Best Electric Fly Swatter

7 Best Electric Fly Swatter 2024 Reviewed

The best fly swatters are lightweight, easy to grip, offer protection for the user, and have multiple mesh layers.

  • Pay attention to the size and shape if you want to improve accuracy when aiming at a pest.

When a bug (including Fruit Flies) is killed, it also kills the electrical circuit in the device that makes it automatically switch off to prevent overuse and overheating. See these top Fly Swatters. 

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1. Our #1 Pick: Zap-It-Bug 4000 Volt for Flies, Wasps, and Mosquitos

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Zap-It-Bug Zapper Zap-It-Bug Rechargeable Zapper for Flies, Wasps, and Mosquitos – comparable to quality mosquito traps.

Why we’re choosing this device? It weighs only 0.56 pounds and can produce 4,000 volts – while also having a great price for the quality.

The Zap-It-Bug Rechargeable Zapper is a battery-operated fly zapper. It’s rechargeable so you can place it anywhere without having to worry about cords or outlets.

The Zap-It Bug also has an indicator light that signals when the device needs to be recharged; this way you don’t have to wonder if it still works!

The LED light will attract the bugs but it’ll also be safe for humans to touch thanks to the protection mesh (3-layer).

Electric fly swatters provide more than just an insect-killing aid: they can also be a great way to have some fun by taking some bug-zapping competition.

The unit charged quickly and held its charge through several periods of heavy flies zapping.

The Good:

  • Comfortable, lightweight, and ergonomic design
  • Safe thanks to its multi-layer mesh
  • Offers over 10,000 insect zaps
  • LED light easily attracts flying bugs
  • Produces 4000 volts

The Bad:

  • None

2. #2 Pick: VANELC Mosquito Bug-Zapper Rechargeable Racket Swatter

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These devices are powered by batteries or plugs for maximum effectiveness. This means you can kill bugs without having to touch them – great if your immune system is compromised!

The chemical- and toxin-free racket-shaped screen works electricity by sending small amounts of current to a thin metal grid that covers the swatter screen.

This is designed so your hand stays away, and yet still delivers enough voltage for insect control.

Some models have an on/off switch or safety catch before you use it – if not, they are always automatically turned off after 30 seconds of inactivity by default.

  • These devices can also be used indoors because there’s no risk of chemicals lingering around afterward!

When the fly touches the electrical screen, the device kills the fly with a quick and humane electric shock – you’ll see a flash of light as the bug is getting incinerated.

The electrical zap does not hurt humans, who must touch it just to use it in order for a kill!

  • This is why you need an electric fly swatter if you or somebody close to you has allergies or asthma – as well as any other conditions that prohibit from using chemical bug sprays.

3. #3 Pick: Bug-Zapper 4000V Fly & Mosquito Killer for Outdoor

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Why You Need an Electric Fly Swatter? – Flies may carry disease and are annoying, but they’re also proving that we have entered into a “post-antibiotic era,” where antibiotics are becoming less and less effective.

Electric fly swatter (also known as zap racket, racket zapper, and mosquito bat) is a great way to defend yourself from insects and bugs.

Don’t let flies be pests in your home anymore! Investing in electric fly swatters means you can enjoy fresh air without the worry of catching anything nasty!

There are a number of products on the market that might work to your satisfaction. You’ll notice similarities among many of them, but they use the same principle of quickly killing an insect.

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4. Executioner Bug & Fly Zapper Over 50-cm Long

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Homeowners say goodbye to house flies and mosquitos with this Executioner Fly Zapper! The ABS Plastic is durable plus it has a zinc-steel grill (1.2mm).

The design of this Fly Swatter is unlike any other – It will instantly kill any pests that touch it, making it superior for those occasions when you don’t want to keep trying and failing.

This racket will stand the test of time; it’s great for exterminating flies in outdoor activities, barbecues, camping, office, and home – plus you’ll love its top quality.

This bug zapper racket running on rechargeable batteries is a handy tool with its superior electronics allowing it to work optimally for over 100,000 zaps.

Executioner Fly Zapper is lighter, slightly longer, and superior power. It’s easy to use: just swing it like you would a tennis racket and release at your target – one or two swings usually does the trick!

The zap of electricity will kill them instantly without leaving an unpleasant smell behind.

My wife and I live near a lot of trees and bushes, which makes the place smell green. But we have lots of flies, wasps, spiders, and mosquitoes in our backyard.

Executioner Bug & Fly Zapper rescues us from the bugs; it has a long length and a bigger zapping surface area. I found it easy and comfortable to grip while its 2 AA batteries last over a year.

Executioner ZapperThis one has a button that can be pressed easily to activate – it’s more professional and prettier. It is safer than others because it has 2 buttons too.

These bugs may give nasty bites, or transmit infections like tuberculosis, anthrax, and typhoid fever. The best way to get rid of pesky bugs? Buy this electric fly swatter!

The Good:

  • Great for large bugs
  • Lightweight
  • Durable ABS Plastic material – built-to-last
  • Excellent comfortable grip

The Bad:

  • None

5. Faicuk Electric Fly Zapper & Mosquito Killer

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Faicuk Electric Zapper is an eco-friendly device that is a breakthrough in the battle against flies. You’ll enjoy the zapper for outdoor activities like barbecue or camping.

Because it’s electric-based instead of chemical-based like many traditional bug sprays on the market today – thus safe for children, pets, birds, or aquatic life.

After a fungus gnat outbreak originated from our basement, we got the Faicuk Electric Zapper and Mosquito Killer for a quick solution – I’d expect great things outdoors.

My brother has just moved into a new place and the fly population was all out of control. I bought this Fly Zapper so he can take care of them. He began excitedly climbing on the banister killing the bugs.

When returning home from a vacation, you may find mosquitoes and flies including the moth larvae in your kitchen or bag of walnuts – but with Faicuk Electric Zapper, they won’t be back.

We’ve been able to kill a number of flies, as well as a bee that was inside the house. We also successfully zapped fruit flies and mosquitos.

Another factor that makes these unique is the easy to see; enlarged grid for a bigger and broader distribution.

The Good:

  • Faicuk Electric Zapper
  • Its ABS plastic is durable
  • Its ZAP button is easy-to-use – great for outdoor & home use
  • Has a 3-layer mesh for extra safety
  • Produces 2700 volts

The Bad:

  • None

6. Black-Flag ZR-7936-L Fly & Bug Swatter, 19.25 Inches

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Black-Flag ZR-7936-L offers a budget-friendly way to get rid of flying bugs with top comfort and efficiency. It is guaranteed to kill bugs with its electric charge of 2,750 volts.

  • The electric fly swatter is usable used both indoors & outdoors with equal effectiveness.
  • Kids should always be supervised by an adult when using the device, however.

– Black Flag has a line of insect and flies swatters that are super easy to use, even for the most inexperienced user. The ergonomic handle is textured for great grip too!

– They also have an innovative design with rubberized grips on both sides so you’re able to swat bugs without getting your hands dirty or sticky from other substances.

Black-Flag ZR-7936-L is both electric and has a shield on either side of it using the racket. This may be to protect fingers from touching the area.

During the summer months when there are plentiful mosquitoes in the forest hikes, my wife brings this electric zapper to handle them all so that they stop suffocating her with their unrelenting craving for blood.

The Good:

  • Battery-operated (standard batteries)
  • Uses LED light to attract bugs
  • Comes with a hanging hook great for outdoors & indoors
  • Produces 2750 volts to exterminate wasps, yellow jackets, spiders, biting flies, and mosquitoes

The Bad:

  • Batteries not free

7. Koramzi Rechargeable Fly Zapper and Mosquito Swatter

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Powered by 2600 volts, the Koramzi Fly Zapper is eco-friendly and perfect for getting those pesky pests out of your home or office without any chemicals.

The best part about it is that its rechargeable. You just simply plug the battery in and suddenly you can handle insects like a pro again. When I’m camping, this becomes an invaluable tool!

The flashlight on the other end of this mosquito swatter was something that at first glance did not seem to be of much use, but after using it for a while now I completely see why they added this little perk.

  • It’s served me well when calling my dog home or setting up camp late at night with my family and friends.
  • The flashlight has a bright beam in the dark, and the zapper is powerful enough to take down flies.

There’s also a safety screen that prevents you from accidentally electrocuting yourself. The fly swatter will keep your face fly-free; it never gets old zapping those pesky critters!

The Good:

  • It’s convenient and economical
  • Safe to pets & humans
  • Allows 600 recharging times for bug zapping

The Bad:

  • None

What to Look For In an Electric Fly Swatter

A fly swatter is an important tool to have in your home. There are a number of different types you can choose from and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. What should you look for when buying one?

The first thing that needs to be considered is what the primary use for the electric fly swatter will be, as this will inform which type you need.

  • If it’s going to be used regularly on flies, not near windows or doors then go with something lightweight like an electronic model, while if it’s just needed occasionally then a heavy plastic bat would do fine.

It doesn’t matter so much whether there’s power involved because by nature they’re both more effective than other options but an electrical model may work better where there’s a risk of using it near power sources.

For long-term use, they’ll need to be charged and the battery life on an electric fly swatter is generally better than that on a manual one.

A plastic bat can work well for kids because there’s no chance of them hurting themselves with it while electronic models are much safer in this regard.

One disadvantage though is that the batteries might run out when you’re going into contact with flies so make sure you keep a spare set handy!

Another consideration would be what kind of surfaces will your insect killer come in contact with?

  • If you have things like wood floors or delicate fabrics then avoid anything not made from rubber or foam as these materials could scratch them up.
  • Thankfully, most fly swatters today are designed with this in mind and will not hurt your floors.

The main thing is that an electric fly swatter should be able to do something about all three types of flying pests – mosquitoes, wasps, and pesky houseflies for example!

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Are the electric fly swatters effective?

Nobody wants to walk into their kitchen, take a deep breath and smell the foul odor of rotten fruit. It’s not pleasant for anyone – but it can be especially tough on those with asthma or allergies.

One way to help deter these gross smells is by using an electric fly swatter. But are they effective? Here we’ll explore some of the pros and cons associated with this type of pest control device.

  • Electric fly swatters work well when you have few flies in your home and live in areas where there aren’t many either (i.e., urban environments).
  • They also don’t produce toxic chemicals that could harm pets such as cats who love to eat bugs off the ground – which often includes dead insect parts!

Also, electric fly swatters do not work like insect repellers, they’re designed to kill bugs – which is great for people who prefer not to use pesticides inside their homes.

  • However, they are expensive and the batteries wear out quickly. They also usually require electricity – so if you need a fly swatter while on vacation or in an area without power, this might not be your best option.

But overall, electric fly swatters can provide some relief from pesky flies when used correctly!

How to prevent the flies’ problem?

How to prevent the flies’ problem? Well, of course, it is not a secret that there are many ways how you can solve this issue.

However, we would like to focus on using natural remedies for preventing flies and other insects from making their home in your food storage area.

Areas of the home where flies may congregate include:

  • Pet Food
  • Compost Heaps
  • Manure and Animal Waste
  • Trash Bins

Here are some tips for dealing with the fly infestation:

– Make sure all foods are sealed tightly before they go into storage – if you have any open boxes or bags of food then store them inside an insect zapper bag which will kill those pesky bugs as well.

– Keep your stores cool and dry at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less; warm moist climates attract more flying pests than cold drier ones do.

– Cut bleach solution is very effective in controlling bugs in their storeroom. You can also use dry ice in the fridge to keep it cool, which will kill pests as well.

– Store all canned foods on shelves at least six inches off the floor; this increases air circulation and keeps moisture away from cans so they don’t rust or develop bacterial growths inside

You should wash your hands with soap after handling any kind of dirty produce because not only do you risk bringing bacteria into the kitchen when you handle raw veggies but you are also more likely to transfer an insect infestation back home if there are any insects on your hands

– Wear gloves when working with raw vegetables, and wash them thoroughly before proceeding to other tasks.

This will reduce the chance that bacteria from contaminated produce transfers to everything else you touch or does

– Keep surfaces in your kitchen clean by wiping down counters regularly; don’t leave crumbs or spills unattended for more than five minutes at a time because they can attract pests into the house.

Clean up all spilled food and liquids right away so it doesn’t become too sticky for bugs to climb out of. Vacuum frequently if there are visible signs of bug activity in or around the home

Switch light bulbs immediately if one burns out: this attracts flying pests like moths which get drawn towards lights (another reason to switch over to LED bulbs).

– Be cautious when opening boxes that could have been infested with pests: the glue on the flaps can trap them inside even if you didn’t see any bugs.

Put a hole in one corner and shake it out into garbage outside or into an open bag before bringing it indoors, then carefully inspect contents for signs of life

– If there are fruit flies around your kitchen sink, unscrew the drain plate and pour some vinegar down (ensuring all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned beforehand) because they prefer wet food sources like this; leave overnight so it has time to dry up and kill off their larvae which will be attracted towards the light at night.


In conclusion, the best electric fly swatter will kill wasps, bees, and flies with a powerful zap.

  • They’re convenient and economical, not to mention safe when you’re in your backyard or camping at night.

What do you think of these electric fly swatters? What else would be helpful for me to know before I purchase one?

Please leave any questions or comments below!