Top 7 Best Electronic Flea Comb 2018 Reviewed

Most traditional flea treatments are messy and will leave stains & odor on your cat or dog. However, electronic flea combs are clean, leave no odor, are lethal to the fleas but safe for the environment (cats & dogs).

Nevertheless, electronic Flea Comb (and manual flea combs) and  Flea Foggers tops the flea treatment methods.  

Reviews: 7 Best Electronic Flea Comb in 2018

1. Epilady Zapper – Compact & Safe Electric Flea Comb 

This Epilady Flea Zapper (electronic) comb is an amazing addition to your flea control methods. Luckily, this comb is safe, effective and chemical-free, which makes it amazing for cats and kittens of different ages. It comes with a fine tined flea comb.

The Epilady Flea Zapper has fine tines, just like other flea combs. But the interesting twist is the electric charge supplied between the teeth. When you’re combing, the tool will produce an electric charge that will shock the fleas in the pet’s fur to death. Ultimately, the comb will brush off the fleas as you’re grooming the pet.

It’s appropriate for cats, dogs, kittens and puppies alike. For beginners, this flea comb operates in battery charge (2 AA types – which you’ll buy separately). However, this flea comb is only used on dry pet fur, thus no wet treatment.

2. Eyenimal NGDIV001 Electronic Flea Comb 

EYENIMAL electronic flea comb will also make a great alternative to the other available, but dangerous, flea treatment plans. Equally, the flea comb is un-harmful and painless to your cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies. Notably, despite killing the fleas through electric current, the flea comb is not harmful human beings.

Further, the flea comb uses the AA “1.5-V LR06” batteries (2 in number) but you’ll need to purchase them separately. Equally, the flea comb will remove any bad odor in your cat or dog while leaving it shinning after the great grooming. Further, fleas do not grow resistance to the flea comb as it does with other flea treatments.

3. Ocamo Electric Flea Comb Puppies Fleas 

This Ocamo Electric Flea Comb has a nice design that makes it very simple to use. Further, this flea comb is great for both fleas and lice. It comes with a capture filter for both eggs and adult fleas, and thus can wait for safe disposal when you’re finished grooming your pet.

Also, it won’t cause an allergic reaction to your cat or dog, in addition to being reusable and hygienic due to having the disposable capture head. It also easy to hold due to its ergonomic build. Further, the grooming will even be easier because its teeth are made from stainless steel (Rounded shape).

4. Vbestlife 110V Electronic Flea & Head Lice Comb 

Mode of action

The electronic flea combs will give your cat a safe and painless experience. The tool produces an electric tension if it touches a flea – which it kills through an electric shock. Therefore, its a hygienic and pet-friendly flea control.

Therefore, these flea combs do not chemical ingredients and thus won’t harm your pet. It leaves no residues and can be used more often. Interestingly, the toll ejects all the bad odor that is in your pet’s fur – and this is accomplished all chemical-free.


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