Best Roach Bait

7 Best Roach Bait 2024 Reviewed

Cockroaches never go away, and they never rest, they persist, they adapt and reproduce more – which is makes it super difficult to control these household bugs – try the best roach bait. 

  • Below I’ve reviewed the roach baits available today. It’s been proven that roach baits are far more effective than roach foggers and roach killers in controlling roaches – especially German roaches

But why? Well, roach baits produce a horizontal/ secondary kill effect because the bugs eat their vomit (the sweet regurgitates), feces, and bodies (including stomach contents) of the dead roaches. See these roach baits. 

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1. #1 Top Pick: advion-383920 German-Roach Bait (Tubes+ Plungers)

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My first recommendation is the Advion Hot New Syngenta as my best roach gel baits. I dropped 10 small dots on the 2″x1 cardboard, under the fridge, and the cabinet. 

Advion Hot New Syngenta has Indoxacarb as the active ingredient, which, when ingested, will wipe out the whole roach colony in and around your home. Clear any food remains and debris lying around the house. 

After the roach eats the Indoxacarb, it is allowed some moment to travel to its nest. And as mentioned earlier, the roach will regurgitate the food and die in the roach nest. 

The other roaches will definitely eat the vomit, feces, and the body of the dead roach, which will poison them to their death. Therefore, the Indoxacarb will cause a horizontal/ secondary kill effect on other roaches in the colony. 

Precautions: Avoid using this Advion Hot New Syngenta combined with other contact roach killers like sprays or the ones that kill the cockroach instantly. This is because Indoxacarb is supposed to function effectively when it causes systemic and progressive deaths of roaches, even in their nests.

Pros: Quick action time, ease of application, will many roach species, safe for food areas, and will kill the entire roach colony.

Cons: Could leave a mess

2. #2 Top Pick: Syngenta-383920 Advion Roach-Gel Bait

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Therefore, killing the roach instantly would prevent the Indoxacarb from killing through the horizontal/ secondary kill effect. However, you may combine Indoxacarb with boric acid as they’d also kill the whole roach colony. 

3. #3 Top Pick: Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Roach Bait

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As we’ve noted with the other roach baits above, you’ll get the best results in your roach control process if you get a solution targeting the whole roach colony as opposed to a single cockroach. 

Hot Shot Ultra will kill the whole roach and ant colonies even in the nests. Check this video to see that Hot Shot Ultra kills small and large roaches.

Hot Shot Ultra employs the dual-approach in controlling roaches where it has both attractants and roach killing ingredients. The water and food inside the trap attract the roaches. However, you’ll need to replace the roach bait when the liquid is used up.

For safety reasons, you’ll need to keep the roach bait away from the reach of kids and pets. However, definitely, this roach bait is pricier compared to their food-only roach control baits. But you’ll get superior roach control effectiveness as you can note a roach number decrease in 1 day.

It’s interesting to note that this roach bait will kill both the cockroaches and the eggs. Therefore, the roach bait will kill roaches in critical areas such as under closets, refrigerators, sinks, and cabinets. The roach will require no spilling or dripping, which means that it leaves no mess after use.

4. Harris Boric Acid Roach and Silverfish Killer

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Harris boric acid is both fast-acting (kills in 72 hours) and has a long residue effect of killing roaches and even silverfish, water bugs, and palmetto bugs. Luckily, the borax powder is easy to apply, and its smell is lovely to the roaches

Harris boric acid has a long residue effect – will be effective even some weeks following the first application. It also has a quick action time – killing roaches within 72 hours of roach bait contact. 

Besides, the time allowance before death gives the roach the time to go back to their nest and thus cause the horizontal kill effect. It would help if you did not wet (either through rain or other roach sprays) as this would reduce the bait’s effectiveness. Related: A comprehensive review of the Haris Boric Acid powder

This roach bait powder has some lure to attract the cockroaches. The powder works well as it’s easy to apply (and spread) to areas behind or under the bed or in the garage. Equally, you can easily sprinkle the powder to the cracks and crevices – that would go deep to the roach nests.

Shake the borax bottle and place the straw and puffer to keenly place the borax acid on the roach nests (even deep down some crevices and cracks) or places where the bugs will be traveling. 

I would not forget to mention that Harris’s boric acid will also kill silverfish. However, you must be careful with the borax application since it can be poisonous to pets and kids. 

The Good: Quick killing time (within 72 hours after contact with borax), Kills palmetto, water bugs, and silverfish, it’s also non-staining and odorless, it has an attractant lure the roaches to the bait. 

The Bad: Could posting pets and kids. 

5. Invicta Gold Cockroach Control Gel Bait

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This Invicta Gold bait has imidacloprid as its main active ingredient, making it highly suitable for controlling German roaches both outdoors and indoors. Luckily, the contact acting formula kills roaches very fast (within 25 minutes of roach contact). 

Like the Advion Hot New Syngenta reviewed above, the Invicta Gold also causes a horizontal kill effect. Therefore, these roach baits are great for killing extensive roach colonies. This means that roaches in the roach nest will eat the vomit, feces, and dead body of the roach that was poisoned earlier -w which will also kill them. 

In addition to the formidable imidacloprid ingredient, Invicta Gold has 11 attractants (each for different roach species) to lure the roaches to their deathtrap. Luckily, this bait leaves no mess after the roach treatment process. Also, the roach bait is safe for use in places with kids and pets. 

The Good: For ease of application, the roach bait is delivered with a plunger and a syringe. It has a quick killing time (within 25 minutes of contact), it leaves no mess, and it’s budget-friendly. 

The Bad: None

6. Raid Double Control Small Roach Baits

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Roach double control contains Abamectin that will kill roaches in their breeding places, including adults, eggs, nymphs, and larvae.

With a killing residue effect of about 3 months, this Roach double control also has almost an instant contact killing effect (that is within some hours).

Therefore, with a kong residue effect and unique active ingredients, the bait will sterilize roaches’ females and disrupt the bug’s reproduction and lifecycle. 

This bait will effectively control even large roach infestations in your home within 3 months. It targets most roach species, including German, brown-banded, and American roaches. 

However, one key disadvantage is that this Roach double control might not effectively control the large cockroaches. 

The Good: Disrupts the roach’s reproduction by sterilizing the female cockroaches and controls roaches in all their life stages.

The Bad: Might not be effective for large cockroaches.

7. Maxforce FC Magnum – Has a Rotation-Ready Matrix

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Maxforce FC Magnum (produced by Bayer) is a rotation-ready gel bait, and hence you should use it in your house either quarterly or monthly. It’s great for residential or commercial spaces (including hospitals and kitchens) and outdoors or indoors. Check this review video. 

Avoid spraying on the gel bait as its effectiveness significantly reduces with water or other liquids. It comes with a syringe and plunger to help place the roach bait directly to the roach traveling or nest areas. 

As noted above, Maxforce FC Magnum is safe for kitchens and hospitals. Therefore, you won’t require to remove the dishes. It’s easy to use and has no bad odor. It’s a stomach poison that will kill within 3 days. 

Its main ingredient is 0.05% Fipronil with blue bit technology, which controls roaches fast and manages their resistance. Maxforce FC Magnum causes the domino effect killing the roaches hidden in the roach nests. 

The Good: Has a rotation-ready matrix. It has a domino effect, killing roaches in the roach nests. It offers fast-killing action, has a white color that allows it to camouflages on different surfaces such as cabinets.

The Bad: None


However, foggers and sprays will mainly repel the roaches to their hiding places. Also, since roaches and bed bugs can come through drainage systems, check the top drain cleaners. Clean out, rotation gel bait, and then maintenance gets bait.

As we’ve outlined above, roaches, difficult insects, and household bugs (just like bed bugs) need to be controlled with so much ruthlessness.

The gel baits reviewed fall under the clear-out rotation and maintenance roach control solutions. So, choose your roach gel bait wisely and clear out the roaches and their colonies.