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Top 9 Best Mole Traps 2024 Reviewed

Are you looking for the best mole traps? Well, you’re just in time for a thorough analysis of the trap. These underground pests will leave holes and ridges on your otherwise beautiful lawn – see also yard flea sprays

They’ll turn your lawn from a pristine, beautiful outdoor space to an unsightly garden with heaps of soil and ridges. Most likely, you won’t see the moles but for the burrowing signs on the soil surface

Let’s check the mole trap reviews! In A Hurry? See these Quality Mole Traps…

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1. Our #1 Pick – Wire Tek 1001 EasySet Mole Eliminator Trap

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Wire Tek 1001 is very easy to set up in the mole tunnel – push the mole trap into the ground using the force of your feet. No digging of holes or getting shovels! Sink or push the “scissor” directly into the mole tunnel at this will automatically set the setting lever. 

You’ll love the trap’s unique and highly-sensitivity design – it’s also perfectly-sized and strong to catch moles of different sizes. The setting level will be activated by moles coming from either direction. To catch several moles, set different traps or change the trap’s position severally – these pests keep to their territory. 

On safety, Wire Tek 101 has in-built safety mechanisms that eliminate the risk of injuries to you, children, pets, and non-targeted wildlife. The iron was durable and reliable but won’t also open until they are firmly hooked into the ground through the foot-stepping motion – hence it won’t chop off some odd finger. 

Also, you won’t need to handle harmful chemicals or poisons. Therefore, it’s perfect and safe for use in ranches, nurseries, and organic farms – you can set it up within seconds. The Wire Tek trap is constructed with 100% galvanized steel for long-lasting use and is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

The mole trap, comparable to squirrel poisons, will do its job right as advertised! Overall, the Wire Tek Mole Trap, just like fly traps, is a highly effective mole trap that doesn’t cost much and is entirely safe. Remember to wear gloves when setting up as human scents easily repel moles Wire Tek 101. 

The roaming mole will activate the scissor mechanism as it moves through the tunnel – the scissors will instantly and quickly snap around the pest’s body to kill it. To dispose of the dead mole, place the trap above a trash bag or can, and then lower the setting level – this will open the scissor mechanism to release the mole’s body.

The Good:

  • Quick action and dependable mole trapping 
  • Designed from galvanized and durable metal 
  • Delivered fully assembled and hence easy to set up 
  • Won’t require digging – use the foot to plant it in the ground 
  • Organic and more human mole trapping 
  • Weather-resistant 
  • Longevity – can be used repeatedly for numerous years. See these powdery mildew fungicides

The Bad:

  • Less effective in soil  that’re densly packed and sandly soil 

2. #2 Pick: Tomcat-0363210 Mole Trap – Effective & Innovative Design

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Key considerations for the mole traps are (1) safety for humans to handle, (2) humane mole trapping, (3) dependable or effective each time, (4) ease of setting up the mole trap, and (5) Are mole traps legal?

3. #3 Pick: Victor-M9015 Mole & Gopher Trap (Easy-to-Set)

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4. Garsum Plunger Clean and Reusable Mole & Gopher Trap

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5. Aspectek PROFESSIONAL Mole & Gopher Trap (Scissor Trap)

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Aspectek PROFESSIONAL is an effective yet affordable trap for most tunneling pests like rodents, moles, voles, gophers (see other gopher traps), and different rodents on your lawn or garden with excellent ease. Also, you won’t use any chemicals or baits that may poison humans or pets. 

It’s safe to set up and equally eco-friendly plus effective like the Wire Tek 101 to use with all mole species. The trap will also be simple to set up since you won’t require shovels or digging the growing. Kill the moles safely without having to dirty your hands.

Aspectek PROFESSIONAL is fast and efficient – it’s triggered easily by tunneling pests, including moles and Squirrel (see quality squirrel repellents)– there is no need to place bait. However, carefully find “active” mole tunnels or tracks and also follow the product-usage instructions.

On durability, Aspectek PROFESSIONAL is constructed with durable and robust galvanized steel; this mole trap will quickly stop these creatures in their tracks. To catch a mole, identify the ridge on the tunnel and place the jaws at the center. Next, step on the lever to set the trigger. 

When the mole passes through the tunnel and pushes the trigger, it will get caught. The Aspectek eliminates the use of dangerous chemicals and is durable for long-lasting use. Thanks to the step-on lever, this trap is entirely safe for the user. And because the mole trap is triggered below the ground, it eliminates the risk of accidents and poses no danger to children and pets. 

The Good:

  • Quality builds to trap moles on different soil types. 
  • Scissor-type trap – practical and easy set-up for Controlling Nuisance Moles
  • Reusable and weather-resistant mole trap with stainless steel springs 
  • A durable trap made from carbon steel  (galvanized and high-strength)

The Bad:

  • May not catch moles lying very deep underground

6. Victor Out O’Sight Mole Trap 0631 (2 Pack)

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Victor Out O’Sight trap by Victor, a top-brand and great pest control compact, with these specific moles being reliable, durable, and sturdy. With its malleable iron jaws and sturdy construction, this Mole Trap will stop moles in their tracks! 

Victor Out O’Sight is backed by years of proven field results – it’s also eco-friendly and safe since it’ll trap and kill moles without the use of dangerous chemicals. Luckily, the trap comes fully assembled and has a safety clip for secure operation. 

Clamp this Victor Out O’Sight trap at the handles through their setting tongs. Thus, the trap’s snapping parts allow the bottom portion to remain open, waiting to trap any moles. All moving parts are hidden below the ground away from children, pets, and non-targeted animals. 

On usability, place this trap at the opening of the tunnel and cover it with dirt. The trap has a tiny trigger that’ll rest around the mole’s pathway. While clearing the tunnel, the mole will push up the trigger mechanism to activate the trap allowing the trap’s “jaws” to clamp, not the mole. 

Once caught, the trap (like the cat flea treatments) will immediately choke the mole. Setting the trap is a breeze thanks to the convenient setting levers. And with its sturdy, durable, and versatile design, this trap can be used anywhere and on any soil type. 

Reset the trap and cover the mole tunnel using then soil so that the mole will try to dig it up – during which time they’ll be trapped. It’s also water-resistant and therefore won’t wear fast due to rust. Read Also:  What’s the best fire ant killer for lawns

The Good:

  • Like safe roach killers, the snapping and trapping parts are safe as they’re positioned below the ground.
  • No chemicals or poison used since it uses no bait.
  • Comes with jaw-like tongs with two settings

The Bad:

  • Relatively stiff 

7. Victor Plunger (No Chemical) Mole Trap (Woodstream #0645)

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The Victor Plunger is an excellent example of a “harpoon trap” with weather-resistant spears plus its use in all soil types. On usage, place the trap’s plunger in the tunnel allowing the trigger pan to block the tunnel. 

However, this mole trap’s operation mechanism is considered less humane since you’ll be left with some blood-cleaning job. It comes fully assembled, it’s reusable, and it’ll readily penetrate different hard soils thanks to its sturdy steel construction.

Victor Plunger is a plunger-type mole trap implying that once triggered; it’ll spear the mole, killing it. The trap effectively kills moles without using poisons or other dangerous chemicals. This plunger trap features metal spears for incredible strength, sturdiness, and durability.

To catch a mole using this mole trap, identify an active mole tunnel in your lawn. The mole will be trapped once it attempts to unblock the tunnel. 

Push the trap down until the metal shears hit bottom, and ensure the firing latch is located outside the pan. Next, pull the upward handle until the firing latch snaps right over the pan. Then slowly push the handle downwards until it latches. Your trap is now ready. Wait at least 24 hours before checking.

Because it’s constructed with waterproof materials, this mole trap will resist wear and tear from external elements. The mole trap is an excellent option if you’re looking for an effective yet affordable mole trap. Related: Check the effective drain cleaners

The Good:

  • Comes fully assembled and hence easy to install
  • Made from steel constructions that is very durable
  • Usable on all kinds of lawn and garden soils
  • Setting up the trap only requires that you push the trap into the ground. 
  • To ensure maximum safety during handling, the trap comes with a safety clip to eliminate false firing. 

The Bad:

8. Black Hole Mole Trap Spring Loaded & Reusable for Outdoor

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Black Hole Trap is slightly different – it’s a choke-type mole trap that’ll only require to “anchor” it securely on the ground be active to eliminate those pests – but you must kill the mole or gophers once it’s trapped. However, some people think that the trap’s opening is overly small. 

Black Hole Trap will catch a range of mole species, but it’ll help use the Daschund dog breed to dig up the lawn to identify the active holes and the right direction for the 2-direction tunnel. Next, dig up the mound adequately to allow the Black Hole Trap to lay flat and finally how some dirt to cover the trap’s wire and its edges. 

When the moles run via the tunnel, the pests will push dirt that’s lying in front of them, which will, in turn, drive the trap triggering it. However, set-up the trap appropriately to avoid cases where the moles may burrow around the tool and prevent trapping. 

Also, the mole trap is equally re-usable, and thus it’ll be appropriate when you have many moles roaming under your yard or lawns ground. But some people don’t like the quality of the spring since most of the time it won’t kill the mole – just catching. 

Luckily, the trap will also be useful in trapping gophers, buts it’s not proven to work against voles and chipmunks – try these chipmunk repellents

The Good:

  • Its a “reusable” mole trap 
  • Durable mole trapping tool 
  • Budget-friendly for most homeowners
  • Ease of installing

The Bad:

  • Spring tends to weaken sooner 

9. Aspectek Humane Mole Tunnel Trap Catch & Release

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Aspectek Humane trap, as its name denotes, is a humane mole live-trap – it’ll trap the pests, and you can later release them to the outdoor spaces without killing or harming them. It has two doors that’ll swing indoor to prevent the mole from getting out. 

With this Aspectek Humane trap, you’ll need to note as the moles run around their tunnel, bury the mole trap, and chill till the pest returns. The moles will be super careful of any plastic or metallic objects in their surroundings after the first sight of the Aspectek Humane trap. 

This trap has a sophisticated body construction that’ll ensure the moles won’t escape from the trap. Further, the tool will be easy to install and maintain – you’ll love the durable plastic construction that’ll last the many seasons of reuse in actively trapping moles. 

Further, the trap is human and non-toxic since you won’t require to use poisons or other hazardous chemicals – you’ll trap the moles alive and hence no blood or disposing of dead bodies after you’re done with the trapping process in your lawn or yard. 

Luckily, the mole trap will be hidden from the sight of the moles since it’s buried inside the mole tunnel, waiting to get hold of the pests as they do rounds inside the tunnel. So, all you’ll have to do is unlock the mole trap and release the pest to the surrounding. 

However, some people claim that the moles easily dig around the Aspectek Humane trap and thus escape your trapping efforts. Luckily, the trap-and-release tool allows the homeowner to adhere to the local rodent-trapping laws.  

The Good:

  • Human-tarppeijng (trap-and-release) 
  • No mess or blood to clean up after the trapping process
  • Simple to set up and maintain
  • Hidden out of the sight of the moles
  • Durable plastic mole trap construction

The Bad:

  • Moles may dig around the trap 


There you have it- the best mole traps that are highly regarded as effective mole eliminators. You no longer have to deal with the frustration of molehills and ridges on your lawn.

These are affordable solutions for Mole Control that require little effort to eliminate the pests.

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