7 Best Flea Treatment for Puppies 2020

Flea Treatment is vital for your puppies’ healthy life. Best Flea Treatment for PuppiesFlea may cause skin allergies, typhus or even transmit parasites such as tapeworms.

Your top daily care for puppies is important. So, could you be looking for the best flea treatment for your puppies?

So, let’s get started!

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Reviews: 7 Best Flea Treatment for Puppies 2020

1. Bayer K9 Advantix II Flea for Small Dogs – My Top Pick

K9 Advantix II tops my list. This product will get rid of fleas from your puppy in 12 hours after application and the treatment effects continues for 30 days.

Best Flea Treatment for Puppies Check Price on Amazon

K9 Advantix II is veterinary-recommended flea control for small dogs that lay between 4 to 10 pounds. In addition, it can kill ticks, lice, repel mosquitoes and biting flies in your kennel – an advantage/benefit not found in other flea products.

K9 Advantix II is a quick acting (it’s activated in 5 minutes) flea product that work on contact due to its parasitostatic action mechanism. It contains Permethrin, Imidacloprid and Pyriproxyfen active ingredients that instantly kill all flea on application.

This product has been manufactured with waterproof formula for effective application – it won’t be washed down in case you apply to your puppy during rainy season.

K9 Advantix II is convenient as you can use it all year round – apply dose after one or two months. Moreover, it’s easier to use, place the tip of the puppy’s skin gently and squeeze to expel the solution.

  • Quick acting – 12 hours action time.
  • Kills other insects like mosquitoes and lice.
  • Kills all stages of flea.
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Used in dogs only
  • More costly

2. PETARMOR Plus for Small Dogs – Runners-Up

PetArmor Plus cares for your small puppies especially in flea control. It conveniently provides top-quality protection without visiting vet.

PETARMOR Plus for Small Dogs Check Price on Amazon

Flea treatment dose contains fipronil that begins kill fleas, larvae and their eggs within 5 minutes and kills all flea in 24 hours. It also kills ticks and chewing lice. A single PetArmor Plus application can be effective for 30 days.

PetArmor Plus is quick acting tropical flea killer. It breaks the flea life cycle and inhibit / prevents the infestation up to 12 weeks for a single dose.

This product is can control mites, which cause sarcopic mange disease, and deer ticks, which cause Lyme disease.

PetArmor Plus is waterproof. The greasy solution sticks on your puppy’s skin thus initiating quick action.

Application of PetArmor Plus requires you to squeeze and smear the product on various point of puppy’s skin. Keep off any treated puppy away from friends. In case the grease doesn’t deplete in 48 hours, use a wet washcloth to remove any remains.

PetArmor Plus doesn’t irritate your puppy during and after application, unless it is allergic.

  • It’s waterproof and Quick acting – 5 minutes
  • Inhibit flea infestation and Can also kill lice and tick
  • Non-irritating
  • Top quality and easy to use
  • Can only be use on dog.
  • Slightly costly.

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3. Frontline Plus for Dogs Small Dog (5-22 pounds)

Frontline Plus is a trusted flea protection product for your puppy. With a veterinary approval for nearly 20 years, Frontline Plus is capable of killing flea and their eggs in 12 hours after application.

Frontline Plus for Dogs Small Dog (5-22 pounds) Check Price on Amazon

This product is suitable for puppies aged 8 weeks or older. It’s more suited/effective for puppies weighing within the range of 2 to 22 pounds.

It provides a waterproof protection and a treatment action for 30 days from the time of application. The serum Frontline Plus has the sticking properties that limits it from being washed down.

Frontline Plus is manufactured with a quick acting (it’s activated in 2 to 3 minutes after application) fipronil and S-methoprene killing ingredients that ensures that all the stages of flea are eradicated.

It does not affect your puppy’s skill. In fact, it offers extra protection by killing ticks, lice and other pests that cause Lyme disease. Frontline Plus also prevents/inhibits infestation and establishment of new fleas on your dog.

It is long lasting. A 6-dose package of Frontline Plus will give you 6 months service time with six application rounds.

  • Top quality – veterinary recommended.
  • Kills in 12 hours and 2 active ingredients.
  • Easy to apply and waterproof.
  • Long lasting – 30 days per dose.
  • Can kill both Flea and eggs.
  • Doesn’t repel flea.
  • Challenging to apply the serum.
  • Puppy may develop allergy.

4. Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment for Dogs

Could you have been looking for a tablet treatment option for your puppy? Capstar is a fast-acting treatment tablet for your pappy. It can be administered to puppy weighing 4 pounds or more whose age is 4 week and above.

Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment for Dogs Check Price on Amazon

A single tablet dose of Capstar will kill 90% of the adult fleas in 4 to 6 hours on your puppy. The product comes in two dosage. For Puppy between 2 to 24 pounds will needs to be given 11.4 mg and those that are between 25 to 124 to be treated using 57 mg tablet.

Capstar is convenient. A single tablet (give one tablet a day) treats adult flea in 30 hours before they can lay egg and manifest.

This product can also be used to treat flea from kitten and cats. It is able to eradicate pest that cause flea allergy dermatitis on your pets.

The dose is easier and safe to administer as you will only require to place the oral tablet right into puppy’s mouth or fix it in the food.

Capstar is pocket friendly. A single packet has 6 tablets which assures you of multiple dosage.

  • Safe to administer and Kills adult flea.
  • Less costly and Fast-acting – 4 to 6 hours.
  • Can also treat kitten and cats.
  • Can work for both puppy and mother – come in two dose.
  • Does not kill fleas’ eggs and larvae.

5. Vet’s Best Natural Flea Home Spray

Vet’s Best Natural is a natural home spray that will help treat your flea-infested puppy.

Vet's Best Natural Flea Home Spray Check Price on Amazon

The Key thing is the presence of natural ingredients clove extract and peppermint oil that is used to kill and control flea helps you eliminate use of pyrethrins, permethrins, or cedar oil related sprays.

Vet’s Best Natural kills adult fleas, larvae and eggs on contact. It is able to repel mosquitoes and other home flies.

The non-staining formula of Vet’s Best Natural doesn’t affect you carpet, furniture, floor or harm your plants (safe).

Vet’s Best Natural contains a mixed formulation of peppermint oil and eugenol, which leaves a pleasant scent after use. It is not harmful to children. You can even use it to treat various places in your home.

Vet’s Best Natural is best when used for puppy aged 12 weeks or older. It can also be used to treat cats and kitten.

It is easier to use. The Vet’s Best Natural nozzle designed to concentrate the spray without wastage on trigger.

  • Environmentally friendly – no pollution.
  • Fast killing and Can treat cats and kitten.
  • Not harmful to kids and Easy to use.
  • Pleasant scent and Non-staining.
  • Can be used for home flea treatment.
  • Requires multiple application.
  • Clove fragrance effects.

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6. Seresto flea collar for dogs

Have you been looking for a collar type of flea treatment for your puppy? Seresto flea collar is the best product to buy. It provides a continuous flea treatment and prevent for 6 to 8 months.

Seresto flea collar for dogs Check Price on Amazon

Seresto flea collar works through contact whereby the active ingredients i.e. flumethrin and imidacloprid are released continuously in low concentration from the neck to all parts of your puppy. It can also repel and kill ticks/lice.

Seresto flea collar is best suitable for puppy weighing up to 18 pounds. The collar is made with a long lasting material that doesn’t affect the comfort of your puppy.

You can easily tie and untie Seresto flea collar due to its simple adjustable locking mechanism. In addition, Seresto flea collar is light in weight and thus won’t burden your puppy’s neck.

The non-greasy, odorless Seresto flea collar never mess your puppy’s skin. This collar is veterinary recommend for flea and tick protection. Moreover, the collar is water-resistant/proof and will therefore remain effective after swimming or rain/ exposure – your puppy should be washed once per month.

Seresto flea collar assures you all year protection without damaging your puppy. You can use a single Seresto flea collar for up to 6 month.

  • Light in weight and Last fors 6 months.
  • Kill and repel flea and Non-grease.
  • Water-resistant and Easy to use.
  • No irritation.
  • Neck reaction (some puppies).
  • Costly than other collars.

7. Advantus Soft Chew

Could you be searching for puppy flea treatment that is chewable? Advantus Soft Chew is a fast killing product that would start flea killing in 60 minutes after feeding.

Advantus Soft Chew Check Price on Amazon

Advantus Soft Chew is suitable for puppy aged 10 weeks or more. It should also weigh 4 pound or greater.

The product comes in soft chewable form that is convenient for your puppy. Its presumable smell and taste attract your puppy to feed just like other regular food.

Advantus Soft Chew is ideal for puppies suffering from protein food allergies. The imidacloprid found in Advantus Soft Chew helps in quick killing of adult fleas before they lay eggs and infest.

A single dose of Advantus Soft Chew can eradicate up to 96% of the adult flea just in an hour. It is safe to administer a single dose per day. In case your puppy shows dislike to Advantus Soft Chew, you can mix it with other puppy meal before feeding.

NB: Keep this product away from children. 

  • Quick acting – in 1 hour.
  • Less costly.
  • Suitable for proteins allergic puppies.
  • Dangerous to children.
  • Can treat dogs/puppies only.
  • Short leaved effect.

How to Flea Treatment Puppies With Sensitive Skin

Puppies having sensitive skins needs special treatment. Your puppy has sensitive skin if it has signs such as:

1. Itching, dry and flaky skin, Hot spots on the skin.

2. Red irritation, Stomach irritation.

These effects may be caused by:

1. Harsh grooming, Fungal infections.

2. Allergic foods, Gut health or irritations.

You therefore need to need to observe proper treatment actions when handling such puppies. The following are possible ways in which you can use when treating your skin-sensitive puppy:

1. Use antifungal shampoo while cleaning your puppy’s skin. Press gently while cleaning spray clean to avoid pealing of the skin during scratching.

2. For gut health condition, try improving your puppy’s appetite by use of probiotic supplements.

3. Use spray option of flea treatment products instead of serum or gel. This will help avoid direct contact with the sensitive skin.

4. Treat kennel with flea killer such as K9 Advantix II to eliminate all flea that may cause allergy like dermatitis and irritations.

5. For food allergic puppies, try to use non-processed diet that are rice, fish and basic vegetables based.

6. Those puppies that are sensitive to harsh grooming should be handled by a hypoallergenic shampoo with pH-balanced label for puppies. The cleaning product should be free from parabens, ethoxylates or sulphates.

7. Avoid taking your puppy to clouded public places. Ensure you dress your puppy in a short fitting coat since most allergens hide in such attire.

Alternative Flea Treatments For Puppies?

Apart from the flea treatment option enlisted above, there are other alternatives that you can use to kill flea on your puppy. These include:

1. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a fine powder of microscopic remains of fossilized algae, diatoms that is non-toxic to human. Sprinkle the powder over the puppy’s and leave it for two days in an enclosed place. It will kill all the fleas by causing dehydration.

Vacuum the puppy’s gently or wash it with vet-recommended shampoo to remove Diatomaceous earth remains and dead fleas.

NB: Though non-toxic, Diatomaceous earth can be irritating when inhaled or touch your eye. Always use facemask during application.

2. Using flea-repelling plants.

There are specific plant that scent that repel flea within your compound. These include Spearmint, Chrysanthemums, Thyme, Sage, Clove, Basil, Penny Royal and Lavender. Having some of these plants in your home or in/near your kennel would be a permanent natural way of flea prevention.

3. Dish soap.

This a great solution for the adult flea. Mix dish soap with warm water form a think stick fluid and place it in flea-infested rooms/kennel.

The solution will act as a trap since adult flea will craw in and get stuck in. You need to do this in every 2 to 3 days.

4. Using Rosemary Product.

Rosemary is a great organic product that treat a few flea infestation on your puppy. You can make the powder at home by grinding the rosemary herb mixed with funnel, rue, peppermint or wormwood in a mortar/pestle.

Rub the powder on your puppy. Rosemary powder will mostly repel the flea that kill.


Treatment and prevention of flea infestation on your puppy requires proper selection of flea treatment product. Always be keen to follow keenly instructions given on the labels.

Consult a veterinary or flea professionals if you are unable to carry out the Puppy’s flea treatment. Handle skin-sensitive puppies with great care.

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