Best Bed Bug Sprays

Top 9 Best Bed Bug Spray 2024 Reviewed

Sometimes all we want is the best bed bug spray – one that’s effective, safe to use around kids and pets, non-staining and it’s odorless, and with no Pyrethrin. 

Have you tried steamers or traps against bed bugs? What was your experience? Most homeowners say that the methods above are useful but are very pricey.

So, I’ve reviewed the top bed bug sprays and outlined how you can use them in your house, bed, or furniture.

Side Note: Sadly, the bed bugs bite, spread diseases, leave skin shells, and fecal matter – besides making us very nervous as they increase.

So, let’s get started! 

In a Hurry? Check Best Bed Bug Spray

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1. Our #1 Pick: Ortho Home Defense (Mac Dual-Action) Bed Bug Spray

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Ortho Home Defense is the best bed bug spray for outdoor spaces, luggage, headboards, and bed frames. This fast-acting formula will kill bed bugs plus their eggs, brown dog ticks, spiders, roaches, and ants.

Luckily, Ortho Home Defense will kill even bed bugs that have built up immunity against insecticides such as pyrethroids. 

Its active ingredients, Zeta-Cypermethrin (0.0125%) & Bifenthrin (0.05%), will fatally damage the bed bug’s nervous system – only through contact. Luckily, the spray is non-staining for water-safe fabrics.

The formula will kill the bed bugs within one day (a quick knock-down effect!), and it’ll offer two weeks of protection after spraying. It’ll kill the bed bugs only on contact – even the pyrethroid-resistant species.

Luckily, the aerosol will also kill bed bugs, eggs, larvae, and adult bed bugs visible or hiding places like a wall or floor cracks. Also, it’s odorless and safe to use around the kids or pets like cats and dogs.

So, where is Ortho Home Defense best effective? Well, you can use the bed bug spray on mattress seams, bed frames, or on language (or suitcase) to prevent the bugs from spreading into your destination.

Luckily, the bed bug spray will kill >130 crawling insects, including bed bugs, centipedes, spider mites, ticks, and fleas. So, spray Ortho Home Defense around the house, under electrical appliances, in the garage, and in your basements.

But there’s a caveat: Ortho Home Defense will be toxic to your grazing animals and bees. Therefore, avoid spraying the lawns or grounds where the animals, including goats and cows, will forage within seven days. 

The Good:

  • Effective  spot treatment for  home and indoor spaces 
  • Also kills insecticide- (pyrethroid) resistant bed bugs. 
  • Will kill adult bed bugs and their eggs fast through contact by damaging the bed bug’s nervous system.
  • It also kills dust mites, fleas, and stink bugs.
  • The spray will penetrate into deep cracks and crevices

The Bad:

  • Has more toxic chemicals compared to natural pesticides

2. #2 Pick: Harris Bed Bug Killer, Liquid Spray with Odorless  

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Harris bed bug spray is a contact-killing model that’ll reduce the house’s roach population in 1-2 weeks. Equally, it’ll kill the eggs and adult bed bugs that are pyrethroid-resistant. 

It has a long residue effect – where the residue will deter and kill bed bugs for long. The spray will also leave behind a pleasant light cedar scent in your rooms and living spaces. 

Harris bed bug spray has a trigger type of spray that you’ll find amazingly simple to spray even hidden areas such as wall cracks and floor crevices covering the bugs. 

This model won’t damage your upholstery or other fabrics with the odorless spray that’s equally effective against the bed bugs in your household. 

Further, the large container means that this bed bug killer is budget-friendly. View the full Harris Bed Bug Killer review. You can spray on your mattresses, clothes, and furniture.  

The Good:

  • Both contact and residue killing 
  •  Natural ingredients that are safe for kids and pets 
  • Suitable to apply on the mattress, furniture, and clothes 
  • Leaves an excellent cedar scent 
  • EPA certified

The Bad:

  • None

3. #3 Pick: Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Killer Spray for professionals

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Maybe you need a highly portable spray for the small bed bug infestation? Well, I recommend Bedlum plus aerosol that is effective and has low toxicity.

    • Bedlam Plus is a great contact spray (and equally a residual formula) that’ll kill even the bed bugs that are pyrethroid-resistant and the baby bed bugs.
  • Bedlam Plus is formulated to be a residual spray combining three key ingredients (1) 3-phenoxybenzyl, (2) Imidacloprid, and (3) 2-dimethyl-3 – this is pyrethroid plus synergized neonicotinoid.

But you can also spray on your clothing. The aerosol has a quick knockdown effect and great residual control that’ll kill bed bugs even two weeks after spraying. It has a sweet but very mild smell that won’t be too irritating. 

Bedlam Plus will show ovicidal features in addition to functioning like an adulticide. The formula will quickly kill adult bed bugs and their eggs only on contact. Scientific findings show that 40 percent of the bed bugs treated using Bedlam Plus treated will die. 

Luckily, Bedlam Plus is a more natural and safe pesticide composed of pyrethroids and pyrethrum. Spray on a bed frame, clothes, carpets, box spring, mattresses (and mattress encasements), headboard, carpet, and furniture.

The straw applicator will hit the deepest of spaces, cracks, and crevices. The Bedlam Plus formula allows you to control several pesticides or insects, including lice, fleas, carpet beetles, clothes moths, dust mites, and ticks.

It’s also non-staining on your water-safe fabrics. But, first, test a smaller area of the fabric to avoid creating a stained mess. However, check the Bedlam Plus Full Review for details

The Good:

  • Residue effect of about two weeks
  • Kills bed bugs through contact
  • Effective against adult bed bugs,
  • Kills bed bugs in all growth stages.
  • Relatively mild odor

The Bad:

  • Might cause mild irritation on the human skin

4. Rockwell Labs CXID032 Cimexa Bed Bug Dust Insecticide

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Cimexa CXID032 is an odorless and luckily non-staining bed bug dust (particularly silica-based) that you’ll love in your pest control processes. Puff the dust on carpets and mattresses.

An interesting fact to note is that silica dust has a higher efficacy in killing bed bugs compared even to diatomaceous earth. Silica will soak the bed bug’s wax and thus enhance speedier desiccation. 

  • Cimexa dust is finely ground dust that sticks on a bed bug’s body (via electrostatic attraction) and breaks its exoskeleton (cuticle) to dehydrate the bug to its death. Keep off kids and pets. 

The silica dust, which you’ll puff onto the bug’s hiding areas, will dry on the bug’s exoskeleton and thus dehydrate it to cause its death. It comes with a puffer and applicator. 

You may use a paintbrush to spread the dust thinly onto crevices and baseboards that the bed bugs will be hiding or moving around. Luckily, silica isn’t toxic to human beings but wear a mask. 

The Good:

  • Viable for about ten years if left undisturbed.
  • Silica-based hence kills by dehydrating the bed bugs. 
  • Natural bug killer
  • Faster bed bug extermination than even Diatomaceous Earth

The Bad:

  • Use a mask

5. FenvaStar EcoCap is effective and budget-friendly

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FenvaStar EcoCap from Rockwell Labs is designed from a synthetic pyrethroid (3.5% Esfenvalerate) and vegetable-based oils to kill a range of household pests. 

  • The pyrethroid has a long residue effect to kill bed bugs and other insects such as silverfish, turf pests, cockroaches, spiders, fire ants, and fleas. 

FenvaStar EcoCap employs “microencapsulation” and will easily give the deadly dose to poison the bed bugs. But it lacks the quick knock-down effect that’s present in other sprays. 

To reach the wall cracks and floor crevices, you’ll require a pump sprayer. FenvaStar EcoCap is also reusable and cheap, making it an excellent option for most homeowners who need to treat the bugs but on a budget. 

FenvaStar EcoCap will be great for indoor bed bug extermination, partially for food cabinets, underneath appliances, and under carpets. 

You can apply in outdoor spaces, including on ornamental plants, turf, structural, and livestock houses. However, don’t spray more than once in 2 weeks as it could lead to poisoning. 

You’ll require 1 to 2 ounces of the FenvaStar EcoCap per gallon of water to spray against the bed bugs. For every square foot to be treated for bed bugs, you’ll require to apply a spray burst of about  2 seconds.

The Good:

  • Employs the microencapsulation technology in random elimination of the bed bugs 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Has a long residue effect 

The Bad:

  • No quick knock-down effect 

6. Bayer Advanced Bed Bug Spray – Perimeter or Spot Treatment

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Bayer Advanced 700480, with  B-Cyfluthrin and Sodium O-Phenylphenate as the active ingredients, is amazingly great for killing these bugs in a quick knockdown manner. 

  • Bayer Advanced also kills bacteria causing enterobacter aerogenes and Staphylococcus Aureus. It has a long residue effect of 1 year for indoor bed bug protection.

Bayer Advanced 700480 will kill a wide range of pests (60+ outline pests) like bed bugs, kills roaches and ants on furniture and carpets. You can use it as a barrier on the perimeter wall. 

However, Bayer Advanced 700480 tends to generate some fumes, and that you’ll require some PPE, such as a fumigation mask. You can use it as a barrier to the outdoor space. 

The product will kill both pantry pests (weevils and mealworms), flying pests, and crawling pests. Further, the spray won’t stain your fabrics or clothes doesn’t leave a harsh odor. 

The Good:

  • Does not produce a pungent odor
  • Won’t stain your clothes or various fabrics
  • After the area dries, you can let the pets get back.

The Bad:

  • None

7. Proof 100% Effective Bed Bug and Dust Mite Killer Spray

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Proof 100% Effective is a plant-based roach spray (killer) that’s effective, with a residue effect of 3 weeks, a safe alternative for the chemical-based sprays.
  • The active ingredient in Proof 100% Effective is Cold-Pressed Neem Oil (5.5%) – from neem tree seeds, which will repel the bed bugs but won’t be great in disrupting the bug’s lifecycle.

It’s known to be both eco-friendly and kills through contact, which is equally suitable for indoor bed bug control. You can apply it to your carpets, clothes, and furniture. 

  • Despite being a “natural” pesticide, Proof of 100% Spray won’t be safe if inhaled by kids or adult humans. 
  • Therefore, when spraying, you’ll also need a fumigation mask to avoid inhaling the fumes. 

Since it’s neem-based, Proof 100% Spray is safe for both your kids and pets. The Azadirachtin from the neem oil will disrupt the bed bugs’ hormones, which translates to poor mating or reproduction.

Natural oils may not have a long residue effect. The Neem Oil behaves like hormones to hinder the bed bug’s hormones’ normal working, eventually killing the bugs.

Check this comprehensive Proof bed bug spray review.  

The Good:

  • Comes in a spray bottle and will thus be easy to use
  • It’s a contact-killing bed bug killer.
  • Contain natural active ingredients from the Neem tree (thus it’s non-toxic) 
  • It contains Azadirachtin that’ll disrupt the reproduction cycle of the bed bugs by affecting hormones’ functioning. 
  • Has a residue effect of about 2 weeks

The Bad:

  • Has a relatively pungent smell


For long-term protection or creating a barrier, spray-on door trims, windows, baseboard, porches, patios, driveways, and sidewalks.