9 Best Flea Carpet Powder 2020 Reviewed

You can’t avoid fleas if you have pets like cats and dogs in your house. Treating your dogs for fleas isn’t enough. Get the best flea carpet powder.  Best Flea Carpet Powder

When your pets come indoors, they might bring in all sorts of parasites including fleas, lice and ticks.

Most of these find their way into your carpet, floor, sofa set and so on. If you’re in such a trouble, I’ve a remedy you can try.

In addition, I’ve provided a guide for choosing the best product depending your preferences.

Powders: 9 Best Flea Carpet Powder 2020 Reviewed

1. Adams Carpet Powder for Fleas and Ticks 

You don’t have to worry about fleas in your carpet anymore. Adams carpet powder is designed to kill exposed fleas including their eggs and larvae and pupae. That’s because it contains piperonyl butoxide and pyrethrin as the active ingredients.

A key benefit from this flea powder is the ability to inhibit flea eggs from hatching for a period of 30. Studies have shown that flea eggs make the biggest percentage of flea population (about 50%). Thus, with repeated application, Adams carpet powder has a chance of eradicating a flea infestation from your carpet.

With the 16 oz bottle you can treat up to 400 square feet of your carpet or furniture. In order to get the best results, it’s advisable to allow the powder to sit on the surface for some time before vacuuming. This powder kills on contact and prevents the flea resurgence for about one year.

Owing to its active ingredients, this powder might harm or cause allergic reactions to pets and kids. Thus, it’s advisable to use it with caution if you have kids and pets around.

What more, since it contains citrus fresheners, your home won’t be left with unpleasant chemical odor. Plus it’ll also kills ticks brought to the house by your pets.


  • An effective carpet powder for ticks and fleas
  • Aims at clearing the entire lifecycle
  • One bottle covers up to 400 square feet
  • Comes with a citrus scent


  • Should be used with caution if you have kids and pets

2. PetArmor Flea and Carpet Carpet Powder 

The use of pyrethrin, pyriproxyfen and MGK 264 as the active ingredients makes PetArmor powder an effective pesticide for destroying fleas, their eggs, larvae and pupae.

Its ability to kill the larvae means you can easily wipe out an entire flea population with a few applications. That’s because larvae makes the bulk of flea population.

It doesn’t disappoint! This powder acts quickly on fleas and keeps them at bay for up to seven months. When you apply it on carpet, be sure to spread it evenly and allow some time before vacuuming. This allows enough time for fleas to come into contact with the pesticide.

The chemical ingredients present in this flea powder makes it unsafe to use around kids and pets. When vacuuming, ensure you use an effective equipment to avoid spreading the powder into the air. Plus you should wear a nose and mouth mask.

PetArmor powder also kills lice and dust mites. Thus you don’t have to buy a separate pesticide.


  • Effective on fleas, ticks and dust mites
  • Seven months flea protection
  • Masks odor with a fresh scent
  • Kills larvae and inhibits egg development


  • Not safe around kids and pets

3. Bio Spot Flea and Tick Carpet Care Powder

Bio spot uses piperonyl butoxide and pyrethrin to kill adult fleas and ticks including the larvae. It also contains Nylar, which halts the growth of flea eggs thus preventing progression to the next lifecycle stage.

Killing the eggs, larvae and pupae means the number of adults will gradually reduce with time. Thus, with bio spot, you a have chance of eradicating the entire flea population. Also included as an ingredients is Linalool, a very effective pesticide extracted from plants. Linalool adds a pleasant scent to this powder thus making it friendly to your nose.

One bottle of bio spot is designed to cover at least 400 square feet of your carpet. If the powder is left to settle on the carpet fibres for some time, it will kill fleas and ticks on contact. Since it lasts three months, you can use it in hidden areas where it will continue killing fleas and ticks that come into contact with it.

Remnants of the powder can be removed by vacuuming the area. It’s advisable to use a nose mask and protective glasses when vacuuming. Also since it contains chemical ingredients, bio spot should not be used around kids and pets.


  • Inhibits egg development
  • Kills larvae and pupae
  • Kills ticks, fleas and other bugs
  • Lasts for three months


  • May cause eye and nose irritation when vacuuming

4. Enforcer Flea and Tick Carpet Powder 

If you have fleas in your carpeted floors, you need a powerful pesticide powder to get rid of them. Enforcer flea powder is one of the products you can use to effectively put an end to your flea menace.

Not only will it kill fleas but it also works against several other parasites including ticks, cockroaches, ants and silverfish. The active ingredient is sumithrin, which also targets other stages of flea lifecycle.

It can be used on most surfaces including carpets, floors, sofa set, wooden furniture and so on. Presence of fresh linen and ocean breeze fragrance gives your house a fresh scent by masking bad odors.

With its easy to use application procedure, you won’t waste a lot of time treating your carpets against fleas. To use it, just sprinkle the powder, trying to cover the target area as much as possible. Leave the powder on the surface for about 30 minutes before vacuuming.


  • Ideal for bare floors, carpets and upholstered furniture
  • Kills fleas and other common bugs
  • Easy to apply and vacuum
  • Disrupts fleas lifecycle
  • Leaves a nice fragrance.


  • Not very effective on flea eggs

5. Hartz Flea and Ticks Ultra Guard Carpet Powder

This carpet powder will go a long way to keep your carpet free from fleas and ticks. It’s innovatively designed with powerful ingredients to give you an effective remedy for your flea or tick menace.

The main ingredients include Phenothrin and Pyriproxyfen. The effectiveness of these ingredients is further enhanced by the presence of N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide. This formulation aims at killing fleas and inhibiting the development of larvae and eggs to the adult stage.

Since one treatment lasts up to 30 days, you won’t have to keep re-applying this pesticide powder. What’s more, it will keep your home free from fleas for a period of one year. You can use it on carpets, bare floors, upholstered furniture, pet bedding and so on. Unlike some carpet flea powders, this product leaves a citrus scent which freshens your house and upholstery.

When treating your home for fleas ensure that you cover all affected areas so as to prevent re-infesting the already treated areas.


  • Kills fleas and prevents egg and larvae growth
  • Kills in a short time
  • Freshens your house with a citrus scent
  • Keeps fleas at bay for one year
  • Effective on ticks


  • A large amount is required for effectiveness

6. Pest Peeve All-Natural Flea Powder

If you’re looking for a safe and eco-friendly flea powder, Pest Peeve is good a choice. This flea powder is meant for use not only on your pets but also on carpets, floor and upholstery. It makes use of 100% natural ingredients such as Neem leaf powder, Diatomaceous earth and yarrow flower powder.

These ingredients have been tested for many years and have been proven to kill and repel fleas and other common household bugs.

When using this powder on your cats and dogs, I recommend you also apply it the carpets, pet bedding, furniture and so on. This ensure that no fleas are left out to continue re-infestation. It’s also advisable to leave the powder over the night before vacuuming to allow time for fleas to come into contact with it.

As a precaution, people who are allergic to yarrow powder should not come near this product. Also ensure you keep it away from kids and pets to avoid ingestion.


  • Can be used on pets and surfaces
  • Does not pose a threat to kids or pets
  • Affordable
  • Repels ticks


  • Regular application is required for effectiveness

7. Sentry 16-oz Carpet Flea Powder 

Sentry carpet powder is an ideal pesticide for getting rid of fleas regardless of their lifecycle stage. It contains powerful ingredients such as pyrethrins, pyriproxyfen and MGK 264 which work together to kill adult fleas, pupae, larvae including eggs.

Getting rid of fleas before they reach adult stage means they’ll have no chance of reproducing. Thus, with sentry, there’s a possibility of getting rid of a flea infestation. It has a proven effectiveness even against the stubborn brown dog ticks.

You can use it on carpets and other surfaces including bare floors and upholstery without worrying about damage. It comes in a 16-ounce bottle which will cover a large area with a single application.

Not only does sentry carpet flea powder kill fleas, but it also provides protection against fleas for a period of seven months. To achieve effective results, I recommend applying the powder evenly on the carpet, floor and other areas most frequented by dogs and cats.

In addition, allow the powder to set on the surface for some time before vacuuming. As a precaution, ensure your kids and pets do not come into contact with the powder.


  • Kills adult fleas
  • Terminates flea lifecycle before reaching adult stage
  • Prevents flea re-infestation
  • Ideal for carpets bare floor and upholstery
  • Kills ticks


  • Exposure to kids and pets is no allowed

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Flea Carpet Powder

Your aim is to get a flea carpet powder that kills on contact and prevents re-infestation for a long period. You also want to get a product that will be safe for your kids, pets and the family. This buyer’s guide gives you an insight on what to expect on the best flea powder for your carpet.

Below are some important considerations to keep in mind.

Kills Instantly

Most of the highly effective pesticides contain pyrthrins, sumithrin, etofenprox, linalool and so on. So if you want to get instant results, check for these chemical ingredients in the label. If you’re dealing with a heavy infestation, a powerful pesticide is all what you need to get a relief from fleas, ticks and other bugs.

Prevents Re-Infestation

Getting rid of adult fleas isn’t enough. Flea larvae make up the biggest flea population. Thus, if you kill adults only, you’ll be required to use pesticides every now and then to kill the emerging fleas.

Therefore, I recommend getting a product that kills adult fleas and goes further to inhibit the growth of larvae, pupae and eggs.

Residual Effects

You don’t have time to keep reapplying the pesticide regularly. Get a flea powder that promises to protect your house from fleas for a long time.

Easy To Use and Vacuum

The flea powder should be easy to apply on the carpet or any other surface. Powders meant for carpet should not be hygroscopic so as to allow easy and effective vacuuming. This also ensures that your carpet doesn’t get soiled by the powder.


Most of the highly effective pesticides come with consequences. They contain chemicals which may be harmful to your kids and pets. However, it’s always indicated on the label whenever such chemicals are contained in a product.

Natural products contain less toxic ingredients which means less risk to your family. However, they are not as effective as chemical-based pesticides and need to be applied regularly.

Powder pesticides are usually associated with triggering allergic reactions. So, I recommend you go for products that have little or no chances of causing allergic reactions to your family or pets.

In case this is unavoidable, ensure that people and pets are out of the room when treating your house with such flea powders.


The best way to eradicate fleas from your house is treat your pets, their bedding, your carpet and floor. If you’ve not treated your carpet for fleas or the products you have been using prove ineffective, it’s the high time you try the products I’ve reviewed in this guide.

A good product should be able to kill fleas instantly and prevent re-infestation. In addition, it should halt the development of eggs, larvae and pupae into adult stage.

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