7 Best Bed Bug Traps in 2020 Reviewed

Bed bugs will often hide in mattresses and come out at night to suck your blood. Best Bed Bug Traps But, with the best Bed bug traps and bed bug sprays, you can easily detect and exterminate the bugs.

You may say that fumigation is the best option but exactly how safe are these methods if they expose you and your family to many toxic hazards.

Let’s get started!

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Reviews: 7 Best Bed Bug Traps 2020

1. Bed Bug ClimbUp Interceptors Passive Traps – Our Top Pick 

The Bed Bug Climb Up traps is not a killer of bed bugs but a remedy while you figure out the steps you need to take to call an exterminator to handle the bugs.

Bed Bug ClimbUp Interceptors Passive Traps View on Amazon

It is called an insect interceptor because it helps detect an infestation of the bugs. It is made up of plastic cups with polished walls too slick for the bugs to crawl out of. The traps are placed under the bedposts and act as a barrier between the bugs and the bed, preventing the bed bugs from getting to you when asleep or resting.

You don’t need either insecticide or talcum powder because the Bed Bug Climb Up traps is glossy enough to trap the bed bugs. Remember it is not to be used as a stand-alone solution.

2. LightsOut Bedbug Trap Reusable, Chemical Free – Runner-Up 

The LightsOut Bed Bug trap comes with a reinforced center and stability guards and so does not damage easily so will last long.

LightsOut Bedbug Trap Reusable, Chemical Free View on Amazon

It is black in color, and attractive to the bugs, it also shows clearly the captured bugs. You need some talcum powder in it that is constantly replaced to keep the bugs safely captured. It is inconspicuous.

You can keep the Bed Bug traps permanently to use on your bed legs or sitting room furniture legs. The passage of bed bugs to the top of the bed is effectively blocked. It is rugged and discreet and can be used for longer periods that the Bed Bug Climb up traps.

3. Bug Snarer Bed Bug Trap Baby Safe and Eco-Friendly

They come in a pack of 8 chemical free interceptors. It functions as a trap that prevents a bed bug from climbing your bed or sitting room furniture. It also captures the bed bugs and stores them till discarded.

Bug Snarer Bed Bug Trap Baby Safe and Eco-Friendly View on Amazon

It is wide, strong and solid. It is wide so that it can fit subtly under most furniture legs no matter the size. Put the traps under the legs of your living room or bedroom furniture.

Check the traps and pour the trapped bed bugs out. It is safe to use around children and is chemical and pesticide free. Using bug Snarer ensures no bugs will get to you because all furniture is covered with safe bug-proof traps. It is great for hotels, hospitals, and hostels where many people stay.

4. Utopia Bedding Zippered Bed Bug Mattress Encasement

When you have a mattress and no furniture legs your only choice is the mattress encasement system. When you have a regular bed with legs, mattress encasement is also an option to completely eliminate the bed bugs from accessing you.

Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement - Waterproof Mattress Protector View on Amazon

It fits the twin size mattress perfect and is made of a stretchable knitted polyester fabric that covers the mattress and gives the user a comfortable feel. The cover is zippered over the mattress and this protects the mattress from adverse temperature, bed bugs, fleas’ bird bugs, and dust mites.

It is waterproof on all sides and treated on the inside so it does not encourage infestation of the mattress. It is great for anyone who wants to be bed-bug proof and especially for keeping kids that are less than ten years. You can wash it with your washing machine and tumble dry so the maintenance is neat and easy.

5. BEAPCO 10013 4-Pack Bed Bug Detector Coaster

The BEAP Bed Bug coaster trap helps detects the presence of bed bugs in a house, on furniture or beddings, and it also serves as an effective trap.

BEAPCO 10013 4-Pack Bed Bug Detector Coaster View on Amazon

The ribbed outer walls of the BEAP Bed Bug coaster traps are designed to make it easy for the bed bugs to climb into the trap.

Once they are in, there is no way out as the inner walls are made of a smooth inner channel that discourages bed bug exits. You can use these traps under the bed posts and the legs of your living room furniture to trap bed bugs and discard daily or weekly.

6. Aspectek Bed Bug Trap, Insect Interceptor (4 Pack) 

The Aspectek Dual Well Interceptor was designed to carry heavy weights. It has a wide that fits different sizes of furniture and is of high quality and so will not break, they are durable and lasting.

Aspectek Bed Bug Trap, Insect Interceptor (4 Pack) View on Amazon

The outer edge is grooved and easy for bugs to climb while the inner walls are smooth and effective in trapping bugs. They are designed to intercept and trap insects, including bed bugs indoors.

You can also use it for prevention measures. Put the interceptors under the feet of living and bedroom furniture. There are made of four traps which are pesticide-free and have no harmful chemicals.

It is a natural product that is child-friendly. Refunds available if unsatisfied with service.


So like the popular nursery rhyme goes, good night and sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

You now know how to find the bed bug trap solutions that work so that you are able to keep your home, furniture, and beddings free from bed bugs.

Now you can sleep free from the fear that bed bugs will be nuzzling your skin and feeding on your blood at night.

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