Best Cages for Bearded Dragons

7 Best Cages for Bearded Dragons in 2024

If you own a bearded dragon, then you must provide it with a safe and comfortable dwelling place. Habitats for bearded dragons are normally called cages, tanks, or terrariums.

Whichever the term, the enclosure should provide a comfortable and appealing environment for the beardie. Related: Can bearded dragons eat mushrooms?

So, which are the best cages for bearded dragons? Well, this review features the most popular cages among expert bearded dragon owners – mushrooms

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1. Carolina Extra-Tall Large Custom Terrarium

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Carolina reptile cages come in different models and sizes. The extra-tall large reptile cage measures 36Lx18Dx36H. That gives your bearded dragon ample space to roam across the cage and climb up the climbing aid. It’s ideal for two adult bearded dragons.

The all-glass terrarium features two easy to open hinged doors which are fastened with a key lock at the center. Having double doors allows you to open one door when feeding to prevent the animals from getting out. The key lock ensures your pet is locked safely to prevent escape.

The base of the terrarium falls 12’’ from the door level. That means items used as substrate or decoration aren’t likely to obstruct door movements. The base is completely waterproof making it easy to clean. It also prevents the possibility of having damp conditions that may harbor bacteria in the cage.

Covering the roof is a metallic mesh which both promotes sufficient air circulation and prevents pet escape.

The Good:

  • Large size
  • Key-lock to secure your pet
  • Waterproof base
  • Hinged doors open smoothly
  • Quick assembly

The Bad:

  • None

2. Carolina 36Lx18Dx18H Terrarium Large

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If you have a limited vertical space, you can get this terrarium for your bearded dragon. With its 36” x 18” base, you can keep up to two bearded dragons. The height of the cage is also sufficient to accommodate basking rocks without bringing the pet too close to the top mesh.

It’s constructed with a sturdy frame, glass walls and a metallic mesh roof. A hinged door allows easy access to the cage when feeding your pet or during cleaning. The door is closed with a key lock to prevent accidental opening by curious kids or pets.

The base is completely waterproof to prevent dampness inside the cage. Not only does this make your bearded comfortable but it also prevents illnesses. The base lies 6.3’’ below the level of the door which allows you to add an exciting substrate for your bearded dragon.

The top of the cage is made of a metallic mesh which allows ample heat and air circulation. It’s also designed with holes for passing electric cables for the purpose of heating and lighting.

What’s more, the cage does not entail complex set up which makes it easy to assemble at home with a simple guide. Related: 7 best substrate for bearded dragons

The Good:

  • Large door with key lock for safety
  • Large and spacious
  • Waterproof base to prevent dampness
  • Sturdy frame and clear glass
  • Easy to clean

The Bad:

  • Does not come with accessories

3. Zilla Kit 10 Reptile Starter with Bulb Heater

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Designed for starters, Zilla Kit 10 will be an ideal for your newly acquired bearded dragon. It comes with several accessories including a substrate, a light bulb, temperature/humidity gauge and a heat dome.

This cage measures 20.25L x 10.5W x 12.56H which is enough for one adult bearded dragon. It’s made from high quality and durable materials with guaranteed value for money. Yet it promises to provide a very comfortable abode for your beardie.

The non-abrasive substrate provides a comfortable base for your bearded dragon. The substrate is made from an odor-fighting material to keep your pet comfortable. Plus its biodegradable, meaning it’s not hazardous to the environment.

The top cover is a durable mesh which allows air to get in and out of the cage. It is this mesh that supports the heat dome and light bulb. This provides a comfortable artificial environment similar to the beardie’s natural habitat. There’s a gauge to help you monitor temperature and humidity so that you can maintain favourable conditions.

The Good:

  • Ideal for beginner bearded dragon owners
  • Non-abrasive and odor-fighting substrate
  • Numerous accessories
  • Secure mesh

The Bad:

  • No warranty

4. EXO-TERRA Nano (8″x8″x8″) Wide Terrarium

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This nano terrarium is designed for small amphibians and reptiles such as bearded dragons. Three of its wall are made of clear and durable glass which allows you to view your pet.

The backside features a decorated background which resembles the reptile’s natural habitat. This makes your pet more comfortable because it makes them feel as if they are in the wild.

The base/bottom is made to be waterproof to discourage dampness. Thus your pet won’t be exposed to illnesses. The top cover is made of a stainless steel mesh which promotes aeration and allows UV light to penetrate into the cage.

You can easily remove the cover to enable convenient access into the cage during cleaning. It makes use of a hinge door which allows convenient access when feeding your bearded dragon or during maintenance.

The door is raised above the base to create space for customized substrate and installation of a substrate heater. The door features a secure lock to limit unauthorized access. Related: Can bearded dragons eat cabbage?

The Good:

  • Features a natural background
  • Double door for easy access
  • Door is raised above the bottom
  • Removable cover

The Bad:

  • Only for small reptiles

5. Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Nano/Tall

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Also designed for small amphibians or reptiles, this nano terrarium will be a great abode for your bearded dragon. Its vertical configuration makes it ideal for placing climbing structures for your pet to have a climbing experience.

It’s made with three clear glass walls and a rock background typical of what the bearded dragon is used to in the wild. This gives your pet a homely environment making it more comfortable.

At the base, is as waterproof material which prevents moisture or water accumulation. The base provides enough space for customised substrates and passing tubing or wires.

Covering the top is a stainless steel mesh which can be removed to allow easy access during cleaning or when decorating. It also serves as an entry for natural light and for securing your pet. This cover also features closable inlets to facilitate installation of tubing and wires.

With the hinge door, you have convenient access into the cage when feeding or during clean up. Plus there’s a key lock to keep off kids and pets from your bearded dragon.

What’s more, this an easy to assemble terrarium requiring few and simple procedures.

The Good:

  • Comes with accessories including rock background
  • Waterproof base
  • Clear glass view with secure lock
  • Provisions for installing wires and tubing
  • Sturdy build

The Bad:

  • Not good for large reptiles

6. REPTI ZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium

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Although this mini reptile cage doesn’t come with accessories, it’s loaded with other attractive features that gives you value for your money. From its sliding door to the convenient locks and ventilation, everything in this cage looks worthy for your bearded dragon.

It’s made with sturdy and light glass which makes it easy to relocate. The entire cage is completely waterproof meaning it won’t encourage dampness. In addition, it can be used as an aquarium.

A stainless steel mesh covers the top the cage to provide a means for ventilation and for securing the pet. This cover locks conveniently with the top frame and can be removed to access the interior of the cage. Extra ventilation is provided by the circular vent on the side of the cage.

The sliding door facilitates quick and convenient access to the cage especially when feeding your pet or during cleaning.

What’s more, there’re holes on the side vent to facilitate entry of electric wires to light and heat up the cage.

The Good:

  • Ideal for bearded dragons
  • Can be used as a terrarium or aquarium
  • Removable mesh with simple locking mechanism
  • Durable build

The Bad:

  • Small

7. Zilla Vertical (12’’x12’’x18’’) Tropical Kit

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Last but not least is the Zilla’s mini vertical terrarium measuring 12Lx12Lx18L. It’s designed for small climbing reptiles and amphibians including bearded dragons. It comes with accessories such as the dome light, substrate, bulb, dish and the background décor.

It’s built with all glass walls, waterproof base and upper stainless steel mesh. The bottom of the cage is 5’’ deep and can hold water up to the frame where the front door begins. It can be accessed through the hinged top mesh and the front door.

The front door features a latch and a pin for securing your pet from accidental opening by curious kids or pets.

The background décor gives relief and comfort to the bearded dragon since it mimics their natural habit.

Conditions such as lighting and heating inside the cage are regulated with the help of the dome light and bulb. Plus the thermometer and hygrometer helps in monitoring temperature and humidity respectively.

The Good:

  • Available with accessories
  • Sturdy build
  • Waterproof bottom
  • Secure lock

The Bad:

  • Small


Nothing is so satisfying than seeing your bearded dragon looking lively in its cage. A good cage should be able to meet the needs your pet including sufficient space for roaming. 

In addition, it should allow for installation of heating elements, lights, feeding bowl, burrowing items and a customized background.

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