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Top 7 Best Flea Trap in 2024 Reviewed

The flea trap must easily attract and exterminate fleas. A good trap must be easy to set up and use to finish the adult fleas in the life cycle!

  • The best traps have a sticky surface that contains substances such as glue, sugar, or protein-based attractants (such as dried blood) which lure fleas.

Vacuuming, steam cleaning carpets and drapes, and spraying your pet with flea oil or sprays can create a cleaner environment for you to use traps effectively to eliminate an infestation.

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Review: 7 Best Flea Trap for 2024

1. Springstar-BioCare Flea Trap

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Springstar-BioCare Flea Trap is a U.S product made from durable plastic that you’ll find difficult to break. Its capture pad gives a guarantee to capture up to 10,000 fleas or last for 3 months.

The replaceable capture pads utilize glue (with no odor) to capture the fleas.

  • Has a disposable capture-pad
  • Uses heat and light to attract the fleas.
  • Attracts the fleas even from 25 feet away.

The trap doesn’t use any chemicals or other toxic agents. It produces light from and heat from an LED bulb, activated by plugging it into your wall socket.

Since it’s built like a desk lamp, the tap lacks covers or walls, and hence fleas will approach it from different angles. You’ll love the trap’s 1-year warranty.

This trap requires no expertise or tools for maintenance which makes it very user-friendly.

It’s also easy to replace the bait and lure trays which is a bonus for people who want an economical option without having to buy new traps every year or two.

  • Has 1-year warranty
  • Its glue pads are durable
  • Non-toxic and easy to use
  • It measures 1 x 1 x 1 in. and 7 oz. in weight.
  • Has a disposable capture-pad
  • Uses heat and light to attract the fleas.
  • Attracts the fleas even from 25 feet away.

Because it has durable glue pads, it’s an effective and simple flea trap, plus the 1-year warranty spices thing up.

  • The trap almost looks like a desk lamp with a simple white plastic design and a flat area for the glue pads. The parasites can come from all around the flea trap and get stuck.
  • But, if you’re looking for a disposable but larger flea trap, I advise you to check out the ASPECTEK-Trapest Sticky Trap.
  • Springstar-BioCare Flea Trap helps you control that massive flea infestation with no pesticides or toxic chemicals. It is easy to install and use with a 1-year warranty,

This makes Springstar-BioCare Flea Trap safe to use around children, pets, and food because it does not contain pesticides or chemicals.

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2. ASPECTEK-Trapest Sticky Trap

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  • Exterminates bed bugs plus fleas too
  • Non-toxic
  • Simple to install and use
  • It’s ROHS and CE rated for both quality and safety.

The Aspectek Sticky Dome attracts all types of bugs like fleas or bed bugs. The fleas are stuck on the glue boards to their death. You may replace the boards and light bulbs among other spares.

  • If you live in an area where fleas are a problem, then you should get this ASPECTEK-Trapest Sticky Trap.
  • The trap is effective because they use light, heat, a sweet odor, and color to attract fleas even at 50 feet. Once the flea is trapped in the trap, it can’t escape no matter how hard it tries.
  • The trap emits no odor and is non-toxic with large size of 7.9 x 7.7 x 3.1 in. plus weighing about 12 oz. – heavier than Springstar-BioCare Flea Trap.

It uses 4-7 watt light bulbs (nightlight) plus you’ll plug into your standard power outlet. To start off, simply screw in the first light bulb and plug the device into the power socket.

I recommend this particular trap to people who are looking for something non-toxic and simple and would like the ability to replace items such as glue boards and bulbs.

3. Allinall Sticky-Dome Flea Trap

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The sticky glue captures fleas and other insects with ease, so you can easily monitor them. The traps come with 2 sticky traps and two heat bulbs to attract the bugs.

  • Attracts fleas even at 50 feet
  • Extra heat bulb and sticky trap provided
  • Odorless and non-toxic flea trap
  • This is a commercial-grade flea trap that can be placed on the floor.

You can also use refills to bring your trap back to life for many months of protection. Because it uses glue, this Allinall Sticky-Dome Flea Trap is odorless and non-poison.

  • All in all Sticky-Dome Flea Trap will catch both bed bugs and fleas using its sweet odor, light, heat, and color – even up to a 50-feet distance in all directions.
  • Unlike traditional traps, this trap does not rely on the flea’s ability to jump. Instead, there is a sticky board at the bottom of the trap and a heat sensor in the dome that attracts fleas inside.

Fleas primarily live close to your pet, and carpets are a perfect place for laying eggs. This trap is designed for the center of a rug or carpet, but it can be placed near pet bedding (under 3 feet apart) if desired.

4. BioCare S102 Flea Trap

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  • Has extra three sticky pads
  • Attract fleas with natural attractants, sweet odors, and heat
  • Will attracts bugs even at 25 feet away
  • With a nightlight styled lightbulb, this indoor appliance can be a permanent device for attracting fleas

The BioCare S102 Flea Trap helps fight even the toughest flea infestation issues without any harmful pesticides or chemicals.

  • You can buy the replacement bulbs at department stores like Walmart. They resemble nightlights in shape and size.
  • BioCare S102 flea trap delivers an attractive odor and uses heat to lure in pests. This one does not use chemicals making both pets and kids safe from harm.
  • Where should I plug these in? I plug them under end tables, into corners, and out-of-the-way places.

I have plugged them in the crawl space (under my house) to prevent outside fleas from roaming inside.

How to Use a Flea Trap

Flea traps are a non-toxic and inexpensive way to get rid of fleas in your home.

  • Flea traps work by luring the little pests into them with an aromatic bait they can’t resist, which is laced with insecticides.
  • The most common type of trap uses light bulbs or heat sources (like incandescent lights) to lure insects indoors at night, where they will be caught on sticky papers attached to the inside walls of the trap box.

So, place the flea trap in the flea “hot spots” in your home and patiently await the arrival of those little pests.

The best places to set up a flea trap are

  • Near pet bedding, where pets sleep or on the floor underneath furniture that has seen heavy scratching by these creatures.
  • Near bed or couch
  • In the flea-infested yard
  • Compound entrances and gates

When you catch any flea in your new flea trap, be sure to throw away the sticky paper with them still attached (along with anything else they might have dropped during their stay).

Do Flea Traps Really Work? #DoFleaTrapsWork

A flea trap is a device that will attract and kill the insect’s fleas. A simple explanation of how this works is that they use heat and light stimuli to attract insects.

  • When an insect moves close enough, it will be killed by contact with sticky glue or some other type of surface on the trap. This works for many types of bugs but not all of them.
  • The main problem with these is that they will only work if the bugs are attracted to light and heat, which many insects do not care about.

If this is the case then you may need a different type of trap or just have to deal with an infestation until it goes away on its own.

Flea stoppers work by emitting a pleasant smell that is not attractive to the insects, so they will stay away while being safe and non-toxic for pets and humans.

How long does it take for a flea trap to work? They kill fleas within 3 hours typically; provided there are no other attractants around, a glue disc is installed, the flea is within a suitable distance (30-50 feet) and it is plugged in.

Why Trap the Fleas?

Fleas are insects (true insects) that come in three segments- ahead, a midsection called the thorax, and then an abdomen. They have six legs and two antennae on their heads.

  • Fleas are a parasite that lives on mammals such as humans and birds. You might jump up to a foot in the air.
  • The be brown-bodied fleas (cat fleas ) have an average life span of 1-2 years. They also have a strong sense of smell that allows them to track down their prey.
  • The fleas feed on the blood of mammals, which they then regurgitate into eggs for reproduction.

You can tell if you have an infestation by looking out for small red streaks or spots on your pets’ skin – these are from scratching themselves due to irritation caused by bites.

A female flea lays up to 50 eggs per day; once laid, the egg will hatch within one week and start feeding immediately. This is why it is important not just to try and get rid of any adult fleas but every single stage in its life cycle!

Where Do Fleas Live?

Dog and cat fleas live near animals where they feed off of their warm-blooded blood meals – mostly cats, dogs, rodents, and other small mammals such as squirrels who make up most of these little pests’ diets.

These insects also thrive in humid climates and many environments, so it’s not uncommon to find fleas in the southern United States.

The adult flea will lay eggs, or ‘flea dirt’, on their host’s skin and hair follicles where they feed off of blood meals from your pet.

This is why it is important to treat both you and your pets for a complete treatment plan.

What Do Fleas Eat?

Fleas are blood-sucking parasites that feed off of mammals and birds to survive. In the wild, they’ll primarily feed on rodents and squirrels – taking blood up to 15 times its weight.

  • Dog flea bites will appear red and swollen while cat flea bites will be found mostly on your pet’s head or neck where their fur is thickest.
  • The larvae can develop into adults in just one week – so it’s important to treat them with adulticides (killing mature pests) plus insect growth regulators which prevent larvae from developing into adulthood.
  • Its nightlight-style lightbulb helps generate light that’ll simulate a human being’s body heat and will thus easily attract fleas that are even 25 feet away.

The product is made from durable plastic; therefore, if you have kids or pets running around in your home, you do not have to worry about them breaking the trap by accident.

Springstar-BioCare Flea Trap can be easily assembled and installed in just minutes. It is also very easy to maintain, as it does not require any expertise or tools.

Fleas can easily become one of the most difficult and annoying pests homeowners will face.

If you have dogs and cats in your residence, you might be even more susceptible to these pests, as they can easily transmit them from place to place including the yard.

How to make a DIY Flea Trap

To make a flea trap, you’ll need the following materials:

A cardboard box (cut off the top and bottom of this) or any other container that is big enough to hold one gallon of water. Make sure it has an opening in which insects can enter but not escape from.

  • Sticky tape with adhesive on both sides – like Scotch Tape; more than two packs will be necessary if your home needs serious treatment for fleas.
  • One sticky side should attach firmly to paper while its opposite side should have no adhesive so that bait goo can cling onto it as well.
  • The number of rolls needed depends on how large your house may be.

If bigger houses are under attack by these fleas, use four or more rolls of tape.

  • Empty tuna can for bait, cut in half lengthwise
  • Water – enough to fill up the container you will use
  • Paper towels or a dishcloth (something absorbent)

A pencil (optional but useful), as one end is used for pushing and creating holes on the other side with your fingers; this could also be done with any object that has a pointy edge like scissors or an ice pick instead

Wax paper to cover the floor under the trap so it does not get wet from spilled water after being set up. This must be put down before setting up the trap because once it’s created, you won’t have a way to remove it.

  • Do not make the hole on top too big as this could cause water from spilled water after being set up to seep through
  • It is advised before building your trap that you consult with an animal control expert because there may be other solutions available to help get rid of fleas besides what’s outlined here


  • Unroll four or more lengths of tape along the edge closest to one end. Leave enough space at each end so when they’re taped to the floor they don’t overlap.
  • With a ruler, measure and mark off 15 inches from one end of these pieces of tape that are closest to each other.
  • Measure another three or four lengths of tape and place them on top of the first group with enough space at both ends so when they’re taped to the floor they won’t overlap either.
  • You should now have two rows marked off in this configuration: 15 inches from one end and three or four feet closer to the other.
  • Create the third row by placing two more lengths of tape on top of each other just as you did with the first group, but this time place them about 15-inches from the second set so that all three rows are now marked off at about 45 degrees.
  • Leave enough space between these new pieces to create an opening for your bait jar in front of them without overlapping.
  • Carefully cut slits into strips where they’ll overlap when taped down, then fold back those tapes over themselves before taping together like puzzle pieces; make sure not to leave any loose edges because fleas will escape through them!
  • Once you’re done, wrap up the open end of the trap with another strip or two to seal it off.
  • Set your jar full of bait in front of this opening and wait for those fleas!


On the best flea trap, I recommend using one that’s highly effective but uses no pesticides or chemicals – the best bait would be glue. Do you have sand fleas? Try the best spray for sand fleas.

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