Best Mosquito Trap

Top 7 Best Mosquito Trap 2024 Reviewed

Given a few weeks to work effectively, the best mosquito trap and repellents will prove to be reliable types of mosquito killers.

  • Mosquitos are mainly be attracted to you and other people by human sweat, body heat, and exhaled carbon dioxide.
  • But, with a good mosquito trap, you can easily bid goodbye to mosquito-related conditions including malaria, yellow fever, and dengue. 

Therefore, in this post, I’ve reviewed the top mosquito traps – including the outdoor pick, the exterminator’s selection, and the budget-friendly trap.

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1. Our #1 Pick: DynaTrap DT1050-TUN Mosquito & Insect Trap

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DynaTrap DT1050-TUN is a heavy-duty best mosquito trap and is very popular in the market today.

  • This device can trap mosquitoes and other insects over an area of 1 acre which is very impressive for its size.
  • It has a 3 pronged approach to deal with mosquitoes. It uses a fluorescent bulb to generate a warm light.

The titanium dioxide-coated surface on the device produces carbon dioxide that also lures in the flies. Lastly, a fan sucks the pests into a vacuum chamber.

This product is chemical-free and completely safe for both pets and kids. A feature that is quite unique is its on/off feature that does not allow the insects to escape when off.

The majority of customers found the Dynatrap to be useful in areas of heavy infestation.

But some found that the fan had to be replaced every year for optimal usage. Although the device has a large fan, operations are not very noisy which is a bonus.

The Good:

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • No odor is released and is quiet while operating
  • Safe for use around pets and children

The Bad:

  • The device needs to be mounted 5-6 feet off the ground
  • It will need shelter from the rain if placed outside, as water will get in the collecting area

2. #2 Pick: Magnet MM3300B Mosquito with Smart Technology

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3. #3 Pick: DynaTrap-DT1775 1 Trap + AtraktaGlo Light

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4. Aspectek 20-Watt Electronic Mosquito Insect Killer

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The Aspectek 20-watt Electronic Zapper works well for both commercial and residential use. The device has two ultraviolet bulbs inside that attract mosquitoes and uses a 2800V charge to zap them. 

It is not only effective against mosquitoes but moths, wasps and flying insects too.

Since it covers an area of 6000 square feet and is chemical-free, the Aspectek is ideal for use in hospitals, restaurants, offices, outdoors and homes.

  • It contains a washable collection tray to remove the dead pests which are not very difficult to maintain.
  • The Aspectek zapper has an additional safety feature of a cage over the grid to prevent accidentals shocks.

It also comes with a wire chain with a hook on the top of the unit so you can hang it over any surface. You can also use it

in a standing mode and place it on the ground where there is a lot of pest activity. The Aspectek is boxy and not much to look at but it does its job remarkably well.

One negative is that as the flies get zapped, it produces a loud noise which can be annoying.

The Good:

  • Washable and removable plastic tray
  • Mounting is easy as it comes with a chain but it can also be used on a flat surface
  • Not much maintenance required

The Bad:

  • As the mosquitoes die on the grid, an audible zapping noise is produced

5. Mega-Catch ULTRA Reliable Mosquito Trap Pro 900

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My best mosquito trap is the Mega-Catch Ultra. The heavy-duty mosquito trap uses CO2 (regulated-releases) emission and is very powerful – killing all mosquitos in an area of 1.5 acres. 

With this Mega-Catch Ultra, you can easily set the timer to start off when needed. Further, the mosquito trap has no toxic chemicals, it won’t produce odors or loud noises. 

So, how does this Mega-Catch Ultra work? Well, the mosquito trap will stimulate the body heat and the breathing system of humans. Besides, the trap has an LED light that’ll lure the mosquito ready for capture. 

Luckily, Mega-Catch Ultra has variable settings and thus you can select the attractant that’s suitable for various pests.

  • In addition, you can improve the trap’s effectiveness by easily incorporating an Octenol or the CO2 cylinder. 
  • This Mega-Catch trap will use both the wet and dry mosquito capturing methods.

But, I recommend using the wet capturing method as it’s highly effective. You’ll require to mix soap, some water, and syrup.

For easier power connection, Mega-Catch Ultra includes a long extension cord (60-foot). 

According to this River Nile Valley study, C02 plus LED in the traps are more effective compared to using either of the methods separately. 

Luckily, a 2007 NCBI study shows that Octenol- and lactic acid-based mosquitoes traps are highly effective. Further, another UFDC study confirmed that the lactic acid used in this Mega-Catch is just as effective. 

However, Mega-Catch Ultra is only electricity powered and thus will require you to always connect the trap to a power source. 

The Good:

  • The C02 plus LED is highly effective in trapping mosquitos. 
  • The Mega-Catch Ultra model will effectively treat about 1.5 acres 
  • Incorporating the CO2 cylinder or some Octenol strip will improve the mosquito trapping rate.
  • No health risk when using it around kids and pets
  • Without the C02 cylinder, the Mega-Catch Ultra is safe to use indoors. 

The Bad:

  • The mosquito trap is expensive and bulky – but this might be an advantage if you require a heavy-duty mosquito trap. 

6. Blue Rhino Mosquito Killer – SkeeterVac SV3100 Covers 1 Acre

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Another heavy-duty outdoor mosquito trap, the Blue Rhino is powered with propane and a small AA battery.

It is much cheaper than other propane traps with similar characteristics such as Mosquito Magnets! 

Propane allows for the mass extermination of mosquitoes which makes the Blue Rhino very cost-effective. 

The SV3100 converts propane into CO2, exuding moisture and heat of 37 degrees Celsius which is attractive to mosquitoes.

Once lured, they are sucked by a vacuum fan into a chamber where they die of dehydration. This mechanism can work to eliminate mosquitoes over 1 acre.

No external power is needed to run this device. High-quality plastic has been used which renders the Blue Rhino weatherproof. However, there is no scale showing the level of propane left, so you will have to work with an estimation.

The Good:

  • Are wireless which makes it easy for it to be placed anywhere easily
  • Does not give off odor or make noise
  • Safe for use around children or pets
  • Processes 27 000 cubic cm per hour to mass eliminate mosquitoes

The Bad:

  • Needs to be placed on a flat surface as propane is denser than oxygen, thus reducing its coverage when left in the grass
  • Works best outdoors

7. Trapro WS108 Wall Trap Sconce for Mosquitos, Flies, Gnats, Moths

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The Trapro is a UV-powered flytrap that is best suited for indoor use. The device works by luring the flies with a special violet light that leads them to sticky glue boards. 

It is enhanced by an inner reflective coat that increases the UV light production from a Philip bulb up to three times.

The Trapto Wall Sconce is 100% eco-friendly which makes it good to be used in restaurants, stores, supermarkets, offices, kitchens, etc. It covers an area of 900 square feet which is good for indoor use.

  • It also comes in a stylish wood-grain finish that makes it attractive and can suit most kinds of decor.
  • The main feature is that everything is covered by the device’s plastic case, so you can even use it at home or in the bedroom.

It can be hung easily on walls, you will need two screws and a couple of minutes. This is perfect for those who are looking for a quiet and stylish solution to the age-old problem with mosquitoes in the room.

The Good:

  • Noiseless
  • Easy to install and it comes with 2 screws
  • Comes with 6 blue boards
  • Can be used as a nightlight
  • Great for Indoor use

The Bad:

  • Does not work great outdoors
  • A light hum is audible

8. Flowtron Mosquito PowerTrap (MT-125) Kill Them

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Flowtron MT-125 is a cheap, effective but equally safe mosquito trap. Combining a powerful vacuum and bright LEDs, Flowtron MT-125 sucks and attracts the mosquitos to their death.

It uses both the mosquito attractant and the Octenol cartridge. Luckily, you’ll trap the mosquitos easily without leaving a mess on the various surfaces in your house. 

The trap lacks sticky papers or any glue panels in its catchment area and thus will be easy to maintain – as shown in the manual. Further, the included digital display ensures that the trap is simple to use for beginners.

The red LED flashing readily indicates startup mode while the blue  LED denotes the mosquito trap’s operating mode. Also, the platinum catalyst is both safe and flameless, which means that it’s safe to use around kids and pets.

The bright LEDs attract mosquitos that are sucked by the vacuum. Also, Flowtron MT-125 produces Octenol (found in human breath) and thus will attract mosquitos. The mosquitos die from dehydration and starvation.

Sadly, Flowtron MT-125  uses propane or electricity, which implies that this mosquito trap is not suitably portable like the other traps. The trap compensates for having a short cord by running on either propane or electricity.

The Good:

  • Runs on electricity or Propane
  • Features a digital display
  • Is not noisy

The Bad:

  • Sadly, the trap’s fan was not powerful enough and it broke down in a year.
  • Heavy as it weighs 15 pounds

How Do the Best Mosquito Trap Work? 

Now that you’ve read our take on the best mosquito traps, here is a short guide to help you narrow down on the best kind of trap for your needs:

Mosquito traps work by luring in the mosquitoes using various attractant methods. Mosquitoes can sense CO2 and about 300 chemicals produced by human bodies. 

  • They can also sense the warmth of our bodies. Traps use these characteristics to lure in mosquito species.
  • Once trapped, they can be sealed in a chamber, electrified, drowned, or stuck to glue to eliminate them.

Here are the most common kinds of traps found in the market today:

  • Fan-based insect traps: These kinds of traps suck mosquitoes in with a powerful fan and are led into a sealed chamber.
  • Bug zappers: This kind of mosquito work using a current with a voltage multiplier inside the device that may go from 220 Volts up to 2000 Volts. This is fatal to mosquitoes but might only give a small zap to human touch.
  • Propane-based traps: These devices use propane which burns to release carbon dioxide. This gas lures the mosquitoes into a vacuum into
  • a container. A study

Things To Consider Before Buying A Mosquito Trapper

Running Cost

Some devices are not just a one-time cost and you may need to keep spending as you use them.

Propane-based traps require refilling the tank of propane every month on average. Electric traps are a cheaper option since most of them consume less power than an electric light bulb.

Area Size

Consider the amount of infestation you have and the area where you want coverage before buying a mosquito trap.

Read through the device instructions for its area of coverage is important. Some products claim to reach more than 1.5 acres while others could only cover an area as small as a yard.


Propane-based mosquito traps can be a fire hazard if not used properly.

If you are worried about children playing around and tipping it off, you will be better off using electric or fan-based traps.

Mosquito Trap Placement

Be mindful of the speed and direction of the wind while placing the mosquito trap.

Place the trap in a downward direction in case of strong winds. Propane traps lose their effectiveness when placed on the ground. In this case, you can choose the electric zappers.

Mosquito traps are a safe and efficient method to deal with mosquitoes compared to using chemicals.

While some can show immediate results, others will work to break the insect breeding cycle to give you permanent results.

Once you’ve read the guide, you will understand which kind of trap you will require. Our compilation of the top 6 mosquito traps will help you zero down on the best one.