7 Best Drain Snake 2019 Reviewed

Today I am here in my vanity style bathroom where we’ll snake out the clogged drain. But like you, I am wondering “which is the best drain snake or drum auger?”

Best Drain SnakeFirst, plumbers confirm that drain snakes work to supplement the work of drain cleaners. Well, we’ll discuss that and more as we unblock my sink drain.

What I love about this bathroom sink is that I was able to remove the doors to easily access the p-trap and avoid any obstacles.

You might require a pipe wrench to loosen the nuts to remove the p-trap. But, you must be careful since the drain pipes could be full of water.

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Reviews: 7 Best Drain Snake 2019

1. RIDGID 46683 K-1 Snake Auger (Telescope) – Our Top Pick

My first recommendation on this list of best drain snakes is this rigid K-1 combination Snake Auger. The snake’s cable also makes 500 rotations per minute, which breaks up drain clogs fast.

Best Drain Snake
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It’s one of the newest and best submersible tools and rigid augers – great for both showers drains and urinals. Luckily, the snake drain is light in weight and thus suitable for quick drain unblocking.

This RIDGID 46683 K-1 Snake Auger as the best drain snake will work on heavy-duty blockages that are deep down the line. It has a highly aggressive end that’ll get hold of the clog and dislodge it. This drum auger has dual power to easily unblock difficult drain clogs.

RIDGID K-1 combination auger has a “C” Cutter head, which makes it easy to dismantle the drain clog and the telescoping allows ready viewing of blockage that’s deep down the drainage system. To stop cable kinking and have more power, the snake’s cable is made to be left-hand winding.

2. General R-25SM Spin Through Drain Snake – Runner-Up

Next up is the R-25SM Spin Through Snake designed from a steel (rust-resistant), rubber bumpers, also has the telescoping auger, and a 48-inch spring.

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As its name suggests, this drain snake is great for sink drains and urinals. Its 48-inch spring is both flexible and tough to enable you to easily take tight bends. In addition, since the drain snake comes with a powerful telescope, you won’t require to pull your urinal from the wall.

Further, the spring allows the drain snake to clean even areas that are some distance from the urinal. The drum installed at the back is designed using stamped steel, which ensures that it’s highly durable. 

Most homeowners will find this drain snake to be budget-friendly yet highly efficient in clearing drain clogs. It cables is about 25 feet and comes with a large crank and grips. The large crank knob and grip handle makes it easy to use when having gloves on. 

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3. Cobra Products 49240 2-4-Foot Auger 

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4. Ryobi P4001 One+ 18V Drain Auger SnakeElectrical

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5. Ridgid 115v 35473 K-45AF Drain Cleaning Machine

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6. Dr. Drain VEDRAU01A1 Augers Plumbing Snake Pipe

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How to use the Drain Snakes 

1. We’ll take the plumbers snake. Next, I’ve loosened the thumb screw as this will allow me to pull out the snake.

2. Next, we’ll pull out the snake and start pushing it into the drain pipe that’s clogged. Continue with this process until you meet so relatively high resistance. This resistance means that you’ve reached the drain blockage or a bend in the pipe. Check flea foggers.

3. But you need to be about 6 inches from the pipe opening. Once I meet some resistance, I’ll tighten up the thumb screw. Now, I’ll spin the auger bit and it’ll drill through the blockage. To do this, I’ll hold the handle while pushing forward.

4. Now, hold at the end and loosen the nut, pull out the drain snake more, tighten the nut again and repeat the process to drill through more of the drain blockage.

5. When you feel that you’ve drilled through most the blockage, loosed the thumb screen and pull back the drain snake.

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