Top 7 Best Bed Bug Powder in 2021

Bed bug control is a real struggle, especially with many bed bug powders and steamers available on the market.

If your home is bedbug-infested, you can use any of the products mentioned on this list to control them.

The effectiveness of the powders also relies on how well you apply them.

Top 7 Best Bed Bug Powder in 2021

1. JT Eaton Crawling Insect Killer Powder

If you have bed bugs and other insects bothering your comfort, you can easily use this powder to rid them completely. By sticking on their bodies, this powder absorbs fluids from insects hence killing them through dehydration.

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The fact that bed bugs never mutate to get resistant to this powder makes it one of the best solutions on the market. When applied correctly in holes and crevices, this product’s killing effect can last months after its initial application.

It works perfectly and does not leave any residue behind; hence, you won’t have to worry about your property being decolorized after using this powder.

It comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturing company. Therefore, if you are not impressed with the results, you can claim a full refund.

It has diatomaceous earth as the main ingredient, hence works naturally without additives. However, you might need to clean and air the area thoroughly after using the product so that your little ones and pets don’t get into contact with it.

For effectiveness, you want to apply this powder in holes and crevices that are usually used by bed bugs and other insects to hide and breed. 

2. HotShot Bed Bug Killer powder

This product kills bed bugs when they come into contact with it. It leverages the diatomaceous earth to dehydrate bed bugs, thereby killing them.

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It keeps killing for many weeks after the initial application, which is why it is one of the best powders available.

The fact that it can kill a wide range of insects makes it one of the best options to make your home a better place by just one application.

The powder is easy to use since just a slight application of it helps to rid all the insects that might have infested your home.

Use this powder by dusting it around the beddings, holes, cracks, and crevices in which the bed bugs might hide and reproduce. It works without leaving any residue behind.

It comes packed in an ergonomic container, which is very easy to hold. The powder targets and kills all the bed bug eggs hence ensuring maximum insect control.

Note that bed bugs and other insects can never get resistant to this powder, so you can use it for many years and get the same result. Make sure to clean your home thoroughly after using this highly effective bed bug powder.

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3. Harris Bed Bug Killer – Diatomaceous Earth

The power of this powder is immense hence making it worthy of being mentioned in this list. It is effective for treating hard-to-reach areas in your house and bed. 

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This product’s application is easy since it comes with a puffer that enables it to be used right away. It works fast as the insects that get into contact with it will die after a maximum of 48 hours.

It acts fast, making it ideal to kill bed bugs and make your bed sleep-ready the same day. As long as you keep the area dry, this powder will keep killing the bed bugs for a few weeks after the initial application.

Also, it does not have any adverse effect on the environment, which is why it has been regulated and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Therefore, the powder is safe for use in a house with people and pets. Organic Mineral Research Institute has also listed it.

After using the product, you need to clean and air the areas to get rid of the residues that might be harmful to your pets and little ones.

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4. CimeXa Insecticide Dust Bed Bug Powder

This is one of the few bed bug powders that work by dehydrating the bed bugs. It also contains ingredients that target the eggs of the bed bugs and then destroying them all.

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Synthetic silica is one of its most active ingredients that take part in dehydrating the bed bugs. Unlike many other powders, this one kills bed bugs just after 24-34 hours of getting in contact with it.

This powder can be used on walls, cracks, voids, and it targets both adult bed bugs and their eggs. It is also vital for places that cannot be reached by other powders and foggers.

Compared to food grade diatomaceous earth, this powder kills bed bugs almost twice as fast and does not have any health risks to humans.

The dust is odorless and does not leave any stain behind. However, you must ensure that you clean the area after using the powder and ensure that all the bed bugs are dead.

The dust is effective for up to ten years when used in undisturbed areas like holes, cracks, and other hidden places in the house. It dehydrates by sticking on their exoskeleton.

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5. Harris Bed Bug Powder Killer, Diatomaceous Earth

This powder is one of the best since it provides a thorough treatment. It can target hard-to-reach areas hence ridding all bed bugs and their eggs.

Harris Bed Bug Powder Killer, Diatomaceous Earth Check Price on Amazon

Also, it works perfectly without leaving behind any form of residue. Of all other powders, this one is easy to apply since you can use it right away. You can safely use it even if you are allergic to strong smell since it is odorless.

It acts so fast as the bed bugs that get into contact with the powder die after 48 hours. Since it has a long residual, the powder keeps killing for up to four weeks after the initial application.

You can trust this product as it is OMRI listed, and EPA registered. The Environmental Protection Agency also registers it.

Therefore, it can be safely used in homes with people and pets since it does not impact individuals’ health. The powder is also listed with Organic Minerals Research Institute.

To get the best result from the product, you want to ensure that you target the holes and crevices that are mostly used by bed bugs to hide and reproduce.

How to Use Bed Bug powders

Once you have learned that your house has been infested with bed bugs, you want to ensure that you use the right powder to rid them. Examine the pictures of bed bugs.

There is a wide range of powders that you can use to protect your home from being bed bug-infested effectively.

To use the powders in the right way, you need to start by clearing the clutter and other mess in your bedroom and other parts of the house.

Apply your favorite powder in the holes, crevices, under the carpet, and in stuffed toys. These are the areas that the bed bugs use to hide and reproduce.

The powders should be applied in small amounts. However, you must ensure that you target the right areas since without that, the bed bugs will keep reproducing, and your house will not be safe for.

Regardless of the powder that you use, you are supposed to clean your house of the residue that might have been left behind after the powder’s application.

Note that some powders work faster compared to the rest. After applying the powder, you should give it at least 48 hours to kill all the adult bed bugs.

A good powder will also target the eggs (including baby bed bugs) and destroy them all.

Is Bed Bug Power Safe For Humans?

Diatomaceous earth is the primary ingredient used by the powders mentioned above. It is mainly natural and does not have any effect on human health.

The fact that it kills bed bugs and prevents them from moving freely in your homes makes it an ideal option. It is essential to note that diatomaceous alone is not perfect for killing and controlling bed bugs from infesting your home.

Though it kills and ensures that they don’t move in your house, diatomaceous works best alongside heat treatment. It is essential to heat-treat your items all the time and before using diatomaceous to complement the process.

Though the powders might not significantly affect humans, it is essential to treat and air your house after using them. This makes sense since some companies use additives that might be poisonous.

Therefore, when your kids and pets get into contact with them, they might have allergic reactions that might be hard to deal with. Use as per the manufacturer’s direction.


Bed bug powders come in different quality, price, and efficacy. Depending on your budget and level of infestation, you can pick the right powder to use.

From this list, you can easily choose to go shopping when you already know what to look for.


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