7 Best Dishwasher Detergent to Prevent Etching 2023

The best dishwasher detergent to prevent etching will help you with glassware, ceramics, and metallic items as its not harsh or have very high pH concentrations. 

  • Wrong dishwashing detergent may not be the only cause of etching on items; however, opting to use phosphate-free plant-based detergent instead of other chemicals, works incredibly well in etching prevention.

More so, the quality of a given dishwasher detergent is a function of the ratio of additives and solvent formulation. Related: Pure Lye Drain Opener

Reviews: Dishwasher Detergent to Prevent Etching

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1. Finish All In 1, Dishwasher Detergent

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Finish Powerball is a world-recommended dishwasher detergent that features powerful tabs, which are durable and easier to use. The 94-pack tablets are sufficiently compressed and agitated to improve action power up to 8 times more.

  • Actually, Finish Powerball cuts through tough stains and grease mess in a couple of seconds without any challenges.
  • With Powerball, you won’t require to pre-soak or pre-rinse when cleaning – this reduces overall cleaning time.

Further, the Powerball tablets scrub, shine, and leave dry to touch surface upon use – no surfaces drain left. The supercharged tabs also clear hard films, lime scales, and cloudy appearance on glassware – boosts finish outlook.

Indeed, Finish Powerball guarantees ultimate cleaning results and limited etching with time. Notably, Finish Powerball is durable and melt-resistant.


  • Packed in 94 powerful tabs and it’s easier to use
  • Has fresh scent – no nasal discomfort
  • It cuts through grease mess in seconds
  • Sufficiently remove tough stains – 8x powerful action
  • Scrubs shines and dried to touch
  • No pre-rinse or pre-soak needed
  • Comes in supercharged tabs and ultimate cleaning properties
  • It’s easier to use and has the world’s user recommendations
  • Clears hard films and limescale too


  • May cause eye irritation on contact
  • Unsuitable for soaking options
  • It’s harmful when swallowed – should be kept away from kids

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2. GreenFist Dish Soap Professional Detergent

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GreenFist is a professional-grade dish soap that is specially manufactured using natural ingredients, which are not only environmentally friendly but also human safe.

  • Indeed, GreenFist is finely distilled to attain mild softness, which guarantees hand protection with continued use – no skin irritation upon contact.
  • By selecting GreenFist, you will enjoy free-rinsing properties (comes with advanced free-rinsing formula) and remove tough grease stains without any challenges.

Moreover, the commercial-grade dishwasher detergent is enhanced with an exclusive suds stabilizer, which boosts etching prevention and finishes results.

Biodegradable properties found in GreenFist offer environmental safety, while phosphate absence improves ceramics durability and limits etching action.

You will definitely love the freshness left behind by GreenFist – no nasal discomfort. Though slightly expensive, GreenFist reaps value to money – it works best for both light and heavy-duty activities.

Importantly, GreenFist is suitable for both kitchen and laundry activities.


  • It’s Unisoft – won’t affect your hands when cleaning
  • Comes with advanced rinsing formula – breaks grease fast
  • It’s non-toxic and comes with commercial stabilizers
  • It’s Biodegradable, non-pollutant, and phosphate-free
  • Suitable for both kitchen and laundry activities
  • It’s mild and Gentle – foams nicely
  • Leaves pleasant freshness behind
  • Comes in a recyclable packaging
  • Works for both heavy and light-duty use
  • Packed in one-gallon container


  • Slightly expensive
  • Should be kept away from children – cause stomach upset when swallowed

3. F&P Cuchina Dishwasher

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F&P Cuchina features a simple solvent formulation that breaks easily when cleaning without affecting the primary surface material of the item.

  • With improved etch, prevention properties, F&P Cuchina is dedicated to deliver qualified finish results and eliminate surface drains.

If your ceramics and glassware have a cloudy appearance, consider F&P Cuchina for cleaning purposes – the medium-range concentration and natural additives leave behind a sparkling finish.

  • Further, the detergent comes in a ready-to-use form, which reduces preparation hassles – it’s easy to use.
  • The classic liquid wash formula that comes with F&P Cuchina is designed for washing dishes, pans, pots, and hands.

You will appreciate the fused, sophisticated, and sunny fragrance found in F&P Cuchina, which leaves behind a delectable sanguinely orange freshness in the vicinity.

During manufacture, F&P Cuchina is specially distilled without any toxin, masking agent, dyes, parabens, or triclosan substances – safe for both humans and pets. Moreover, the detergent comes in three impressive colors for optional selection.

NB: F&P Cuchina clean strains, grimes, grease, and scales sufficiently on contact.


  • It’s blended in various colors – for optional selection
  • Packed in a portable 1-liter container
  • Manufactured without parabens, toxins, and triclosan
  • It’s fused with sophisticated and sunny fragrance
  • It’s environmentally friendly – comes with a recyclable container
  • Clean grease, stains, and grime sufficiently – well concentrated
  • Won’t cause skin irritation upon contact – safe
  • It’s agitated with natural additives for better freshness
  • Requires no special preparations – it’s ready to use


  • Not for commercial cleaning

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4. Dawn Antibacterial Dishwasher Detergent

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Dawn Ultra is a top-grade dishwashing detergent that features a classic orange scent, which leaves an amazing fragrance upon use.

The soluble-base dish soap is supplied in two, 1.66 liters containers that are sufficient for either small-scale or medium-range cleaning activities.

  • Actually, Dawn Ultra integrates antibacterial properties, which are dedicated to offering continuous protection when washing utensils.
  • With Dawn Ultra, you’ll enjoy new extra action power (2 times more) that cuts through hard stains sufficiently and eliminate any surface scratch.

You will definitely appreciate the natural additives found in Dawn Ultra as they improve cleaning activation, while the zero chemical formula eliminates any chance of environmental pollution.

Dawn Ultra is fitted with a classic handle (for easier portability) and precise lid, which allows smooth pouring when in use

Notably, Dawn Ultra leaves behind long-lasting residual effects that prevent etching.


  • It’s orange-scented and ultra-softened
  • Features antibacterial properties
  • Has 2 times more cleaning power
  • Packed in 2, 1.66 liters containers
  • Won’t cause skin irritation upon contact
  • Designed with portable handle and classic lid
  • Save on kitchen and laundry items
  • Cleans both metallic and ceramics items excellently
  • It’s budget-friendly


  • Comes in limited color options
  • Not for large scale use

5. Ecover Automatic Dishwashing Detergent

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Ecover Count is a zero fragrance dishwasher detergent that features finely compacted tablets, which clean both grease and tough stains on contact.

The complex plant-based formulation that comes with Ecover Count is dedicated to preventing etching, removing cloudy appearance, as well as maintain the sparkling finish on items with every use.

You will actually love the smooth texture and soft touch that comes with Ecover Count – it’s easier to scrub and foam when washing.

In addition, the tablets are free from dyes and chlorine, which may course skin irritation. However, when it gets into contact with your eyes, Ecover Count may cause irritation/discomfort.

  • Upon application, Ecover is instantly powered or activated to clean stains and etches in a couple of seconds.
  • Indeed, the mineral ingredients found in Ecover Count boost cleaning ability, while the phosphate-free formula helps prevent etching occurrences on your items.

Ecover Count is non-toxic (safe) and suitable for use when cleaning aquariums too.

NB: Ecover Count is durable and comes packed in a recyclable container.


  • It’s fragrance-free and non-pollutant
  • Comes in powerful tablets form – easier to use
  • Has no dyes or chloride components
  • Manufactured using plant-based extracts and mineral ingredients
  • Free from phosphate and its Biodegradable
  • Has been in the market for over 35 years – market lead
  • Packed in a recyclable container
  • It’s non-toxic and aquatic friendly
  • Durable and affordable
  • It’s melt resistant


  • May cause eye irritation upon contact
  • Requires scrubbing during use
  • No test on pets done

6. Biokleen Dishwashing Detergent

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Biokleen is an automatic dish powder that’s specifically concentrated to remove both tough stains and lightly baked food on contact.

You will appreciate the simple mineral-based formulation (found in Biokleen), which is dedicated to remove hard stains and prevent etching occurrence.

  • Biokleen is eco-friendly (won’t cause environmental pollution) and comes with no artificial fragrance.
  • For scent-sensitive individuals, Biokleen is the product to go for – it’s scent-free and won’t trigger allergic reactions.

Indeed, Biokleen is naturally formulated and has no phosphate or chlorine components – this boosts etching prevention. Further, Biokleen is supplied in two, 2 pounds containers, which serves small-scale cleaning tasks sufficiently.

The USA-made product is certified and has a residual effect that keeps cleaned items spackling.

The idea of selecting the wrong dishwashing detergent may not be the only cause of etching on items; however, opting to use phosphate-free plant-based detergent instead of chemical counterpart delivers incredible etching prevention results.

  • Furthermore, the quality of a given dishwasher detergent is a function of the ratio of additives available and solvent formulation.
  • By going for naturally blended dishwasher detergent, you will definitely attain better cleaning results and an excellent finish.

For cloudy glassware, you should clean them using highly concentrated dishwasher detergent, whereas newly bought ceramics should be washed using lowly concentrated dishwasher detergent.

It’s recommendable that you consider a dishwasher detergent that is easier to prepare, affordable, quick-acting, biodegradable, portable, user-friendly, and durable.

You also need to know the prevailing condition of water, stains, oil, or other contaminants in your area for easier dishwasher detergent matching.


  • Comes in concentrated powder form
  • It’s phosphate and chlorine-free – safe
  • Has no artificial fragrance
  • Packed in various selectable colors – unscented
  • It’s naturally derived from plants extracts
  • Integrates a bio-active formula – safe
  • Bears mineral additives that break down both grease and tough stains


  • May cause irritation or discomfort on contact

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7. Terra Breeze Tiny Dish Soap Detergent

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Terra Breeze is a portable dishwasher detergent that features a vegetable-based formulation, which breaks oil, grease, and tough stains instantly on contact.

The detergent comes packed in a small container, which is fitted with a convenient flip cap (easier to use) and an improved stand-alone base design to ease portability.

By choosing to use Terra Breeze, you will not only prevent etching action but also attain the best cleaning results – the complex active ingredients are instantly activated on contact with the item being washed.

Further, Terra Breeze is enriched with organic and natural ingredients, which improves cleaning action and prevents scratches or a cloudy appearance on glassware/ceramics.

  • Terra Breeze is parabens-free and comes in a ready-to-use state – no further preparation is needed.
  • You can easily recycle or dispose of the can with single-use. Extensively, Terra Breeze is suitable for holidays and vacation cleaning tasks – it’s packed in a small portable container.

Though slightly expensive, Terra Breeze guarantees you value for every coin used – the solvent is supercharged to reduce the quantity used when washing utensils.

  • NB: Terra Breeze, may cause eye irritation. It should not be used in an automatic dishwasher or floor applications.
  • Going for naturally blended dishwasher detergent means better cleaning results and a sparkling finish.

Cloudy glassware should be cleaned using highly concentrated dishwasher detergent, while newly bought ceramics should be washed using lowly concentrated dishwasher detergent.

  • It’s wise to consider a dishwasher detergent that is easier to prepare, affordable, quick-acting, biodegradable, portable, and environmentally friendly.
  • You need to know the prevailing condition of water, stains, oil, or other contaminants in your area for easier dishwasher detergent matching.

Importantly, seek advice from professional cleaners on which detergent to use, if you are new. Otherwise, the idea of etching prevention may be complex and impossible to eliminate eventually.


  • Has Extended action life – great residual effects
  • Comes with natural freshness – pleasant
  • It’s enriched with organic and natural ingredients
  • It’s environmentally friendly – no toxic chemicals
  • Has improved cleaning additives
  • Best for holidays and vacation cleaning tasks
  • Integrates vegetable-based formula
  • It’s parabens free and biodegradable
  • Comes fitted with convenient flip cap – simple to use


  • May cause eye irritation on contact
  • Not for use in an automatic dishwasher or floor application

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In summary, on the best dishwasher detergent to prevent etching, you need to bear in mind that dishwasher detergent cannot prevent etching sufficiently, especially in some extreme cases.

  • Therefore, professional approaches and cleaning specialists should be consulted where need be. We know well that etching occurs mostly in glassware, ceramics, and metallic items due to harsh or very high pH concentration in the solvent.
  • Further, seek advice from professional cleaners on the best detergent to use, in case you’re new.

Otherwise, the idea of etching prevention may remain complex and impossible to eliminate, especially when prevailing solvent and contaminants are not matched to the cleaning agents. Notably, skim through the user reviews on the site (for more insight) before placing your order.

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