9 Best Drain Cleaner 2019 Reviewed

The best drain cleaner must work efficiently and quickly for drain in either shower, bathtubs, septic or kitchen. Best Drain Cleaner

Sluggish drains arise from build-up of bath oils, soap scum, hairballs (in shower), or grease. But, seriously, which is the best drain cleaner? 

If you need a quick answer, I recommend THRIFT T-600 – a fast-acting drain cleaner that’ll “eat” away organic clogs without corroding your PVC or metal pipes. It won’t produce Hydrogen or heat. 

So, let’s get started! 

Reviews: Top 9 Best Drain Cleaner for 2019 

1. THRIFT T-600 Alkaline Drain Cleaner – My Top Pick 

THRIFT T-600 will liquefy your tough drain blockages (either bath oils, grease, hair, or soap scum, ) in under 60 seconds – while other cleaners require 1.5 – 6 hours. You’ve tried drain snaking?


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The Sodium hydroxide (Lye) is an non-acidic formula that’ll break down the grease and fats in the drain clog (in the presence of water) to form soap. 

So, simply activate the odorless crystals of this caustic cleaner using HOT water to unclog the septic systems, grease traps, and sewer lines. 

Equally, THRIFT T-600 – Sodium hydroxide (Lye) – is safe in unblocking drains made from fiberglass, polished brass, acrylic, porcelain, or even metal & PVC pipes. 

In addition to being non-toxic (and equally Eco-friendly), THRIFT T-600 enhances the growth of active bacteria in drain systems such as the septic tank. 

Caution: For sinks and showers with standing water, first use a drain snake that’ll help create a suitable air hole for THRIFT T-600 to penetrate the clog. 

– THRIFT produces violent bubbling if mixed with water. Thus, wear goggles & gloves for personal protection. Also, apply vinegar if the cleaner spills on your skin. 

How to Use Thrift T-600 Alkaline 

(i) First, boil 5 LITERS of water that’ll help you activate the alkaline crystals of Thrift T-600. We noted that Thrift T-600 is only activated using hot water.

(ii) To gently warm the plumbing line, pour about ½ of the water into blocked drain. Therefore, the water will sink deep to meet the settled drain clog.

(iii) Next, for personal safety purpose, put on goggles and gloves. Now, pour 1 cup of the drain cleaner into the opening of the clogged drain.

(iv) Leave the crystals work its magic for roughly 60 seconds. Finally, use the remaining HOT water to flush down the drain clog.  However, if the drain is still slow-moving, repeat steps (iii) and (iv). Here’s the Thrift T-600 Review.


  • Odorless crystalline formula that you’ll easily activate using hot water.
  • Can remain in storage for long while maintaining its effectiveness.
  • Works in under 60 seconds – which is super-fast compared to other cleaners.
  • Won’t corrode the plumbing system or drain construction including metal or PVC pipes, fiberglass, polished brass, acrylic, or porcelain. 


  • Don’t use on toilet bowls.


q. Drano Max Drain Clog Remover – Runners-Up 

Drano Max Gel is suitable for unblocking partial or complete drains blockages in just 15 minute. This model is budget-friendly and hence loved by many homeowners – 2 treatments (80 oz.).

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Most stubborn clogs from Food bits, soap scum, hair, or grease occur in the kitchen and bathroom. Thus, you must unblocking these drain urgently using cleaners like Drano to get back your normal life. 

Drano is denser than water and thus will cut through standing water and eat it away clods in just 30 minutes! Drano dissolves the drain clog in 5-7 minutes faster, compared to Liquid Plumr, but at a cheaper price. 

Compared to the previous drain cleaners manufactured by Drano, Drano max cleaner does not have the toxic sulfuric acid (high molar) – its safer for human skin and PVC or metal pipes or septic system.

Drano Max Gel is not good for toilet clogs but it’s great for drains in showers and bathroom sinks with hair clogs. It’s safe to handle but you require can out on some gloves and quality goggles.

Further, its gel-like consistency makes this cleaner effective in unblocking complete drain clogs. Compared to THRIFT T-600, this cleaner is little slower but will be effective for the long run.

Sodium hydroxide and Sodium silicate in Drano eat organic matter (including mildew & mold) and coating pipe surfaces consequently. The surfactant blends the clog scum & dirt. Check DRANO MAX GEL clog remover (full review).


– But first, physically inspect the drain strainer and remove solid particles like food or hair in the shower, kitchen or bathtub drains.

– Next, try using a plunger. Plunge the clogged drain until you see if there is some movement. For partially clogged drains, pour (1/2) the cleaner into the drain and leave it for about 15 minutes.

– Allow 30 minutes for fully clogged drains – pour the whole Drain bottle. Finally, flush the drain using hot water.


  • Non-toxic and cheap drain cleaner
  • Won’t ccorrode plumbing system including PVC & metal pipes
  • Enzyme action eats the organic matter without releasing heat or Hydrogen
  • Suitable for partial or total drain clogs.
  • Sodium silicate coats the metal surfaces and thus prevents corrosion & rust.


  • Not suitable for toilets

3. Green Gobbler GGDIS2CH32 Drain DISSOLVE

Green Gobbler DISSOLVE, an enzyme cleaner, will dissolve grease, hair, paper, and soap scum. So, do away with plunging by easily liquefying the organic matter blocking your drains.

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Green Gobbler DISSOLVE is an excellent choice for your toilets, tub, shower hairs, and bathroom sinks which are partially blocked. However, the product won’t be great for toilet clogs. 

Equally, like Drano Max Gel, this drain cleaner is denser than water – which means that the gel will penetrate any standing water, get to the clog and eat away the clog components. 

So, empty one chamber of the Green Gobbler into the opening of your clogged drain. Allow 2-6 hours for the cleaner to liquefy the feminine wastes, baby wipes, toilet paper, soap scum, and hair. 

With pre-measured chambers, Green Gobbler is cost-effective as it allows you to avoid wastage. Its effective for total blockages & slow-moving drains. Finally, pour HOT water to the drain. 

Finally, Green Gobbler is econ-friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic for your drain cleaning purposes. Its safe for all pipes like porcelain, metal, PVC, or copper. So, check this Green Gobbler full review.


  • Cost effective as it comes in 2 pre-measured chambers
  • Non-corrosive and non-irritating to human skin (definitely less caustic) or plumbing system.
  • Efficient in unblocking partially clogged drains
  • Fast-acting and powerful drain cleaner and Bio-degradable drain cleaner


  • Not effective against complete drain blockages.

4. GreenPig Solutions 52 Septic and Drain Treatment 

GreenPig dissolves the solid waste, paper, septic waste, grease, and sludge in 15-30 minutes – quite fast-acting. The cleaner is cost-effective with its pre-measured packets (4 in number). 

GreenPig Solutions 52 Septic and Drain Treatment  Check Price On Amazon

GreenPig has active bacteria (~ 1 billion in 4 ounces packet) that’ll eat the solid waste, paper cuts, grease, and sludge – reduces drain backups and all bad odors. 

GreenPig Solutions unblocks drains and dissolve the septic waste. The cleaner is pre-measured into packets for 3 months. The live bacteria keep sewage and drain flowing smoothly. 

GreenPig Solutions is amazingly lightweight and small-sized, which means that it’ll be easy to handle and store. They say its amazing for  septic tank, toilet, drain field, and cesspit. 

For your septic tank, just drop 1 of these pre-measured packets of the GreenPig Solutions cleaner once in 3 months. 


  • GreenPig Solutions comes in packets that are pre-measured that
  • Allow faster application and making savings.
  • Contains many active bacteria (1 billion) that’ll continue eating away the organic matter in the septic and clogged drains.
  • Not toxic or corrosive


  • None

5. Bio-clean Drain Septic Bacteria, 2 – Green cleaner

Bio-clean cleaner is 100% natural concoction of enzymes and bacteria. Bio-clean is genetically created (won’t produce heat or fumes)  – safe for the plumbing and the environment.

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Bio-Clean provides a natural method of cleaning clogged drains or doing the regular plumbing systems cleaning. Luckily, Bio-Clean (the 2 lbs) will unblock about 100 clogged drains.

It’ll break down all the organic wastes like live tissue, cotton, food, bath oil, grease, fat, or aliphatic to produce mineral ash, carbon dioxide, and water. 

Bio-Clean won’t corrode your plumbing including PVC or metal pipes. Luckily, the cleaner is fast-acting as it’ll unblock your drain in just 6 to 8 hours. 

Bio-Clean’s bacteria doubles for every 30 minutes – thus spreading all over the plumbing system and break down the clog. Further, you can sprinkle Bio-Clean onto smelly litter to finish any odors. 

So, use Bio-Clean on clogged/ blocked drains, bathtubs, grease traps, laundry drains in your house, restaurants, industrial areas, or educational institutions. Check the BIO-CLEAN (full review)


  • Bio-cleaner made from enzymes & bacteria to quickly eat off the organic matter in drains and septic
  • Produces no heat or pother dangerous by-products
  • Fully Eco-friendly and thus equally safe for use around humans, your pets and piping system.
  • Easy to activate with just water.


  • Required 6-8 hours to work

6. Pure Lye Drain Opener (Comstar 30-500) Odorless 1 Lb 

Its considered a natural drain cleaner that is biodegradable, non-acid, and odorless. The product is safe on chrome trim, fine fixtures, and plastic or metal pipes.

Due to its industrial strength and non-acid properties, Pure Lye can clean septic systems, slow-moving and clogged drains, without causing harm to septic tanks. This product has a unique bead shape that allows it to sink at the bottom of the stagnant water, enabling it to attack and clear the cause of the blockage.

Also, the product does not create fumes or stink. Hence, it is highly recommended for homes, hospitals, schools, commercial buildings, cafeterias, and restaurants.

Further, Pure Lye has a unique ability to dissolve grease, root growth, and hair in the septic systems. If used often, it can boost the growth of active bacteria in septic reservoirs and grease traps – check the Pure Lye Drain Opener (full review).


  • Environmentally safe and biodegradable drain cleaner
  • Possess Odorless, Non-Acid properties that clear out drains


  • If not used as instructed, Pure Lye can cause eye and skin irritation.

7. Rid-X Septic Tank System and Drain Clog Treatment, Powder

Next up is the Rid-X Septic Treatment. I came to know this cleaner when my septic tank could not drain – and thus it was overflowing. Definitely, it’s a little bit expensive but it’s worth every penny. I can now comfortably keep my septic tank clean and low – easily preventing septic backups.

The cleaner contains 100% natural bacteria and enzymes, the enzyme drain cleaner, – mainly made up of Amylase, Lipase, and Cellulase. This means that the cleaner is safe to use with all type of drain pipes and construction materials and will quickly up all the household wastes.

Now let’s talk the enzymes present. The Amylase will help eat away the starch making up the drain clog. Next, the Lipase will break down oils, fats, and grease. Further, Cellulase will eat away any vegetables, food and all papers causing the drain clog.


  • Safe on drain pipes
  • Quickly eats away all the grease and protein in the drain clogs.
  • Not corrosive to your hands and body
  • Ease of using in cleaning drains and septic systems.


  • Not effective for fully blocked drains.

8. Roebic K-97-Q-4 Main Line Drain Opener Concentrate

Best for the main line: K-97 Main Line Cleaner is a powerful drain cleaner that can be used in various plumbing systems to remove stubborn clogs. Mainly used in sewer and septic tanks. Sewage and other waste are likely to build up in main lines and sewer lines causing septic tanks.

Hence, fundamental problems are reported by homeowners since the modern water saving toilets perform poorly in pushing the waste out of sewage lines.

This disruptive organic accumulation can rapidly cause clogging challenges. However, the K-97 Main Line Cleaner clears this accumulated material and swiftly restores correct flow, ensuring your main lines are problem free.

This product naturally breaks down waste to keep sewer and septic tanks free of any material that can cause clogging. It digests fats, paper, and grease in main sewage lines. Roebic K-97 is ideal for toilets with a slow flow.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ideal for slow flowing toilets
  • Effective for septic tanks and sewer
  • Digests fats, paper, and grease in main sewage lines


  • Might take longer to work if drain pipes are long

9. XIONLAB Safer Drain Opener for Hair + Grease 

For Hair clog and bathtubs: Xion Lab is a fast-acting liquid drain cleaner that effectively clears grease and hair clog. Xion Lab is an Industrial Strength with an innovative formulation that acts as a clog remover for shower drains, bathtub, and the kitchen sink.

This product is highly powerful and quickly attacks drain clogs caused by grease, oil, and hair. This process is made easier because of Its thick and heavy liquid gel formulation that gets at the bottom of your clogged drain and attacks the cause of the clog.

Its biodegradable components also have a great role in breaking down the wastes in the clogged drain. Because of its high pH level of 13, Xion Lab out-shines conventional industrial strength corrosive drain openers.

Xion Lab drain opener (full review) comes in a 32 Oz package and is recommended for use in residential and commercial drain systems. It is an odorless and non-toxic product, thus, safe for all types of pipes.

If applied as recommended, it will not irritate the skin as its considered a safe septic drain cleaner. It’s also Nonflammable, Biodegradable, and Odorless


  • Easy to use
  • Fact-acting drain opener
  • Safe for all pipes and septic lines
  • Non-hazardous
  • Nonflammable
  • Safe drain clog remover
  • Impressive drain clog removing power


  • Can be ineffective on some stubborn clogs

10. RID-X Septic Tank System Treatment Powder

Best for Toilets: RID-X is a powerful product that quickly drains toilet clogs. The product contains many enzymes and natural active septic tank bacteria that have been scientifically tested and proven to break down and clear household wastes.

Look: By applying RID-X, you aid in restoring the sensitive balance of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that are required to keep your system working at full efficiency, hence, avert costly septic maintenance.

Question: Is your peace of mind affected because of the unbearable septic system? Or is your toilet the issue? Worry no more about septic system treatment!!

Let RID-X Liquid formula perform the trick for you. With its special dual-action formulation, the product digests wastes and helps avert septic backups.

Further, RID-X helps you prevent septic system maintenance that is linked to costly system backups. You can Promote a free-flowing and clean septic system by maintaining a consistently high bacteria population every day with RID-X Septic Tank Treatment.

The safety of septic tanks and all pipes is guaranteed with RID-X as it does not contain hazardous substances that can destroy the system or pipes. Constant use of RID-X ensures your drain pipes and systems are free from all clog caused by wastes.

It should be used on a monthly basis alongside regular pumping. RID-X Septic Tank System Treatment is the most efficient septic lines clog solutions. It has beneficial bacteria and enzymes (enzyme drain cleaner) that help to degrade wastes


  • Easy to use
  • Supports free-flowing septic system
  • Affordable septic system maintenance
  • Safe for septic tanks and all pipes


  • Can cause eye irritation
  • With prolonged contact, it can cause minor skin irritation

The above Top Rated and most Reviewed Drain Cleaning Products have repeatedly proven to be effective when it comes to unclogging clogged drains. You can be assured that when you buy one of these top-rated products, clogs will be something of the past, and your mind will be at ease when you see any drain build up because you’ll have the solution at hand.

In today’s market, there are many drain cleaning products, it’s therefore paramount for you to be well informed about your systems and drains to be better placed at choosing a drain cleaner that will effectively work for you. In the buyer’s guide, we’ll inform you about the different types of clogs you are likely to encounter and what drain cleaning products are the best solution to your drain problem.

11. Whink Hair Drain Clog Blaster! 32 Ounce 2 Pack

Best for hair: Whink Hair Clog Blaster is a liquid clog remover for clogged drains. It’s a professional strength that clears clogs caused by soap scum and hair.

View On AmazonThis liquid drain remover comes in a 32 OZ package that gives you enough solution to handle hair clogs within a short time.

Because of its powerful formulation, you can just pour right through standing water and within 5-10 minutes your clogging problem gets solved. This product effectively removes hair out of your drain within no time.

Now: If you discover that your sink is frequently clogged with hair, I believe the most important investment you should have at hand is WHINK HAIR CLOG BLASTER.

The product will certainly be effective when another clog strikes. Whink Hair Clog Blaster can be used in both residential and commercial drains. Its professional strength ensures that it clears the toughest clogs ever imagined.

Besides, it’s quite unpleasant to have to remove hair from the drain manually. The good news is that there’s a liquid drain remover that can get the work done while saving you from directly contacting the mess.


  • Highly durable and easy to use
  • Quick action time
  • Won’t corrode drain construction material


  • Skin allergies

How to Choose a Drain Cleaner

Its time to do away with the shower or sink that’s backing up. I know that plumbers are hard to come by during a holiday while using a plunger or plumber’s snake is a dirty job. Check how drain cleaners work and the best ant killers for the kitchenCaution: All the recommended cleaners are safe.

However, I advise that you use safety goggles and gloves when using Drano or Lye cleaner. Particularly, the Drano Max cleaner is regarded as caustic and may be bad for your skin. Further, the Lye cleaner damages metal & PVC pipes by corroding or melting.

Choosing a cleaner product is dependent upon a particular situation. Different people have different ways of cleaning their drains, although there isn’t one way that is essentially the best – check the Best Flea Spray for Yard.

For you to pick the cleaner, you must know the location of the clog as well as its source, if possible. Use the following strategies to assist you to handle stubborn clogs.

– Cleaner For Bathroom Drains: The biggest culprit of bathroom drains hair. The hair combines with body washes, shampoo, soap scum, and other wastes to form a clog. But you can easily fix hair clogs using Whink Hair Clog Blaster or Drano Max Gel.

– Cleaner For Kitchen Drains: In my analysis of top Cleaners, I noted that clogs in the kitchen sink are normally caused by soap residue, food particles, and grease. When you are handling this kind of clog, it is recommended that you use a chemical drain cleaner, like Drano or Pure Lye.

These chemicals are created to attack any waste accumulation in pipes and dissolve it, allowing drains to open up, hence, smooth water flow. However, if you have a stubborn clog, you are advised to apply the chemical drain cleaner several times, and you will achieve the best results.

– Cleaner For Toilets: Typically, toilet clogs are caused by waste from humans. Before you commence adding chemicals to your toilets, establish if your toilet is connected to a city sewer system or a septic system. If it’s connected to septic, you can apply your desired toilet drain cleaner. However, if you’re connected to a city sewer, it might be hard for you to use drain cleaning products.

Nonetheless, Irrespective of whether you are connected to a city sewer or septic system, you may safely apply products that contain enzymes and bacteria that are mainly intended to attack the cause of toilet clogs safely. Such products would dissolve the organic substance without introducing hazardous chemicals into the water supply.

What kind of clog or blockage are you dealing with? 

– The first crucial step in determining which drain cleaner to pick is to be aware of the kind of clog you are dealing with. You can find out by pouring boiling water through the drain to ascertain if there is any change in your drain.

– If no improvement is seen, then its time to consider a professional. But before taking that step, maybe you should try to fix the clog using the right drain cleaner product.

Now: If the clog is in the bathroom sink, then there is a high probability that the clog is associated with hair. if it’s the kitchen sink is the one that is clogged, then it’s leading causes can be grease, oil, food, or other materials related to food wastes. It’s great to note that the current market is endowed with many, high quality and powerful liquid drain products that are remarkable at unclogging all types of clogs.

Types of drain Cleaners

Drain Cleaners come in many different forms, allowing you to pick one that suits your needs. They include gel, powder, granular, and liquid.

The kind of drain cleaner product you pick is dependent on the type of clog you are experiencing. Thick and heavy liquid drain cleaner are more popular and are known to cling on the drain and attack the root of the clog.

Powders are effective for slow-moving drains, but may not be effective for quick unclogging. You must carefully assess the kind of drains or pipes you are unclogging since not all drain cleaning products can be applied to each type of drain.

To ascertain that no damage happens, carefully check the drain cleaner bottles and assess the types of drains they can be used in.

Note: Many drain cleaners are formulated from chemicals. Hence, there can be strong odors involved. The instructions on the container will inform you if there is any strong smell, after all, you can smell the product yourself and make your own conclusions.

Here’s the deal: Never apply the drain cleaner in a non-ventilated and enclosed area, it can be unsafe. Further, pay close attention to your septic system, and ensure you pick the right drain cleaner. It is crucial to check your systems for wrong chemicals may interrupt the normal functioning of the septic and can lead to costly repairs.

Price and Value  some drain cleaners are quite affordable. However, some cheap drain cleaners might not give the outcome that you would wish. This doesn’t imply that you must pick the most expensive product in the store, but, it implies that you must not make price a determining factor unless it meets all the standards for what you’re looking for.

Since drain cleaner products are not very expensive, it is advisable to have a bottle at hand. Clogs can occur at any time, so be prepared for any eventuality of a clog happening can give you peace of mind. Keep at least one drain cleaner bottle in your home.


If you’re tired of going back and forth to the store looking for effective for drain cleaners, we’ve got you sorted. We’ve done extensive research on best drain cleaning products and discussed those that are top rated and most reviewed.

In this guide, we’ve examined and listed drain cleaners that have lived up to their expectation and give the desired results. Choosing a quality drain cleaner will solve your drain problem and save you the cost of having to engage a plumber.

The drain cleaner products we’ve reviewed in this buyer’s guide are industrial strength and can be used in residential or commercial units. Remember to always and carefully read the instructions of the product that you pick, which will help you be safe and achieve maximum results from the drain cleaner.


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