7 Best Flea Combs for Dogs 2020 Reviewed

So, which is the best flea combs for dogs? Flea combs provide one of the safest means of controlling fleas in pets such as dogs. Best Flea Combs for Dogs

But first, you must learn how to correctly use a flea combOpens in a new tab. and know the signs of a flea infestationOpens in a new tab.

They also help remove other parasites, flea eggs, and unwanted stuff like dirt, loose fur, and flaky skin.

When used alongside other treatments, it’s possible to eradicate fleas from your dogsOpens in a new tab. completely. Well, below is a review of the best combs you can use to eradicate fleas from your dogs. Read Also: What’s the best electronic flea comb? 

Reviews: Top 7 Best Flea Combs for Dogs in 2020 

1. Wahl Pet 2 In 1 Home Flea Comb – #1 My Top Pick

Wahl makes premium-quality combs for pet grooming. This 2 1 flea comb allows you to groom your dogOpens in a new tab. with a lot of ease and effectiveness. You can change the fine and the evenly-spaced comb depending on the task you want to accomplish.

Best Flea Combs for Dogs View on AmazonOpens in a new tab.

The fine comb traps fleas, eggs, dirt, and dander between its teeth, making it easy to remove. It’s also able to remove other parasites such as ticks. The fine comb can also tell whether the dog is having fleasOpens in a new tab. or undesirable skin conditions.

The evenly-spaced comb is ideal for straightening, removing loose fur, untangling, and eliminating knots. Check the yard for fleas and control themOpens in a new tab.

The good thing with this flea comb is that it can be used on all types of dogs regardless of their fur’s thickness and length.

This brush provides an effective flea control when used alongside other treatmentsOpens in a new tab. such as flea sprays, shampoo, or flea powder.

What’s more, the handle is made of soft rubber to give you a comfortable grip on your hands.


  • 2 in 1 design
  • Ideal for all types of dog coats
  • Soft handle grip
  • Premium quality


  • A bit expensive

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2. Safari Dual-Row Teeth Flea Comb – #2 Flea Comb

Perhaps this is the most popular flea comb among many dogOpens in a new tab. owners, animal rescuers, or professional dog groomers. It draws its effectiveness from the two rows of bristles and the bristle spacing, ideal for pet hairOpens in a new tab.. When you pass it through your dog’s hair, the bristles accurately pull out the fleas, dirt, and dead skin.

Safari Dog Flea Comb with Double Row of Teeth View on AmazonOpens in a new tab.

Using this flea comb also provides a means for detecting fleas and skin disorders such as dry and flaky skin. This allows you to treat your dog for fleas and skin disorders early enough to preventOpens in a new tab. discomfort.

A more effective way of using safari flea comb is to combine it with other pet cleaning products. For instance, you can dip the comb in a dilute flea shampoo or natural ingredients such as apple cider vinegarOpens in a new tab. between each stroke. You can also use the comb after dusting your dog with fleaOpens in a new tab. powder. This approach provides an effective way of eliminating fleas from your dog’s skin.

When using the comb, it’s advisable to concentrate on areas that are very prone to fleas, such as behind the ears, beneath the tail, tummy, and neck.

In terms of design, this comb comes with a convenient handle that feels comfortable in your hand.


  • Convenient handle
  • Can be used on all breeds of dogs
  • Can be used with flea powder or shampooOpens in a new tab.
  • Stainless steel bristles
  • Two rows of bristles


  • Fleas may remain between the rows

3. SENTRY Flea Comb for DogsOpens in a new tab.

If your dog has long hairOpens in a new tab., then this pet flea comb from SENTRY will be a good choice. It comes with long teeth that can penetrate deep into long hair to reach the skin.

SENTRY Flea Comb for Dogs View on AmazonOpens in a new tab.

The teeth are so fine that they effectively trap the fleas, flea eggsOpens in a new tab., dirt, and flaky skin when you pass them through the pet’s hair.

Sentry flea comb also provides pet owners with a means of detecting the presence of fleas or skin conditions early before they progress to extremity. This keeps your pet happy and healthy due to reduced scratching.

You can use this comb with other flea eradication remediesOpens in a new tab. to achieve more effective results. These include flea powdersOpens in a new tab., sprays, shampoos, and natural remedies. The comb helps in exposing the fleas and eggsOpens in a new tab. to the active ingredients contained in these substances.

The teeth are made with stainless steel, which allows them to withstand repeated use. Plus, they won’t rust when used on wet hair.

The handle is made from plastic, and it’s ergonomically designed for easy and comfortable handling.



  • Teeth tend to bend in thick hair

4. Hertzko Fine-Toothed Flea CombOpens in a new tab.

This flea comb from Hertzko allows you to groom your dogs to give them a healthy and shiny coat. The two rows of stainless steel teeth are ideal for trapping and removing fleasOpens in a new tab., eggs, dirt, and pet dander.

Hertzko Flea Comb with Double Row of Teeth Double Row of Closely Spaced Metal Pins Removes Fleas, Flea Eggs, and Debris from Your Pet’s Coat - Suitable for Dogs and Cats View on AmazonOpens in a new tab.

The teeth have rounded ends to prevent scratching or bruising. The rounded ends move smoothly over the pet’s skin, thus creating a massaging effect.

With this comb, you don’t have to take your pet to professional pet groomers. That’s because it’s engineered to make your work easier and comfortable. The handle is made with a smooth plastic, which is ergonomically designed to make it comfortable on your hands.

You can use this comb together with other flea treatment options to completely eradicate fleas from your dogs or catsOpens in a new tab.. For instance, you can use it with shampoo, flea spray, flea powder, and so on. This enhances your chance of removing and killing as many fleasOpens in a new tab. as possible.

When grooming your pet with this comb, you have a good chance of detecting fleas, eggs, or dander formation very early. Thus you’re able to treat your pet early enough to keep comfortable and happy.


  • Double row teeth
  • Acts as a groomer and massager
  • No scratching
  • Rounded teeth
  • Works on various hair types


  • Short teeth not ideal long hair

5. Pet Republique Flea Comb for Dogs and CatsOpens in a new tab.

The very conscious pet enthusiasts love Pet Republique products because of their charity to the American Animal Rescue Society. 15% of their accrued profits are donated to the rescue society as part of their support.

Pet Republique Dog and Cat Flea Comb - for Most Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Pets View on AmazonOpens in a new tab.

You can use this comb to get rid of fleasOpens in a new tab., dirt, flaky skin, and other parasites from your dog or cat. It uses single row pins, which also help remove loose hair, untangling and eliminating knots. This minimizes the amount of hair shed by your dog on your floor, carpet, or upholstery.

The pins are made from stainless steel so that they won’t rust when used on wet hair. The rounded ends on these pins prevent scratching, which might create scars on your pet. It comes with a plastic handle that is ergonomically designed for comfortable handling.

The pins’ length is ideal for all types of dogs, whether they have short, medium, and long hair.


  • Long single row pins
  • Pins have rounded ends.
  • Ideal for short, medium, and long hair
  • Comfortable handle grip


  • High price tag

6. LilPals Dog Flea Comb – Double-Sided

Having this double-sided flea comb adds to your arsenals for grooming and getting rid of fleas from your dogs. The evenly-spaced comb side allows you to part, straighten, and untangle the coat.

LilPals Double-Sided Dog Comb, Green View on AmazonOpens in a new tab.

When you pass the fine-toothed comb side, it glides through smoothly trapping fleas, eggs, dirt, and flaky skin for easy removal.

The teeth are made of quality stainless steel to guarantee their durability and resistance to rust. That means they won’t rust even when used on wet fur. Plus, they have rounded ends to ensure they glide smoothly on your pet’s skin without scratching them.

This comb can also be effectively used to detect fleas or skin conditions early enough before they progress to severe levels. Plus, you can use it alongside flea shampooOpens in a new tab., flea spray, or flea powder to achieve better results.

The handle is made of soft plastic, which is rounded to give you a comfortable grip when grooming your pets.


  • Ideal for flea removal and general grooming
  • Double-sided teeth
  • Comfortable handle
  • Quality stainless steel teeth


  • Relatively small

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7. For Your Dog (Large Brush) Flea CombOpens in a new tab.

Oster brings you a large comb for general grooming and getting rid of fleas. So if you prefer a large flea comb for your dog, then this is a good choice.

It comes with 70 stainless steel teeth, closely spaced to allow effective trapping of fleas, eggs, dirt, flaky skin, etc.

For Your Dog. Brush Large Flea Comb (078279-107-001) View on AmazonOpens in a new tab.

Regular use of the comb provides timely detection of fleas or skin conditions, allowing you to embark on early intervention. This helps in preventing severe flea or tick infestation. It also enhances other treatments like flea shampoos and flea sprays and powdersOpens in a new tab. by exposing the fleas.

The handle of this flea comb comesOpens in a new tab. in an ergonomic design to ensure convenient grooming. Plus, it’s equipped with ribs to enhance grip.

What’s more, you can use it on all types of dog coats and breeds.


  • Large flea comb
  • Closely-spaced teeth
  • Ribbed handle
  • Ideal for all dog coats and breeds


  • Teeth are a bit sharp


A flea comb is a must have for any dog owner. It’s a great tool for removing fleas, eggs, flaky skin and dirt. Control fleas both in your homeOpens in a new tab. and carpet. 

When used with other treatments, flea combs make your flea eradication measures more effective. Plus, they provide a means for early detection of fleas and skin conditions in your dogs.

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