7 Best Flea Spray for Yard in 2021

Looking for the best flea spray for Yard? Well, this must contain Insect Growth Regulators and be safe plus non-allergic to humans and pets.

A good flea spray will flea treat the Yard, bushes, grass, and the perimeter of your house on contact. Check my recommendations – some with 10% Pyriproxyfene). 

It works like a juvenile hormone to stop the reproduction of yard fleas (larvae & adults), roaches (roach killers) & ants (ant killers)

Top 7 Best Flea Spray for Yard in 2021

1. Control Solutions Flea Spray Pivot 10 – IGR – #1 Pick

With the 110 ml bottle, you can flea treat a large yard of up to 41,250 square meters. You can apply the insecticide through ultra-low volume (ULV) (spraying) or fogging. 

Best Overall Yard Flea Spray Check Price on Amazon

For yard flea control, use 7 ml of Pivot 10 IGR per 1000 cubic feet to spray all flea breeding areas like grass, shady stretches, garages, and patios. 

For flea prevention in the Yard, use 5-7 ml of Pivot 10 IGR per water gallon. Luckily, this pyridine-based insecticide is also safe for pets and cats (just like borax), indoor or outdoor spaces, and both food or non-food handling areas like places where food will be served, prepared or processed.

Pivot 10 IGR has a very long residue effect – about seven months. This means that it’ll continue killing fleas in your Yard for seven months after the initial application. It’ll also control flies, flying insects, litter beetles, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and crickets.

You can use foaming (with 7 ml of Pivot 10 IGR per water gallon plus a foaming agent) to control flies in any slow-moving drain (this is comparable to how authorized drain cleaners works).


  • Long residue effect – about seven months of continuous flea protection
  • It has a photo-stable formula – thus, it won’t lose its flea-killing power if exposed to sunlight.
  • Safe for pets and cats
  • Kills many yard pests and insects including crickets, mosquitoes, ants, roaches, beetles, ticks, and flea


  • May be dangerous to mammals like squirrels or even birds when not fully dry.

2. Archer IGR Syngenta Growth Regulators (IGRs)

Archer IGR is another great flea spray that kills flea eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults. However, with coverage of 24,000 square feet, Archer is not as effective for larger yards as its competitors.

Archer IGR Syngenta Growth Regulators (IGRs) Check Price on Amazon

It is also a costly product for such a low coverage: Disrupts entire flea life cycle, Long-lasting and Can also be used indoors.

Archer IGR also has pyriproxyfen – it’ll readily disrupt the fleas’ life-cycle like various IGRs available in the market. Also, Archer IGR offers longer-term flea control by preventing the maturing of the baby fleas into adults.

Equally, Archer IGR, like other IGR products, will work great if mixed with adulticides that’ll help exterminate the foraging workers like the Demon WP. Such a combination has been documented to kill above 90% of a flea population within two months.

Martin’s IG Regulator (For small yards) is one of the best flea sprays for small yards, covering up 6,000 square feet. Martin’s is also celebrated in killing fleas across their entire life cycle and can be used indoors too.

SENTRY HOME Yard and Premise Spray – Not only does this product kill adult fleas, but larvae and eggs too. This means you stop the problem at its source.

One drawback is that it only covers a small area (up to 2,667 square feet) so you’ll need to buy more than one bottle if you have a bigger yard. Its Long-lasting and disrupts the entire flea life cycle.


  • Pyriproxyfen disrupts the flea’ life cycle
  • Offers longer-term flea control solution
  • Kills all fleas in the cycle – eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults
  • When mixed with adulticides, it’ll kill all the foraging fleas


  • Relatively expensive

3. Envincio ExciteR 6% Pyrethrin Yard Flea Concentrate

Key features are that Envincio ExciteR 6% Pyrethrin is for outdoor use, 1 gallon will cover 750 square feet, and it contains Pyrethrin (6%) & 60% Piperonyl Butoxide and thus will organically eliminate the fleas and other pests in your Yard.

ExciteR 6% Pyrethrin Yard Flea Concentrate (Kills Fleas, Flies, Mosquitoes Ticks, Bees) Check Price on Amazon

Envincio ExciteR, 6% Pyrethrin, is a liquid insecticide that contains Pyrethrin (a natural ingredient) that’ll readily kill and repel fleas, and other dangerous insects like bees, flies, and mosquitos.

Equally, because it has natural active ingredients, this concentrate will be safe for your pets and plants (including flowers and gardens). Further, you can use the concentrated product to exterminate different insects using different methods.

Lawn owners may utilize this formulation to flea-treat their spaces, either using a pump sprayer or a fogger. Besides, you may boost the power of other insecticides using this Envincio ExciteR 6% Pyrethrin concentrate as an additive.

As noted above, a gallon of this product will quickly flea treat 750 square feet of gardens, Yard, or around buildings, even in places near animals. However, you must ensure to cover even crevices and cracks – after mixing the product with cover surfaces and water.


  • Contains 6% Pyrethrin – a natural active ingredient
  • Natural and odorless concentrate
  • The product can be used safely around buildings or near pets and kids.
  • Its fast-acting and has a long residue effect – long-lasting
  • Can use ExciteR 6% Pyrethrin concentrate as an additive to boost the power of other insecticides
  • Used in different methods like spray pumps, or foggers


  • Relatively pricey

4. Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Yard Spray – #1 Pick

Need a natural flea solution that’ll offer routine flea prevention? Or you need the top fleas sprays for your home. Well, Vet’s Best Flea Spray is made from essential oils (steam-distilled) and plant-based natural ingredients like 0.70% eugenol, 0.30% peppermint oil, and clove).

Vet's Best Flea & Tick Yard Spray - Best Budget Yard Spray Check Price on Amazon

So, Vet’s Best Flea Spray has no harsh chemical and thus won’t damage your trees, shrubs, and flowers in your Yard or even irritate your skin. It’s also safe to use around cats and dogs during or even after spraying.

The insecticide will flea treat a yard of about 4,500 square-feet covered with grass and turf. Luckily, its also suitable for use on your patios, concrete, asphalt, and decks. Interestingly, the natural ingredients will kill adult fleas, flea larvae, and their eggs.

Finally, Vet’s Best Flea Spray is easy to use. You’ll simply require to connect the spray bottle to the available garden hose. Next, switch on the water, press the lock button, and turn its nozzle to the “on point.” It’s also very safe to use in your house or apply it to the pet’s skin or fur.

If used around the house (beyond just the Yard), Vet’s Best Flea Spray will leave no stains even on places that the pets eat, play, sleep or live. However, you’ll need to test a small area like on pant legs or shoes before you undertake full-blown spraying.

Now, point the spray nozzle on any direction in your Yard or lawn to spray. However, ensure that you flea-spray the yard area evenly and avoid forming a puddle.


  • Its formula is non-staining and thus great for outdoor or indoor spraying.
  • Safe around kids and pets like cats or dogs
  • Will kill ticks, flea eggs, and adult fleas through direct contact.
  • Has an attractive fragrance – clove
  • Its an environmentally-friendly (and all-natural) flea killer
  • If applied frequently, it repels both ticks and fleas


  • Some yard owners may not love the clove fragrance
  • You might to apply multiple times

5. Wondercide Natural Flea Yard Spray – #3 Pick

Top of the list is Wondercide Flea Spray that’ll allow you to control a spectrum of yard pests like fleas, ticks, mosquito, and roaches. Cedar oil (active ingredient) blocks the production of octopamine, which hinders the normal functioning of the fleas’ heart rate, movement, and metabolism.

Wondercide Natural Flea and Tick Yard Spray Check Price on Amazon

Just like the Pivot 10 IGR Concentrate described above, this Wondercide Ready-to-Spray will kill fleas in all their development stages – egg, larvae pupa, and adult fleas.

Cedar oil makes the insecticide safe for kids, puppies and kittens, flowers, and useful pests like butterflies and bees that are in your Yard. But you’ll need to repeat the insecticide application within 2-3 days – but the intensity may vary depending on how badly your lawn is infested.

Wondercide Flea spray is a “spray-and-use” model, and thus you can use your Yard shortly after spraying – it’s eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable. The 32 oz concentrate can make flea (or Yard) treat a yard area of 8,000 square feet.

The refillable bottle has a ready-to-use nozzle that’ll simplify the spraying process. Exterminating the fleas will prevent itching from flea bites and avoid the spread of diseases like the bubonic plague.

Flea sprays (liquid or aerosol) like this Wondercide spray are contact-killing flea control solutions. But Insect growth regulator (IGR) like other Pyrethroids, among other insecticides, also active against yard fleas.


  • Wondercide Flea spray will readily repel ticks, ants, mosquito, and fleas. Further, the formula works well in preventing hatching of the eggs from these pests.
  • The bottle will quickly get flea treat and average Yard of about 8,000 sq ft and will also be safe to use on lawns or Yard that have bees.
  • The formula has no chemicals since its made using natural cedar oil – this was also used from ancient ages to control different kinds of pests safely.
  • Finally, Wondercide Flea spray is delivered in a very convenient ready-to-use formula, which makes it easy to use.


  • Won’t kill or repel ticks

6. Flea and Tick Yard and Premise Spray, 32 oz, Advantage

Your Yard will definitely be where most of the fleas infestations start. Therefore, I also recommend using this Advantage Yard Spray as it’ll fight the fleas at their source. Luckily, the flea spray is made using potent but safe ingredients hiding in the Yard, patio, deck, and house.

Advantage Yard and Premise Spray Check Price on Amazon

When you leave your yard un-sprayed with a good product like Advantage Yard Spray, these fleas may hitch-hike your cats and bring them to the house. You’ll love that the bottle will spray fleas effectively on a yard area of 16,000 sq ft, and thus you might not require to buy multiple bottles.

An excellent product for killing fleas and ticks in your Yard before your pet brings them indoors. You’ll need to spray every 3-4 weeks, which is about the average for all the products listed in our guide.

Advantage Yard Spray also comes with an easy-to-use hose attachment. You can use it on lawns, patios, sidewalks, and driveways. Definitely, for controlling a massive flea infestation in your premises or house, I recommend using flea foggers.

Good for larger yards. But you’ll need to be cautious and adhere to the spraying instructions – this will include that you’ll have to keep the cat away to allow the formula to dry – this helps prevent cat poisoning.


  • Ease of application with the provided hose attachment
  • Bottle enough to flea-treat a large yard (about 16,000 sq ft)
  • Will exterminate the fleas in their source (yard) before they hitch-hike any cat in your home


  • Keep cats away until the Advantage Yard Spray dries – this prevents cat poisoning.

7. Adams Plus Yard Spray, 32 Oz – (8,000 sq ft) for 4 Weeks

Next is the Adams Plus Yard Flea Spray, which offers your protection against pests such as fleas, ants, and mosquitos for about four weeks. Application by sweeping motion guarantees you cover areas that have high flea movement.

Adams Plus Flea & Tick Yard Spray Check Price on Amazon

It’s suitable for indoor (in the house to control adult fleas) and in the outdoor spaces (like yards, gardens, and lawns). However, for best pest control outcomes using this formula, you’ll require to trim down the foliage, branches, and grass 1-2 days before you begin the treatment.

Just attach it to your hose to spray your lawn, rose, trees, bushes, and flowers and enjoy up to 4 weeks protection against the pests, and your pet’s fur won’t be damaged. It can be used indoors and outdoors.

Luckily, this flea control solution will quickly treat about 5,000 square feet of your lawn, Yard, or garden. It’ll repel and exterminate the adult fleas hiding in your grass while waiting to jump onto humans and pets. It has a hose nozzle, ensuring that spraying will be comfortable and safe.

Adams Plus Yard Flea Spray contains 2.5% permethrin that’ll enable the product to kill all flea stages, including adults, larvae, and eggs. This permethrin is highly potent to treat your Yard and home furniture against bugs like crickets, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, roaches, spiders, mosquito, and ticks.


  • Comes with a hose nozzle for easy spraying
  • Will flea treat an average yard effectively (about 5,000 square feet)
  • Will kills, repels, and controls fleas in your Yard for four weeks after application.
  • Controls a wide range of lawn pests, including crickets, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, roaches, spiders, mosquito, and ticks.


  • Only intended for yard treatment – not pets

8. BioSpot Active Care Yard & Garden Spray

BioSpot Active Care contains 2.5% Permethrin and will control fleas and cover your Yard for about four weeks – this is what is denoted as ongoing care against fleas and other harmful insects. Long residue effect – its one of the longer-lasting yard flea sprays available.

BioSpot Active Care Yard & Garden Spray Check Price on Amazon

You can spray the BioSpot Active Care formula on the lawn, trees, roses, and flowers without damaging them. It’ll cover your Yard against a variety of insects, including fleas, gnats, and mosquito.

This is one of the best yard sprays for adult flea control. BioSpot Active Care Yard & Garden Spray is effective in killing fleas and keeping them away from your pets.

This means you don’t have to spray as often and still enjoy the benefits of remaining flea-free. It does contain some pretty toxic ingredients, so be very careful in letting pets near the sprayed area until completely dry. However, this is the price you pay for a powerful, potent solution. It’s Long-lasting and Fast-acting.

You can apply on building foundations up to a height of about 3 feet. For the outdoor spaces, you can use on the Yard, doors, windows, porches, patios, driveways, and sidewalks. However, don’t apply on drains and sewers or gutter as such water will eventually drain to aquatic habitat, water bodies, storm drains, and sewers.

Another related product is the NyGuard Insect Growth Regulator – This is probably the best solution for large yards, covering over 52,000 square feet. Nygard also disrupts the entire flea life cycle, making it highly effective. It Disrupts entire flea life cycle, Long-lasting, Great for large yards, and Can also be used indoors.


  • Has a long residue effect – covers your Yard actively for about four weeks
  • It covers your Yard against fleas, Grasshoppers, ticks, Millipedes, flies, Leafminers, mosquitoes, Bagworms, Japanese beetles, and gnats.
  • Safe to use even on roses, turf, flowers, shrubs, vegetation, trees, and lawns.


  • Toxic to your aquatic organisms including invertebrates and fish

9. Wondercide Ready-to-Spray Natural Flea

A non-toxic product is always a win and that’s why we love the Wondercide brand. This yard flea spray is safe to use around your pets and young children too. This is because it lacks harsh chemicals like synthetic pesticides, fragrances, or artificial colors.

Wondercide Ready-to-Spray Natural Flea Check Price on Amazon

Not only does it kill adults, but it also kills the eggs, larvae, and pupae. It may not last as long as the other products but that’s quite common for organic products. Its organic and non-toxic, safe around pets and disrupts the entire flea life cycle.

Cutter Backyard Bug Control Spray Concentrate is probably best known for killing mosquitoes. But it’s also quick and effective in killing adult fleas. Luckily, the flea control spray will be safe to use around kids, dogs, and cats.

While the brand claims that the spray will last up to 12 weeks, it’s more likely to last around four weeks or less. And you’re likely to have to reapply each time it rains.

Wondercide spray will flea-treat about 4,000 square feet. However, you’ll need to regulate the application speed and pressure for the shower to cover about 4,000 to 5,000 square feet. You can safely use the product on areas like your paint, brick, siding, flowers, vegetables, patios, gardens, and lawns.


  • All you need to do is attach the sprayer to your hose, and you’re ready to spray on your lawn, trees, flowers, bushes, and concrete areas.
  • Cheap and Fast-acting.
  • Easy to use with the garden hose that you can attach and spray directly
  • The cheapest product on our list that still does a decent job.


  • None

Considerations in Best Flea Spray for Yard 

Pivot 10 IGR has both UV- and photo-stable (.i.e. it won’t lose its effectiveness due to sunlight for up to 14 days), which makes it suitable for your Yard or indoor (alone or mixed with adulticides). 

Buying flea sprays for your Yard is different from purchasing flea control products for inside your home. But remember – prevention is better than cure! Check the best yard snake repellents. Here’s what we’ve taken into consideration in putting this guide together:

1. Ease-of-use and Duration:

The flea sprays for yards we’ve reviewed can be used with a garden sprayer. Some even come with a very handy hose applicator. Most of the products we’ve reviewed last 3-4 weeks.

How long does the spray last? – The longer the duration, the less frequently you’ll need to spray your Yard. Most flea yard sprays last 3-4 weeks, despite what the product labels may claim. Cheaper sprays will wash away in the rain.

Where can it be used? – Check whether the spray can be used on lawns, flowers, shrubs, and sidewalks. While it’s hard to find sprays that can be safely used on vegetable patches, you want to make sure that most of your Yard is covered. Some sprays can even be used indoors, giving you great value for money.

2. Coverage and Whether it only kills adult fleas:

Is it suitable for small or large yards? Some yard sprays are very effective in killing adult fleas quickly on contact. However, these probably won’t kill the eggs and larvae. This means you’ll need to spray again after the insects have hatched and grown.

How much area does the spray cover? -If you have a small yard, then a lower capacity will do. But for larger yards, you either want to buy a higher capacity spray or end up getting multiple bottles. So it’s essential to check the coverage.

Is the yard spray valid for the entire flea life cycle? This is probably the most important thing for you to consider when choosing a flea spray for your Yard. If you’re looking for a cheap, quick solution, then get a yard spray that only kills adult fleas.

However, as we’ve shown in our guide, the most effective sprays are those that kill flea eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults. While these are more expensive, they are your best solution for long-lasting results.

3. Whether it uses natural or chemical ingredients:

Generally, flea sprays for yards that contain chemicals are more effective. But there are a few good, non-toxic solutions available too.

Remember: always follow all instructions carefully. Not only is this important for safety reasons, but it will also ensure you get the best results.

Is it safe to use around your pets? – Always read the ingredients, instructions, and warning labels carefully. Some sprays are made with natural ingredients and may be safe to use around your pets.

With other sprays, you’ll need to remove your pet first before spraying and also wait until it dries completely before bringing pets back into the Yard. 

Whether it’s also effective before the adult stage: For the best results, you want to use sprays that get to the source of the problem: flea eggs, larvae, and pupae. 

These sprays are more expensive but far more effective. On the flip side, these sprays are less toxic to adult fleas – so you’ll either have to wait longer (8-10 days) before they die, or combine with other showers for faster results.

Flea Spray FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can Fleas Infest My Yard?

Definitely, Yes! Fleas will readily infest and multiply in your yards or lawns as they have a favorable environment. But you can effectively cut down on the number and frequency of flea attacks in the Yard by trimming vegetation, tree branches, and grass.

Trimming the excessive foliage will cut down on the available dark areas that you’ll see in your garden or lawn. This significantly cuts down on the favorable shady conditions needed by fleas larvae to survive. In the short term, I recommend using chemical flea treatment as some may not exterminate the flea larvae and eggs.

Therefore, for long term control of these bugs, you’ll need to consider various methods of bug control that are readily available.

2. How Long will Fleas Live in my Yard?

Adult Fleas and different pests will mainly be lying on the underside, neck, and back of dogs and cats. However, in cases of massive flea attacks, you may find the bugs lying or jumping around your bedroom, on the carpet, or the pet’s bedding.

However, the fleas must be coming from another area before they land on your way in the house. This is the place where we consider the Yard as the breeding and feeding ground for the bugs.

The Yard provides a shady, humid, and moist environment that is favorable for the breeding and growth of fleas. This will be even better if there are tall grasses or woodpiles lying around the Yard. Check the public parks and dog houses for evidence of flea infestations.

3 Home Remedies for Treating Yard Fleas

Using pesticide sprays, among other chemical flea control methods, is considered the best way to control fleas in every Yard. But other home remedies are equally effective for someone who would like to try a DIY approach. So, check the below home remedies:

1. Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) for fleas has silica shards that’ll cut through the fleas’ waxy exoskeleton causing dehydration and eventual death or the bugs and the flea larvae.

Luckily, the Food-grade DE will be safe to use around human beings and animals. Avoid the DE that’s used in charcoal filters or swimming pool.

The razor-sharp edges of the crushed Diatomaceous Earth will kill the fleas through dehydration. However, ensure to wear kitchen or garden gloves to avoid drying the hands.

The next step will be sprinkling DE on soft furniture, dog beds, and carpet. Allow DE to settle and do its magic for about three days. Vacuum the surfaces thoroughly to kill fleas, their eggs, and also larvae.

2. Dawn Dish soap

Dawn dish soap is an excellent non-chemical solution to kill fleas. It damages the exoskeletons of fleas and thus kills them. It’ll break the waxy layer in the bug’s respiratory system allowing water to enter and, therefore, suffocation.

Further, the dawn dish soap reduces the surface tension in water and thus causing the fleas to drown after sinking – and thus functions as a surfactant.

3. Fine salt

Next, sea salt or household salt will kill fleas is it is finely ground. You’ll simply need to sprinkle the fine salt on the infested areas such as furniture or carpets – allow 12 to 48 hours.

Sprinkling the finely-ground salt and spraying some water over it makes a recipe for killing fleas. You can use this process in pens of poultry, hogs, or horses.

Also, as the saltwater continues drying, it’ll absorb water and moisture from the surrounding and thus kill the bugs through desiccation.


We’ve shown you some of the best flea sprays for yards that we could find. (1) We liked Pivot because it’s great for large yards. More importantly, it kills fleas across their entire life cycle. (2) Similarly, Martin’s also disrupts the whole flea life cycle and is fantastic if you have a small yard.


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