7 Best Fire Ant Killer for Lawns in 2019 Reviewed

There are over 300 species of the fire ants insects with most of them being red in color. They mainly build their mounds near the driveway and or around shrubs.  Surprisingly, one mound may have up to 500,000 fire ants – the stinking harsh ants. In this post, I’ve reviewed the Best Fire Ant Killer for Lawns. 

Best Fire Ant Killer for Lawns
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Summary: To kill Fire ants (Red Imported and native fire ants – in genus Solenopsi), I recommend the xtinguish Plus Fire Ant Bait or Spectracide HG-95985 10 lbs as youBest Fire Ant Killer for LawnsYou can use a Two-Prong Method to control Fire ant: Baits and Mound Treatments for lawns or infested fields. Previously we tackled how to control ants in your Kitchen and Bathroom

Reviews: Top 7 Best Fire Ant Killer for Lawns in 2019 Reviewed

1. Extinguish Plus Fire Ant Bait – Our Top Fire Ant Killer

Extinguish Plus contains IGR, which prevents fire ant reproduction and Hydramethylnon that works to kill the current colony. Hydramethylnon is a fast acting chemical that will effectively and quickly kill the current colony.

Best Fire Ant Killer for Lawns
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However, IGR is a slower acting chemical that will eliminate the fire ants over the long term. IGR achieves this by barring rebound and making the queen unproductive. Therefore, using the Extinguish Plus bait will enable you to effectively employ the two-prong method of fire ant elimination from your lawn or big fields.

The formulation is fast acting and will kill the fire ants within minutes or hours. Further, it will act to kill fire ants both in the indoor and the outdoor spaces. Also, the use of the two-prong method will allow you to eliminate both the colonies that you can see and those that will be in hiding while applying the chemical.

Fire ants are named so due to their painful bites and characteristic red color. They attack animals and plants and damage structures, and appliances – especially those with electrical currents.

3.  Ortho Fire Ant Killer Max Broadcast 11.5lb Granules – Runner-Up

Ortho Orthene is a highly potent Fire Ant Killer that will kill the colony’s queen and prevent molds from developing, both of Red Harvester Ants and Fire Ants.

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The concentrate is easy to use as you’ll only need to sprinkle the granules on your lawn and you’ll not need to add any water.

Further, Ortho is read to use and will kill the fire ants and their queen within hours. Also, do not worry about bad smell in your lawn or fields since the fire ant killer is odourless.

Ortho Orthene has Acephate as the active ingredient that combines to form a fast-acting formula to eliminate the fire ants within hours. 

4. Amdro Yard Treatment Kills Fire Ants Fire Ant Bait Granules 5lb

Amdro Fire Ants Killer has an insect growth regulatory (IGR) and other effective ingredients like Hydro-mechanics (Digestive Poison) that will allow you protection against fire ants all season.

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Interestingly, the insects will consider the hydro-mechanics bait like food and thus take it back to their residence or sharing. Therefore, all the fire ants and its queen will die upon eating the bait.

The pack will treat about 10,000 sq. ft. killing the mold and barring any more molds from developing. Also, hydro-mechanics will sterilize any incoming queens. This will stop or reduce the reproduction capacity of the invading colony.

5. Ortho 0259010 Fire Ant Killer Mound Bait

Ortho 0259010 Mound Bait Fire Ant Killer will help you kill the ants and their queen in just a few minutes.

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Also, you’ll not need to water after applying on your ornamental plants, lawns or trees with its active ingredient being Acephate and Indoxacarb.

The Mound Bait will take the bait within some few minutes and thus will destroy colony mound and killed the queen. Therefore, Ortho 0259010 Mound Bait will look like food to the Fire Ants and thus attract the insects.

The Fire Ants will therefore get poisoned, the mound will be destroyed and queen killed, which will prevent further reproduction in the fire ant colony.

6. Advion Fire Ant Bait – 2 # Jug 

Advion Fire Ant Bait will act fast to adequately control the fire ants. The formulation will kill the insect within 72 hours after application.

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It operates to control the whole fire ant colony. Further, the bait will be used to treat both the mound and broadcast to kill all fire ant colony in all their life stages.

Note that since, Advion Fire Ant Bait lacks IGR, it is important that you re-do the repellent application.

For maximum effectiveness, you should use the Advion Fire Ant Bait when the soil temperatures are over 6 degrees, a period for the foraging of ants. Let not your comfort be disturbed by Fire Ants. Choose the Best Fire Ant Killer for Lawns and Big Fields.

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