7 Best Flea Collar for Dogs 2020 Reviewed

Ready to grab the best flea collar for dogs and exterminate those bugs irritating your furry friend? Great!

Best Flea Collar for Dogs

So…  I’ve heard a bit about flea shampoos (for adults & puppies), and monthly pills but some dog breeds seem to have allergies and are sensitive to a lot of things.

Here’s what to do:

Simply put the all-natural flea collar (comparable to human flea repellents) around your dog’s neck and forget about fleas on your pet for 3-8 months.

This post includes the 7 proven flea collars that are working great for most dog breeds right now. 

Reviews: 7 Best Flea Collar for Dogs 2020

1. Bayer Seresto Flea Collar for Large Dogs – Our Top Pick

Bayer Seresto stands out (as best-selling too) for its high efficacy in flea control and for being sturdy enough to be worn by dogs above 18 pounds or older than 7 weeks. It’ll kill all adult flea, flea eggs, and their larvae.

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It is easy to use and can be applied with leash collars ( identification dog collars) but leave your pooch just as comfortable. Combined with a yard and home flea treatment, Seresto flea collar will provide a long-term remedy against flea infestation. 

Seresto flea collar will repel and kill fleas simply on contact and thus the bugs won’t need to bite the cat’s skin first. It’s odorless, water-resistant, non-greasy and they’ll exterminate fleas plus ticks on your dog for 8 months. 

The flea collar will slowly and in small quantities release the active ingredients, Flumethrin and Imidacloprid, to spread the whole dog’s coat, with the help of your dog’s natural oils. Also, the collar has an excellent breakaway release system that’ll release if the dog is trapped. 

Imidacloprid breaks the life cycle of the pesky fleas by killing flea larvae and adult fleas alike. On the other hand, Flumethrin will repel and kill the adult fleas and ticks. You can install reflect clips on the flea collar to assist with visibility of teh dog at night time. 

But, the fleas don’t have to bite your pooch to die – it kills the pesky bugs immediately on contact. The collar eliminates the itching, distress, or spread of infections that would come with flea bites.  

Seresto flea collar has a 2-6 hours knockdown effect to kill the fleas and ticks biting and irritating your dog. Hence, the ingredients will kill the fleas quickly to stop spreading infections or laying more eggs. 

2. Rolf Club 3D Flea Collars for Dogs – Natural Collar – Runner-Up 

Rolf Club 3D is a natural flea collar that’s hypoallergenic, which means that it’ll be great for your dog (s) that have allergies or sensitive skin. This model, which is imported from Germany,  is also non-greasy, water-resistant, and easy to apply. 

Rolf Club 3D FLEA Collar for Dogs - Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs View on Amazon

Rolf Club 3D has an adjustable collar length to fit dogs of all necks sizes without causing discomfort. However, you’ll get this collar in three models (1) 29.5 inches for large-sized dogs (above 65 lbs), (2) 25.4 inches for medium-sized dogs (22 to 65 lbs), and (3) 15.6 inches for small-sized dogs (weight of 0 to 22lbs). 

Rolf Club 3D has 3 strong active ingredients – Pyriproxyfen, D-cifenotrin, Fipronil that’ll kill household bugs such as fleas, heartworm, lice, mosquitos, and ticks in all their growth stages for about 6 months. But, don’t use this model for puppies that are aged under 12 weeks. 

Rolf Club 3D is created from natural oils that are extracted from plants, and thus it’s non-toxic to the dog’s or cat’s skin – what vets call hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive and allergic skin. But, after applying the flea collar, remember to inspect your dog (maybe within 6-96 hours) for an unwanted skin reaction.

Rolf Club 3D flea collar has a fast knockdown effect. In fact, the fast-acting ingredients in this flea collar will kill fleas and ticks in just 24 to 48 hours. Luckily, this model is odorless and equally waterproof, which means that it’ll still kill and repel fleas even during rains or when you bathe your dog.

So, Rolf Club 3D is an excellent flea collar for dogs of various sizes (provided you pick the matching dog size) and has a quick knockdown effect killing fleas on contact in just 24 to 48 hours. Equally, it’ll help repel and exterminate other bugs such as lice, mosquitos, and ticks that are terrorizing your dog.

3. Arava Enhanced Flea Collar (Control & Defense) for Dogs 

Next up is the Arava Enhanced Flea Collar that’s a natural model and is suitable both for large and small dogs with its suitable clasp. It’s designed to use micro-injection (from Israeli) to ensure your dogs are protected against flea infestation for roughly 5 months.

Arava Enhanced Flea Collar (Control & Defense) for Dogs View on Amazon

The model is FDA certified and MSDS tested and approved for top quality. The active ingredients from essential oils and herbal ingredients will be inoculated into the dog’s coat and are released slowly via its small plastic holes. Being allergen-free means that the collar won’t cause redness, irritation, or sores on your dog’s skin. 

Equally, this flea collar is water-resistant which means that you won’t have to worry when bathing your dog or when there are some rain showers. Luckily, Arava Enhanced Flea Collar is wholly adjustable and thus allow your dog enough breathing space in addition to offering protection against the pesky fleas. 

It’s a pocket-friendly alternative flea collar when compared to Seresto, that’s equally good for dogs with sensitive skin. Further, the essentila oils particularly rosemary oil will help to heal any broken or inflamed skin on your dog may due to scratching and biting. 

Luckily, this Arava Flea Collar has an excellent soothing scent that’ll leave your room well refreshed. However, you may leave the collar for a day outside to lose some of the scents if it’s too strong for you. I noted that this naturally formulated collar has high suitability, reliability, and effectiveness. 

Further, the aromatherapy from the essential oils and herbal ingredients will prevent infections and aid relaxation. It has a fast knockdown effect where it’ll kill the fleas on your dog within 24 to 48 hours. Arava Flea Collar measures about a length of 25 inches and you can cut it to fit your dog’s neck. 

4. Goraul Dog Flea Collar Safe & Waterproof Dog Collar 

GORAUL Flea Collar also contains natural essential oils like Citronella and Eucalyptus that will both repel and kill the fleas while having no side effect on your dog. This flea collar will be safe on your dog if its skin is sensitive to various artificial insecticides. 

 Goraul Dog Flea Collar Safe & Waterproof Dog Collar  View on Amazon

This flea collar is equally waterproof and thus will be as effective when bathing the dog when it’s raining or during a swim. Luckily, this budget-friendly collar will give your dog roughly 8 months of flea extermination. The blend of natural ingredients like citronella and eucalyptus makes it largely safe for kids. 

The natural ingredients make the flea collar very eco-friendly and won’t be harsh on the environment. The citronella and eucalyptus won’t be harsh on your skin or that of your dog but will kill fleas immediately on contact. Also, the eucalyptus oil will help cool down the pain that is on spot with itchy or irritated skin mainly due to flea bite marks. 

GORAUL Flea Collar may also be considered to be a one-size-fits-all flea collar that’ll be suitable for dog breed or size allowing a snug fit. However, as noted above, you can also purchase the appropriate sizing for your specific dog but adhere to the product label instructions. Check whether the dog or pupies have skin irritation or hair loss, which could signify time to replace the collar.  

GORAUL Flea Collar comes in a 25-inches length and its also highly adjustable to fit either the large-, medium- or small-sized dogs. Cut off then collar length that’s suitable (but leave some inches) and place the excess in the kennel so that the dog doesn’t chew it. Further, don’t let kids play with the collar you’ve cut off. 

Ensure that you don’t choke your dog when fitting the collar – particularly if you make it too tight. Notably, after fitting the collar, you need to easily fit 2 fingers between the dog’s skin and the flea collar. Further, ensure you check regularly on the flea collar’s fit and tightness particularly for the rapidly growing puppies.

5. LOVATIC Dog Flea Collar 

First, Lovatic is an excellent firm when it comes to making pet products. I would dare say that I’ve followed how greatly they improve their products and offer excellent customer care. So, it’s not a surprise that they’ve produced a great dog flea collar – the Lovatic collar.


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Next, Lovatic flea collar is designed wholly from natural active ingredients. Therefore, the flea control collar is described as being 100 percent hypoallergenic, which means that it’ll be safe for all your dogs regardless of their breed. Equally, it’s non-toxic to human beings and pets thus considered eco-friendly.

Lovatic flea collar will offer exceptional convenience in controlling fleas and save you a lot of time. In addition, Lovatic will leave a sweet smell on your dog and the house in general. Therefore, you can do away with the product leaving your dog with a greasy coat and pungent smell. 

Also, Lovatic flea collar does not promote air, noise, or water pollution – which makes it qualify to be an eco-friendly dog flea collar. The collar does not release chemicals or dangerous gases to your environment. Equally, it won’t be toxic to your dog or cats in the surrounding. 

Lovatic came as an excellent solution for repelling and killing lice, flea, and ticks. Previously, as noted above, I had tried using options like lemon and shampoo. However, Lovatic and other flea collars gave me longer services in controlling the pesky fleas on my dog. 

Lovatic flea collar has a buckle and loop design that you’ll easily adjust until it fits your dog – which ensures you don’t shock or strangle your furry friend. The active ingredients in the flea collar are releases slowly over 8 months to kill both adult fleas and their larvae. 

6. Hartz Ultraguard 26″ Flea Collar for Large Dogs 

I’ve reviewed cheap flea collars above but this HARTZ Ultraguard wins for being highly budget-friendly but equally as effective and thus suitable for DIY flea control on your dog.


Ultraguard Flea and Tick Large Dog Collar 26" View on Amazon

In addition, the collar is versatile as it’ll also kill flea eggs, their larvae, and ticks too for 7 months. This collar will offer full body protection from these pesky little creatures- from the head, toes, to tail. 

The collar is designed to fit dogs and puppies with necks that measure up to 26”. It comes in different sizes, so whether yours is a large-sized dog, medium-sized, or a puppy (over 12 weeks), there is a perfect fit for each dog size. The manufacturer, however, does not recommend using this collar for puppies under 6 weeks.

The HARTZ Ultraguard Flea Collar for dogs is a simple yet incredibly effective dog flea treatment that is easy to use, completely safe, and highly affordable. It might not be as effective as the top two collars we’ve reviewed but for that such a low price, it’s well worth it!

7. Virbac Preventic Collar – 25″ -1 Single Collar

A tick infestation can quickly have an impact on your dog’s health. Ticks are nasty bloodsuckers and disease transmitters. Besides their infectious bites, dogs with ticks can become extremely uncomfortable with endless itching and scratching.

Virbac Preventic Collar - 25" -1 Single Collar View on Amazon

Virbac Preventic Tick Collar is a veterinarian-recommended dog collar that does a great job killing, detaching, and preventing ticks from attaching onto your dog’s skin for a period of 3 months.

The collar contains Amitraz, a very powerful active ingredient that offers continuous tick protection for 3 months.

Perhaps the only disadvantage with this dog collar is the fact that it’s not designed for fleas- you’ll need to purchase a separate flea treatment. The manufacturer, however, says that it works best when used alongside a topical flea/tick product.

The Virbac Preventic Dog Tick Collar is designed to fit dogs with necks measuring up to 25 inches and weighing up to 60 lbs. However, it can be easily adjusted to fit small-sized dogs.

Buyer’s Guide – What’s a dog flea collar?

Flea collars are pet gadgets that are installed around the dog’s neck to either repel or kills fleas. The flea collars are made from either from cloth bandana, leather, or plastic resins.

  • One collar produces ingredients that seep into your dog’s layer of fat, and thus the fleas must bite the dog to be exterminated.
  • The other collar produces ingredients that’ll use the dog’s skin oils to spread all over its body, and thus kills the bugs simply when they get into contact.

Do I really need the Dog Flea Collar?

The first thing we must tackle is where we need a dog flea collar anyway. Well, flea collars will be helpful for any dog owner who has or suspects a flea infestation on their dog.

In addition, flea collars are budget-friendly and low-maintenance flea treatment methods. For example, you can just install the flea collar on your dog and you’re done with the dog flea problem for about 3-7 months.

Next, flea collars will be great if your dog has sensitive skin or allergic reactions to other flea control options such as flea shampoos. Also, some of our canine pals may tend to dislike taking flea control tablets.

However, these flea collars might not be suitable for all dogs. For example, check within the next few hours and days, after installing the flea collar on your dog, whether the pet experiences some skin irritation, hair loss or skin sores.

In such case, your dog won’t benefit from the flea collar and thus you must remove it immediately or contact your vet.

Any side effects of using flea collars in dogs?

Some dogs (albeit few) may experience side effects, such as skins sores, due to using flea collars. The symptoms of such side effects include losing hair/ skin soreness around where you’ve installed flea collar, excessive scratching/ irritation, wheezing, lethargy and vomiting.

Allergic reactions mainly happen when the dog flea collar has the following insecticides as their active ingredients: carbamates, organophosphates, pyrethrins, and mitraz. If any of the above side effects occur, ensure you uninstall the flea collar from the dog’s neck and take the dog to the vet promptly.

Your vet may encourage bathing the dog using some mild detergents, or applying some antihistamine on the pet’s skin to reduce itching or swelling. However, most dogs will experience some mild symptoms like itching that won’t progress to more adverse health effects.

Will flea collars poison my puppies?

Despite the hype, these flea collars are just one type of over-the-counter flea solutions. This implies that no vet will be supervising its administration or installation, which might escalate the probability of allergic effects.

Sadly, flea collars may have an unsuitable insecticide combination or dosage for your puppy. In addition, some active ingredient could even trigger skin sensitivity or allergies.

Puppies may innocently chew the flea collars that might have harsh and dangerous insecticides and chemical. Such ingestions may lead to organ failure, reactions in their immune system, or even cancer. Ensure to always read the product label instructions for the flea collar on the appropriate age for the puppies.


And that’s a wrap guy! These are some of the best flea collars for dogs you’ll find in the market and the fact that they are all incredibly affordable makes flea prevention and control much less of a hassle.

And the good news is that they offer months-long protection, keeping your furry friend comfortable and safe.


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