57.5 inch. Height. 

ZappBug Room Bug Heat Treatment Chamber Check Price on Amazon

This product is efficient and saves on power. It runs using four separate power sources of 120v, 1500w. You can therefore use it either in commercial or residential areas to treat large bed bug infested items such as chairs, mattresses, couches or beds.

It is worth investing on ZappBug Heat Chamber for large-scale bed bug infestation. Its thermal chamber concentrates the bed bugs killing temperature within 119F to 155F thus killing adult bed bugs, nymphs and their eggs completely in your items.

You can easily assemble, transport and use ZappBug Heat Chamber. Within 30 minutes, you will be done with the set up.

ZappBug Heat Chamber is non-toxic, chemical free and safe for all items that are not temperature sensitive.

ZappBug Heat Chamber comes fitted with an automatic timer that controls the device bed bugs killing time. In addition, it has a wireless digital thermometer that helps maintain the operation temperature above 120 F for efficient bed bugs eradication. 

  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Has an automatic timer.
  • Large chamber – hold large items.
  • Non-toxic – chemical free.
  • 100% killing efficiency.
  • Long lasting.
  • Uses a lot of energy.

6. Dr Infrared Heater Upgraded Version

Dr Infrared Heater is a large device – an upgraded version of 2-tier product. The huge heating chamber of Dr Infrared Heater measures 38 inch x38 inch x26 inch.- this gives it a large space for more loading of bed bugs infested items. 

Dr Infrared Heater Upgraded Version Check Price on Amazon

The 18 cubic feet product has 2-tire rack system that easily fits variety types of bed bugs infested items. In addition, it is made up of collapsible tents that allows easier storage and movement after use.

This product is fitted with an automatic timer connected to alarm, which help in controlling the required heating time. Moreover, it has a digital thermometer that ensures that the killing temperature is always above 120F.

Dr Infrared Heater effectively eradicates all the stages of bed bugs in minutes by maintaining a continuous temperature of 120 to 155 degree Fahrenheit.

This device is safe for use in both residential and commercial purposes. It is non-toxic, chemical free and does not have any pesticide.

The quiet-running, multi-blade turbo fan maintains silent environment while in operation. It also aid in active circulation of hot air. 

  • Safe
  • Non-toxic/chemical free.
  • Quite running.
  • Large capacity.
  • Easier to assemble and use.
  • Has timer with alarm.
  • Kills the entire bed bugs life cycle.
  • Treat both small and large items.
  • Vet expensive.
  • High-energy use.

7. Bed Bug Thermal Dot Stickers – 21 Pack

When carrying out Bed bugs heat treatment, you may fail to notice the arrival of killing the temperatures on some items. In such cases, you will therefore require a thermal indicator. 

Bed Bug Thermal Dot Stickers - 21 Pack Check Price on Amazon

ThermalDot is the best product to go for in the current market. It’s quick acting and able to alter its colors according to its current temperature levels.

This product changes to black when temperature reaches 120 degree Fahrenheit and maintains the color during the entire treatment- this is an evidence that heat treatment is ongoing.

ThermalDot is essential in verifying the bed bugs killing temperature, especially on items in places difficult to access like enclosed dryers.

This product is easier to use. You just need to pull and stick the adhesive ThermalDots on each item that is to undergo heat treatment.

ThermalDots are small square products measuring 5inch x 5inch. They are designed to reach lethal temperatures of 118 F to 125F (bedbugs killing temperature) at which they change from white to black.

The killing of the bed bugs on the items with ThermalDots stickers are absolutely sure during the run time. The indicator will only change color at onset of killing temperature and maintains it to show successful heat treatment. This will help you erase the doubts of incomplete killing of bloodsuckers.

The sticking substance (adhesive) on the ThermalDots is not affected by high temperatures in the heating chamber.

The ThermalDots can be used by the bed bugs examinators, who uses heat treatment method to kill bed bugs, as an indicator of successful treatment on your items. 

  • Quick acting – changes color immediately.
  • Cost effective – 20 stickers in a single package
  • Temperature resistant.
  • Easier to use.
  • Highly visible – white/black color change.
  • Do not kill bed bugs.

How to select a suitable bed bug heater?

For effective and efficient killing of bed bugs in your infested items, you will need to consider the following factors:

1. Temperature Range of the bed bug heater.

A suitable bed bugs heater should meet a minimum temperature of 114 degree Fahrenheit and a maximum of 135 degree Fahrenheit. This is necessary due to the fact that bed bugs and their eggs will be killed completely within this temperature range.

Very high temperature-rated bed bug heater is not be recommendable since it will incur unnecessary high running cost. Contrary, a low temperature-rated bed bugs heater won’t kill the entire bed bugs infestation.

2. The size of bed bug heater.

It is important to select a bed bug heater that will house your bed bugs infested items properly. Small items such as clothes, foot ware or stationeries may require a small sized bed bugs heater. For larger items like couches, beds, chairs or mattresses will call for a large bed bug heater such as ZappBug Heat Chamber.

3. Power-Rating/Consumption of the bed bug heater.

The performance of your bed bug heater is determined highly by the actual power rating of its components. Ensure you purchase a device whose power rating ranges between 900Watts to 2000Watts maximum. Most machines shows optimum performance at 1500Watts rating. However, due to nature of your work or quantity loaded, you may need a slightly higher or lower rated bed bug heater.

It is important to select a machine fed by 240v power supply. In chase, you buy a device with different rating; you will require to purchase a step-up or step-down garget (available at electrical outlets).

4. Mode of control.

Check whether your bed bug heater is manually operated or automatic. Manually operated heater will require your presence to help control the running time – this is usually affected by human errors that may lead to overheating of the items under treatment.

An automatic controlled bed bug heater is the best to purchase. You will not need to monitor the progress, as it will shut down once the operation is done – this is achieved through use of a timer. I also recommend that you may select the machine that has an alarm linked with the timer for easier completion alerts.

Do bed bug heaters work?

YES! They are designed to generated high temperatures (between 114 to 155 degree Fahrenheit) capable of killing the entire life cycle of bed bugs.

To achieve this, the electrical energy from the power source is converted into heat by the heater, which raise the internal temperature. 

The inner lining of most beg bug heaters is laminated to help concentrate the generated heat within the chamber. 

The control of running time is either manual or automatic – this depends on the machine being used. The time is preset in such a way that at the end of operation, all beg bugs shall be dead.

How to assemble/set up a bed bug heater.

Follow the following steps will setting up the bed bug heater.

– Unzip the storage bug.

– Fix any accessories into place.

– Connect parts e.g. stands and casing.

– Plug in the power cord into the source (socket) – the power rating must be compatible/same.

– Load the bed bug infested items in the chamber and zip tightly.

– Switch on at the power source.

– Set the timer (if automatic) and press the machine power button.


Selecting best bed bugs heater is the number one move toward eradicating beg bugs completely.

You can check the power rating, size, working temperature range and mode of operation before you purchase one.

Importantly, purchase a bed bug heater accordance to the quantity/size of items to be treated for economic purpose. 


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