7 Best Flea Collar for Dogs 2019 Reviewed

In this article, I’ve reviewed the top 4 best flea collar for dogs. A flea infestation in dogs is one frustrating challenge that most dog owners face.

Best Flea Collar for DogsWhile there are literally hundreds of spot treatment products and pesticide-laced shampoos (for adult dogs and dog puppies), flea collars are still loved by many dog owners for their convenience.

Luckily, flea collars are not laden with harmful chemicals (you can liken them to flea repellents for humans) like some of the flea control solutions available in the market today.

Let’s get started!

Reviews: 7 Best Flea Collar for Dogs 2019

1. Seresto Flea and Tick Collar by Bayer Animal Health – Our Top Pick

Occupying the first position is one of the best-selling dog and most popular dog flea treatment, the Seresto Flea, and Tick Collar. With powerful yet safe active ingredients like Flumethrin and Imidacloprid, the Seresto dog flea and ticks collar offer a whopping 8 months of continuous flea and ticks protection.

Best Flea Collar for Dogs Check Price On Amazon

This is due to the fact that the active ingredients in the collar are continuously released in small amounts, spreading from the head all the way to the toes. No wonder this flea collar takes the top spot for the best flea collar for dogs.

One thing that makes this dog collar so incredibly special is that the fleas don’t have to bite your dog to die-it kills the pesky creatures right on contact. This eliminates any discomfort, itching, or infections that your furry friend might experience from flea and tick bites.

Besides aiding in the treatment of fleas and ticks, the Seresto collar also does a great job eliminating and controlling dog lice as well as sarcoptic mange.

This flea dog collar is odorless and non-greasy unlike some spot-on treatments, waterproof, and can be easily used with other identification dog collars without causing damage or creating some sort of discomfort.

2. Best Natural Dog Flea Collar – Rolf Club 3D Dog Flea Collar – Runner-Up

The Rolf Club flea collar is considered as one of the best hypoallergenic dog collars and is therefore 100% safe for dogs with allergies or sensitive skin.

Rolf Club 3D FLEA Collar for Dogs - Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs Check Price On Amazon

Packed with active ingredients like Firpronil, D-cifenotrin, and Pyriproxifen, this new German formula will offer your dog continuous flea and tick prevention and control for 6 months.

It also wards off mosquitoes, kills tick and flea larvae, lice, and offers maximum protection against heartworms. And thanks to its fast-acting ingredients, this flea collar kills fleas and ticks within 24-48 hours.

The Rolf Club is completely non-toxic, odorless, and waterproof- it will still retain its effectiveness even when your dog is caught up in the rain or during baths. This affordable dog flea collar is ideal for small, medium, and large-sized dog breeds. Just choose the perfect size for your dog.

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3. Ultraguard Flea and Tick Large Dog Collar 26″

If you’re in search for an effective yet affordable dog flea collar, the HARTZ Dog Tick/Flea collar is a perfect choice.

Ultraguard Flea and Tick Large Dog Collar 26" Check Price On Amazon

This budget-friendly dog flea collar kills and repels adult fleas and ticks, flea larvae, and keeps flea eggs from hatching for a whopping 7 months! Once attached, this collar will offer full body protection from these pesky little creatures- from the head, toes, to tail.

The collar is designed to fit dogs and puppies with necks that measure up to 26”. It comes in different sizes, so whether yours is a large-sized dog, medium-sized, or a puppy (over 12 weeks), there is a perfect fit for each dog size. The manufacturer, however, does not recommend using this collar for puppies under 6 weeks.

The HARTZ Ultraguard Flea Collar for dogs is a simple yet incredibly effective dog flea treatment that is easy to use, completely safe, and highly affordable. It might not be as effective as the top two collars we’ve reviewed but for that such a low price, it’s well worth it!

4. Virbac Preventic Collar – 25″ -1 Single Collar

A tick infestation can quickly have an impact on your dog’s health. Ticks are nasty bloodsuckers and disease transmitters. Besides their infectious bites, dogs with ticks can become extremely uncomfortable with endless itching and scratching.

Virbac Preventic Collar - 25" -1 Single Collar Check Price On Amazon

Virbac Preventic Tick Collar is a veterinarian-recommended dog collar that does a great job killing, detaching, and preventing ticks from attaching onto your dog’s skin for a period of 3 months.

The collar contains Amitraz, a very powerful active ingredient that offers continuous tick protection for 3 months. Perhaps the only disadvantage with this dog collar is the fact that it’s not designed for fleas- you’ll need to purchase a separate flea treatment. The manufacturer, however, says that it works best when used alongside a topical flea/tick product.

The Virbac Preventic Dog Tick Collar is designed to fit dogs with necks measuring up to 25 inches and weighing up to 60 lbs. However, it can be easily adjusted to fit small-sized dogs.

Wrap it Up

And that’s a wrap guy! These are some of the best flea collars for dogs you’ll find in the market and the fact that they are all incredibly affordable makes flea prevention and control much less of a hassle.

And the good news is that they offer months-long protection, keeping your furry friend comfortable and safe.

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