Best Fogger for Fleas

Top 9 Best Fogger for Fleas in 2024

Are fleas bugging you? Have you tried the best fogger for fleas or flea bombs? I recommend either the Raid flea fogger or Vet Kem Siphotrol.

Flea infestations will erode peace, while flea bites may bring fatal diseases like bubonic plague or anemia. Well, foggers have insecticide aerosols (mylar, permethrin, or IGR S-Methoprene) that’ll kill fleas, larvae and make flea eggs infertile. 

The only time that foggers do not work is when you put only a small amount of these bombs in a vast area or, the fleas have started to build resistance for these chemicals.

Top 7 Best Fogger for Fleas & Flea Bombs in 2024

1. Hot Shot HG-20177 No Mess! Fogger,  Flea Fogger to Kills Eggs

Wait: This is a real “Hot Shot” against the fleas and other insects in your house and surrounding premises. If you are searching for the Best flea bomb for insects that will leave no residues and stains, then Hot Shot should be your choice since it is a dry-fog formulation. 

The package has three cans of 1.2 ounces each. Notably, one can treat 2,000 cu ft. With its odor neutralizer plus the dry and fine fog, the fogger will be both effective and with fewer side effects treating hidden places such as cracks and crevices.

Hot Shot No-Mess Fogger is suitable for the hot summer days in which the flea infestation increases. Also, it will kill any fleas, cockroaches, and bugs that are hiding. 

It’s no secret: Fleas are a threat to your health and that of pets – that is evident with flea dirt lying around. Chigoe flea acts as intermediate hosts for parasitic tapeworms and causes skin allergies.

However, fleas live on human skin only for a short time (about 7.5 minutes). Also, check the number of fogger cans for each room. So, let’s get started with the fogger reviews.

Therefore, target the bugs in their hideouts, yard, and pet skins. Also, remove debris, flea eggs, and larva & stimulate flea larvae to change stages. You can use the best bombs for fleas in enclosed spaces such as offices, restaurants, apartments, garages, and other residential areas.

The Good:

  • Leaves no mess,
  • Killing a range of bugs – fleas, rice weevils, spiders, cockroaches, and carpenter ants
  • Removes lousy odor using the odor neutralizer
  • Offers protection against fleas up to 6 weeks
  • Kills bugs hiding in crevices and cracks

The Bad:

2. Zodiac 100521158 Room Fogger – Best Budget Flea Bomb for House

Next up, we are examining something more multi-purpose – the Zodiac 100521158 Room Fogger. Zodiac is a dual-action fogger that kills fleas, ants, spiders, cockroaches, silverfish and other insects.

Ingredients are 0.09% Methoprene & 0.58% Permethrin. If you want to treat a large area, then Zodiac FleaTrol fogger is the best option. 

But do they work? Many people use Fleas Bombs (also known as flea foggers) to kill fleas and insects in their homes. The active ingredients in flea foggers are S-methoprene, IGR (Insect Growth Regulators), Pyrethrin, tetramethrin, and cypermethrin.

Flea foggers’ propellants are added to distribute the insecticide in the fogger. It also has Piperonyl butoxide that will inhibit the fleas’ microsomal enzymes. Therefore, to kill the fleas, no matter the source, you’ll need to trigger the Flea killer can in a room of common area. 

These flea bombs contain chemicals that kill adult fleas and hinder the growth of eggs. For flea bombs to be effective, you’ll need to place the correct number of canisters for the size of the area you want to deal with.

The Good:

  • Kills a range of household pests
  • Leaves no stain and no odors
  • Give protection of up to 28 months.
  • Treats up to 1125 square feet.

The Bad:

  • Relatively pricey

3. Precor Plus IGR Fogger – Best Flea Fogger for Home

From my tests, no other fogger matched the effectiveness of this Precor Plus Fogger. This fogger (thanks to the 0.09% S-methoprene IGR) kills fleas and makes fleas eggs infertile.

It also prevents flea re-infestations for about seven months – which is the longest for all foggers on the market.

But how? After setting off your flea fogger, the aerosol will kill the adult fleas while rendering the fleas eggs infertile (remember 0.09% IGR). The eggs will not hatch, and thus there’ll be less flea reproduction in your house. Interestingly, it leaves no stain and no-odor behind.

Precor Plus Fogger is excellent for hard to treat house areas like crawl attics and the hard to reach places such as floor cracks. The water-based flogger is suitable for treating clustered areas such as garages and basements.

It molecules that are heavier than air and thus penetrates the base of upholstery fibers, carpet, kill fleas in clothes & bedding killing adult fleas and their eggs.

So, how many cans will you need? Well, one can of this Flea foggers effectively treats about 3000 cubic feet. If you have a big house, this fogger is a great choice as it covers a larger area. But, manufacturers require you to vacuum the treated room for 14 days.

The Good:

  • Offers seven months protection
  • Leaves no odor after fogging
  • No furniture or carpet stain left.
  • The 0.09% S-methoprene IGR will disrupt the flea life cycle – eggs, larvae, and adults – tried best no see ums repellent?

The Bad:

  • None

4. Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus Fogger for Fleas

Vet Kem company is the leader in the production of quality pest control products and lawn insecticides. So, it’s no brainer that their Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus fogger comes among flea bombs. 

Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus’s key differentiating characteristic is that it contains 0.09% Permethrin (neurotoxin/ synthetic chemical) and 0.15% S-methoprene (insect growth regulator – IGR) to kill adult fleas and flea larvae respectively.

One 16-Ounce can cover about 6000 square feet – which is a high efficiency compared to other foggers. Siphotrol Plus also disturbs the flea larvae’s life cycle and thus reduces chances of re-infestation for up to 7 months, and therefore homeowners consider it the best flea bomb.

Needless to say: fleas are insects that develop from an egg, larvae, pupa, and then adult – in different hidden places. Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus Fogger (S-methoprene – IGR) kills flea in the larvae stage to stop eggs from developing into larvae and larvae to adults.

Luckily, this fogger leaves no residue or stains and has a great smell too! I highly recommend this flea bomb to get rid of that massive flea infestation in your house – it’ll kill even the larvae stage that is very stubborn for other foggers.

However, remember to consider the size and number of rooms you’ll need to treat with the flea aerosol. Do the calculations and purchase the appropriate number of cans.

Also, IGR flea bombs (like Precor Plus) have Nylar that’ll disrupt the fleas’ life cycle. For homeowners with kids and pets, you must also keep them off the reach of these vulnerable beings in your house.

The Good:

  • Has S-Methoprene (IGR) that’ll kill flea in all development stages (eggs, larvae, and adult fleas).
  • It offers protection for up to 30 weeks.
  • One can cover about 6000 square feet of floor space.

The Bad:

5. HOME-APP SC Johnson Flea Fogger

S C Johnson Raid Fogger is my top flea bomb – it has insect growth regulators (IGRs) plus active ingredients that’ll kill adult fleas, hatching eggs, or larvae. 

This Raid Fogger has a long residue effect (4 months) during which it’ll keep your room actively protected against fleas.

Raid Concentrated Deep Reach will reach the deep corners and thus get to all the bugs that will be hiding in your residence.

Cypermethrin will kill a range of bugs like fleas, roaches, and ants, killing the bugs on contact covering an area or about 500 square feet. Like the Hot Shot, this treatment kills the bugs on contact and will not dirty or stain your linen or furniture when applied.

However, depending on your room’s size, avoid utilizing over one fogger in a single room. If your room is less than 5x5feet, avoid using the fogger to leave dangerous chemical trails. On the contrary, Flea foggers a nearby room and freely leave the spray to move into the small room.

Take away fish aquariums, pets, and other food from the room to be flea bombed. To set off the Raid Concentrated Deep Reach, ensure you cover all tabletops and remove any utensils from the room.

Equally, this fogger produces fogs that will get into the hidden and concealed places. The foggers will create a long-acting bug control mechanism that will extend beyond treatment time, which will hinder bugs’ re-infestations.

The Good:

  • Fog will move into crack and crevices, killing bugs on contact
  • salt kills a range of pest, including flea, roaches, and ants control
  • Won’t stain or wet your fabric and furniture and
  • Has a long residue effect – 4 months
  • Gets to the hard-to-reach and hence fully exterminates the flea infestation.

The Bad:

  • Large rooms will require a second application

6. ProControl Plus Total Release Fogger Bomb

Total Release: With many good reviews in the market, ProControl Plus Total Release is certified to be effective, easy to use, and convenient. Ingredients are 0.50% Pyrethrins, 0.10% Cyfluthrin & 1.00% PBO

However, it is USDA approved for treating areas that food handling is not an issue. The target pest carpet beetles, spiders, rice weevils, silverfish fleas, and roaches.

It combines the residual activity of cyfluthrin and the quick action of the botanical pyrethrins. If you need a fogger that does not leave residue and is suitable for everyday living areas, you should check the CB PCO Fogger.

The Good:

  • 6 oz treats about 5,000 Cubic Feet
  • Suitable for non-common areas like garages
  • Crawl spaces and attics
  • Kills a wide range of insects such as hornets, mosquitos, small flying moths, houseflies, and the saw-toothed grain beetles. and
  • Efficient and easy to use.

The Bad:

7. Hot Shot Indoor Fogger + Odor Neutralizer

If you need a comprehensive bugs control solution or multi-purpose fogger, then you should try Hot Shot Indoor Fogger as it will control fleas, and roaches, covering an area or about 2000 cubic Ft. Ingredients are 0.2%Tetramethrin, 0.86%Cypermethrin & 0.5Piperonyl butoxide. 

The fogger is effective in killing (on contact) both the crawling and flying bugs. It’ll kill the bugs that will be hiding in cracks through its fine fog.

The foggers produce a large fog that will flash all the fleas and other bugs from their hiding, killing them on contact. However, the fogger does not harm the fabrics, furniture, or carpets in its action. The company uses precise and innovative formulas to ensure that it kills the bugs but is not untidy at the same time.

Notably, most of us hate the smell of pesticides in the house, office, or yard (where you can use the best flea spray for the yard). Interestingly, Hot Shot 96181 Fogger comes out as having an excellent small that you’ll love while it acts on the bloodsucking fleas in your space.

The Good:

  • The excellent smell in action
  • Clean – leaves no stain or residues.
  • Contact and fast bug killing

The Bad:

  • None

8. DavesPestDefense FMC Residual Flea Fogger

Taking the first spot for the best flea foggers is the CB PCO. However, CB PCO Fogger also controls flying insects, weevils, ants, and roaches and is safe for homes, hospitals, schools, and offices. 

Ingredients are 0.50% Pyrethrins, 1.00% PBO & 1% Dicarboximide. Food Areas: Think about it: Wouldn’t it be great to control fleas and other insects with a bomb that is labeled safe for food handling areas, restaurants, and hospitals?

A Can with 5 oz of CB PCO Pyrethrin can de-flea a room of 25′ x 25′ having an 8-foot ceiling. The natural Pyrethrin makes FMC Pyrethrin safe for all these areas in addition to kennels and garages. The formulation was formerly known as CB PCO Total Release Fogger, one of the ultimate flea Foggers.

It contains a Dual synergized pyrethrins that allow easy elimination of flea infestation. The pyrethrin, like other Pyrethroids, is chemically like natural pyrethrins (from chrysanthemum flowers) and thus has low systemic toxicity to any mammals. You use 5 oz. to treat 5,000 cubic feet.

The Good:

  • Has natural-based pyrethrins suitable for sensitive areas like hospitals, schools, and homes
  • Kills any insect including bed bugs, fleas, yellow jackets and moths and treats a large area

The Bad:

  • Only kills on contact.

9. BASF 671858 PT Ultracide Flea Insecticide

BASF 671858 PT is classified as a premise spray, covering about 2625 sq ft that can control indoor insects, such as fleas, at all their life stages. Ingredients are 0.58%Permethrin & 0.09% IGR. 

The Pyrethrins in the flea spray kill the adult fleas targeting the fleas’ nervous system and thus kill or paralyze them.

The flea control formulation, Ultracide-flea, has pyrethrins that will kill the adult fleas fast, while 0.1% pyriproxyfen (Nylar) kills larvae and eggs hinders their maturity.

The chemical in Ultracide-flea poses no danger to domestic animals or any human beings in the house – IGR flea bomb. Notably, the Ultrawide-flea spray application will be effective in the application area for about seven months since it has an insect growth regulator (IGR – 0.1% pyriproxyfen (Nylar)).

An IGR in Ultracide-flea, the pyriproxyfen, will stop various biological triggers, making the flea evolve to its next life cycle stage. Further, the spray is highly effective in killing fleas that will be hiding under your carpet, particularly the various stages such as pupae, larva, and eggs.

However, Ultracide-flea has the same action and composition as the Virbac Knockout and Siphotrol Plus II and will all thus kill and prevent flea infestation.

The Good:

  • Kills both adults (Pyrethrins), larvae and eggs (pyriproxyfen), and Premium flea foggers

The Bad:

  • Requires repeat application

Buyer’s Guide – Best Fogger for Fleas (or Best Flea Bombs)

What Safety Precautions Should You Consider?” Without a doubt: Ensure to follow all the instructions on the fogger label since they vary with different products – as shown by EPA.

How long do I need to stay outside the room after bug bombing? It is common practice that human beings and pets should not enter the bombed room for about 2-4 hours 1 hour of aeration through opening doors and windows.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using best flea aerosols


  • The Foggers are exterminated not only adult fleas but also larvae and eggs.
  • One more advantage of using flea foggers is that it is straightforward to use.
  • Another advantage of using these bombs is that it can access areas, which seem to be unreachable.


  • There is a possibility that some fleas may remain after using it. You cannot totally control the spread of these fleas even if you tried them many times.
  • You can be infected if you forget to clean your yard. We must remember that your dog spends most of the time in your yard beside your home. Therefore, besides your house, you should also treat your yard.

Flea Bomb Alternatives

1. Flea Combs

Besides the best bombs for fleas or you can use a Cat Flea treatment or Dog Flea shampoo. However, if you feel that your dog or cat has fleas, you can get a flea comb for cats (or even the Electronic Flea Comb) and run it through the fur of your pet.

After doing it, you will see the fleas out from the fur and the comb indicating their strong positive presence. You may also use dawn dish soap to kill and repel fleas.

You can also check for more fleas by looking into black specks in the fur and skin of your dog. If there are indeed, then it’s time to act. In the battle against these creatures, time plays an important part.

There are alternative treatments for puppy fleas, but you should not forget to comb your dog with a flea comb thoroughly to remove as many fleas, feces, and eggs as possible regardless of the treatment you use.

While combing your dog’s hair, you should have a standby bowl with you so that you can have something to place the contents of the comb after. Once you’re done, you could drown the remaining material in the toilet.

2. Flea Collars

The use of flea collars, powders, and lotions are other options you can try for your dog. You can try them all.

You could also combine these natural methods using foggers that have also proven to eliminate fleas in the entire house effectively.

3. Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a finely ground powder with sharp edges that rapture the flea’s skin and absorb its moisture. The powder is sourced from the ocean floors from algae.

There is no doubt that DE plus borax is an excellent natural flea control method that can offer all year round protection against fleas.

You’ll need to sprinkle the DE powder in the pet houses. Further, do not assume that locking your pet will prevent fleas from infestation. It is important to control the fleas inside the pet house too.

4. Pesticide Sprays

Pesticide sprays kill fleas and are suitable for home use. Watch out for ingredients such as resmethrin and permethrin, which is not good in cat flea treatment. Ensure that any spray you use will kill the flea eggs on cats.

Sprays can be a good alternative, especially for those hard to reach areas in your home. Just follow the instructions on the label to achieve better results.

5. Vacuuming

The combination of pesticide sprays and vacuum is another effective method of removing fleas from your home. Areas such as those under the bed, furniture, and even hard to reach areas cannot be treated.

Vacuuming these areas will ensure that no traces of dead fleas and eggs will remain – check flea eggs vs. dandruff. You can also use flea traps to get rid of fleas. There are many brands of flea traps available in the market. The light easily attracts fleas. Set up the trap near a lighted area. However, flea traps only kill adult fleas.

Do Foggers Kill Fleas Instantly?

Yes, most foggers kill adult fleas instantly, i.e., within a few seconds – particularly for a massive flea infestation. But the fogger will continue killing the fleas for up to 8 months (long residue effect) in your home.

Flea bombs with IGRs like S-methoprene in Precor Plus will also inhibit the flea’s life cycle, killing the flea larvae and their eggs. However, vacuum the carpet and floors thoroughly within two weeks after the initial treatment to remove flea eggs and flea dirt.

Are Flea Bombs Effective?

Yes, flea bombs are effective. However, their effectiveness depends on factors like the size of the indoor space and the number of foggers used.

A small indoor space will require fewer foggers as the mist will quickly reach all the hidden areas. Also, ensure you block all the spaces leading outside, including cracks, doors, and windows where the fogger mist would escape.

How Do I Get Rid Of Fleas in My House Fast?

You can use foggers to get rid of massive flea infestations within 1-2 days. Also, use flea spray your home upholstery and carpets.

Ensure to wash and vacuum your furniture, rugs, carpets, wooden floors, and tiles to remove flea eggs, larvae, and flea dirt.

Where to Buy Flea Bombs?

You can buy it in various stores and shops, and luckily it’s less expensive there – online stores like Amazon are also a good alternative.

If you cannot find any of the brands in your local stores, you can buy it online.


Use some blanket, rag, or towel to cover smaller spaces that may leak the fogger mist to the outside. People prefer foggers because they are so easy to use. You have to remove everything, including your pets, family members, and other items prone to these chemicals.


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