Best Flea Combs for Cats

7 Best Flea Combs for Cats in 2024

In this post, I’ve reviewed the best flea combs for cats. Flea Combs are safer and simple flea control solutions when liked to flea sprayboric acid, or flea shampooWith these combs, you can easily find and remove fleas, flea dirt, and eggs. 

  • Luckily, the combs are non-chemical flea control methods and suitable for kittens and puppies with sensitive or damaged skin. 

Summary: To stop scratching and itching in your cats & dogs due to fleas, check these flea combs. 

1. Safari Flea Comb – Double Row Tines (Metal) Flea Comb

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Top on the list of the best flea combs for cats and dogs is the safari flea comb. Initially, I noted that my cat was dandruffy and scabby in addition to having fleas. In addition to pre-brushing the cat’s fur, I recommend the Safari Flea Comb to search and remove fleas. Single vs. Double row teeth Flea Combs

If you have your or orphaned kitten that could be too small to employ topical treatments, then the  Safari Flea Comb will come in handy. I noted that I was required to run just a few flea comb strokes through the cat’s fur before some fleas started jumping off. 

Equally, the flea comb is effective for both flaky and dry skin. You’ll need to put extra combing around the cat’s tail base, nape of neck, and ears. The flea combs arrest both the adult fleas, smaller-sized fleas, and flea dirt too. The Safari flea comb is suitable for both long and short hair. However, be sure to remove all tangles and mats that might break the comb’s teeth. 

On durability, the Safari Flea Comb has a hard handle and durable body that makes it worth its price and hence will be usable with multiple kitties over time. Its double tines make the flea comb suitable for removing even the tiniest fleas. In addition to searching for fleas, this flea comb is great for identifying coat and skin problems. Just like all other flea combs, you’ll need to dip it into the soapy water between combing strokes. However, you’ll need first to remove all the hair tangles on your cat’s or dog’s coat. 

The teeth of the Safari Flea comb won’t bend if you use it after brushing the cat’s fur using the regular human hair comb to remove all the tangles or knots. However, if you need to do extensive brushing, you should use a de-shedding comb – particularly for pets with long hair.  

 Pros: Good after using flea shampoos and powders, Easy to control with its great Contoured, does not irritate flea bites, has metal teeth, easy-to-grip handle. 

 Cons: Might not work well with long hair. 

2. Honbay Flea and Lice Comb – Double Sided Plastic Comb

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Hornby Flea and Lice Comb come second on the list and can comb most of your small pets. However, I noted that this one lacked a handle, unlike the Safari Flea comb. Hence it is a little difficult to use. 

But, I loved the pretty pack of colored flea combs. However, I loved that the flea comb had two sets of teeth of different widths – narrow and wide. The plastic teeth tend to electrify the cat’s hair and thus assists in removing the fleas. However, compared to metal teeth, the plastic teeth are less strong, and hence the flea comb has lower durability – could twist or bend.

While you can use both sets for flea combing, the side with wider teeth is also suitable for general grooming. Its tines are built from plastic and will be easy on your cat’s skin – particularly if it has broken skin or flea bites that would cause discomfort during rough flea combing.

Note: Flea combs with a single row & longer teeth are better for removing fleas from pets with long hair. You can also opt for an Electronic Flea Comb.

The double-sided plastic combs come if four colorful pieces that are also greatly priced. The bright color will help you to easily spot any fleas or flea dirt after each combing stroke. For additional comfort, the plastic flea combs are soft on your cat’s coat. Since the comb has only one row of teeth – that are also long teeth-, it’ll be easy to comb cats with long hair.

 The Good: Effective and gentle touch, easy flea comb to use, double-sided teeth, great color selection (4 options), great for pets with short or long hair. 

 Cons: Plastic might bend or break and has no handle. 

3. Oster Animal Care Comb – Suitable ergonomic design

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Oster Animal Care Comb is considered a highly ergonomic flea comb to remove fleas from dogs and cats.  Like the Safari comb above, the Oster Animal Care Comb has metal teeth durable and will remove fleas even in dense cat coats. Equally, the comb is suitable for both long and short-haired cats.

Despite being made of metal, the comb’s teeth do not have sharp points and easily remove fleas from the skin while not hurting it. Further, the comb effectively removes some sections of the loose undercoat (that arises during summer) on your cat. This leaves your cat looking beautiful and welcoming.

The comb’s teeth can turn 90 degrees from your cat’s skin, which also protects the cat during the flea combing process. Therefore, the flea comb will not dig into your cat’s skin like other metal teeth in different combs. Don’t be fooled by the metal teeth on this flea comb – it’s lightweight and thus easy to carry around and use.

 The Good: Has short and thin metal teeth, great for long and short hair, robust design, is slightly curved to ease the combing process.

 The Bad: Lacks a handle, thus challenging to use.

4. Pet Republique Dog & Cat Flea Comb

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Pet Republique Cat Flea Comb is designed from flexible tines with top reliability in removing adult fleas, flea dirt, and dandruff flakes. The design of the comb prevents the occurrence of stray hair from your cat. Considering ergonomics, the flea comb has sinking patterns and thus easy to hold while flea combing your cat. 

The Pet Republique flea comb will work excellently with hair that has shedding, matting, knots, and long fur. Its bristles are designed from a sturdy and hard material, and thus they won’t damage your cat’s skin or coat.

Pet Republique also sponsors the protection of abandoned cats and dogs – for the lovers of charity work or worthy causes.

 The Good: Easier to grip, ergonomic design, and top-quality pins

 The Bad: Relatively pricey