7 Best Roach Killer for Apartments in 2019 Reviewed

Cockroaches are among the most stubborn household insects, particularly if you’re trying to get them out. But with the best roach killer for apartments (either sprays, baits or powders), you can easily eject those bugs for cheap. You can use either the contact -killing formulas or the slow-acting solutions that the roaches carry back to their nests. I’ve reviewed the best roach killers below. 

Summary: To control cockroaches or break their strong immunity (and avoid re-infestation), I recommend either this Raid Ant & Roach Killer or the Combat Max 12-Month as the best roach killer for apartments. You might also love to check how to find roach nests – some areas include cracks and crevices. Other options are roach bait stations, and pesticide dust to kill German Roaches.

Reviews: 7 Best Roach Killer for Apartments in 2019 Reviewed 

1. Raid Ant & Roach Killer Spray, Lemon 17.5 oz – Our Top Roach Killer

The easy to use Raid Ant & Roach Killer kills the roaches on contact and is effective for different insects – including ants. You’ll love the lemon scent that will attract the roaches but also leave the room fresh.

Its residue is effective for about 4 weeks – which will kill all those hiding bugs (beetles, spiders, waterbugs etc) during summer and beyond. In addition, this spray will prevent roach infestation or re-infestation. This spray is effective for areas that you know have roaches – particularly places they pass through.  

You’ll need to spray the Raid Ant & Roach Killer on visible crevices and crack where the roaches could be hiding. Luckily, once you spray effectively around the critical areas around your apartment, you’ll get longer protection against the disturbing roaches.

This Raid Ant & Roach Killer has a great lemon scent that you’ll love. However, some homeowners hate that you have to sometimes chase the roaches to spray them since the insecticide kills on contact. It has excellent reviews with some clients loving the lemon smell and fast action. 

2. Combat Max 12-Month Small Roach Killing Bait – Runner-Up Roach Killer 

Combat Max 12-Month is a discrete roach killer that’ll be active all year round. This roach killer solution will be great if your home has a regular infestation by small cockroaches. Therefore, with this trap, you won’t have to keep many insecticides in the house. Highlights: Ease of using, budget-friendly, highly effective for a long time, and discreet usage.


But what is this trap really? It’s made up of black discs that a homeowner can place in concealed locations such as under the bed, behind your toilet, under the fridge, in drawers or cabinets. Every package comes with 18 bait stations that can last you even about an year controlling roaches in your house.

As noted in the bait station name, these roach killers will be active to kill cockroaches for about 12 months. Therefore, exterminators consider this roach bait to be one of the longest lasting roach killing solutions available in the market today.

The key advantages of this bait station is that it’s both durable and cheap, and thus consumers consider them as great value for their money. Luckily, I noted that after getting the bait stations to various locations in the house, I experienced sudden reduction in the roach population. The roaches will eat the Fipronil and transport them back to their nests, which will not kill just themselves but other roaches in the colony.

Luckily, since the roaches carry the insecticide to their nests, this bait station will help kill even the cockroaches that you can’t see and can’t reach with spraying. One of a few of the roaches will feed on the bait station and spread the love to their counterparts who were left at ‘home’ in areas like under huge appliances or sinks.  Therefore, to kill a large roach population in your apartment, this Combat Max 12-Month is our top recommendation.

3. Black Flag Roach Motel 61009 Insect Trap – Best Big Roach Trap 

Roach Motel 61009 roach trap will be great for moderate roach infestations – killing both cockroaches and various crawling insects. Luckily, this trap (unlike the Raid Ant & Roach spray above) can kill even the roaches that you’ve not even seen. Roaches will check in and won’t ever get the chance to check out.

Using a strong adhesive (syrupy bait), the Roach Motel 61009 trap will get hold of the roaches on contact – but has some slight odor. Therefore, it’ll be a great alternative to using pesticides or poisons in the roach killers. It’ll be functional for roughly 2-4 months.

The adhesive has some attractant for the cockroaches. However, avoid keeping the trap in areas with dirt and dust as it might cover the syrupy bait, which will significantly reduce its effectiveness. Some roach exterminators at The Spruce noted that this roach trap is highly effective for all roach types and sizes.

But, you might still require to employ contact roach killers such as those with  Raid Ant & Roach Spray. I noted that this Roach Motel 61009 roach bait will work for kitchen areas (like cabinets or cupboards) and food areas because it has no poisons. However, keep pets and children away from this bait as they might be unable to remove themselves from the sticky setup.

This Black Flag Roach Motel 61009 will clean a roach infestation and won’t leave carcasses spread all over the house like the roach sprays. As noted above, the roach trap employs a sticky and sweetly smelling formula that will attract the roaches to the created cardboard box.

4. HARRIS Boric Acid Roach and Silverfish Killer Powder

The Harris Boric Acid Powder is composed of 99% boric acid and 1% lure mixture. The product has a straw that is affixed on its top – at the puffer, which makes it easy to use. For the regular-sized kitchens, this powder can last for about a year. 

Therefore, you can simply pour the acid in the places that would be in general challenging to reach such as cracks and crevices. The manufacturer notes that this formula will kill the roaches within 72 hours after the first contact – which is fast action time.

Despite having a higher price tag than other roach killers, this powder roach killer has a lure that will help you get rid of the roaches faster.

The roaches carry the killer powder on their bodies to the nest and hence help eliminate the whole roach population.

5. Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait 1 Box (4 Tubes) Best Gel 

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait offers the best way to get rid of roaches in the apartment, rental houses, and your home. You will love that the gel bait kills different roach species including American and German cockroaches. You can use it to control roaches even in planes and boats – all areas such as trashcans or baseboards.

Its syringes have some gel-like formula that you’ll require to locate it where the roaches will see them. I noted that such areas would be the basements, cabinets, baseboards and kitchen counter-tops. The gel will attract cockroaches, which will eat it and die. Also, you’ll like that the gel is not harmful to pets. For example, Indoxacarb is the Gel’s active ingredient and is safe for pets.

You can use the syringes to get the insecticide even to the small crevices and cracks. However, using this Advion Syngenta is quite labor intensive compared to using roach sprays or bait stations. Luckily, this formula is also supper lethal to roaches (being a carboxylate insecticide) and thus will be worth the time and effort you invest as described by The Pest Management.

Interestingly, the roach killing gel will kill all the roaches you’ve seen and those in hiding. This roach bait by DuPont is anti-repellent and hence will attract all roaches in your house. Further, the bait changes to new molecules when inside the roaches’ body and thus won’t harm other advantageous insects like ladybugs.

6. Rockwell Invict Gold Roach Control Gel Bait 4 tubes 

Invict Gold Gel Bait qualifies on our roach killer recommendation – to help you kill those stubborn roaches in the house. Its active ingredient is 2.15% “Imidacloprid” poison that has a slow acting formula to kill the roaches over time. 

The Imidacloprid 2.15% that can easily clear a massive German roach infestation (but won’t be effective for other roaches). Also, it’s great to use inside or outside your apartment. However, the Rockwell Invict has no odor and will work for a period of 3 months.

Particularly, this roach killer is designed for German cockroaches in your indoor and outdoor spaces. However, this roach bait is not effective in killing other types of cockroaches.

You’ll only need to apply the gel to the small crevices and crack, using the provided syringes – along skirting boards and walls. Luckily, the gel bait will be effective for about 3 months and leaves no bad smell behind like other roach killers.  

7. Ortho 0196410 Home Defense MAX 24-ounce – Best Roach perimeter spray 

In addition to killing roaches in the apartment, Ortho Home Defense will also help you eliminate those bugs off your perimeter walls. Luckily, this roach killer is also longer-lasting and fast-acting, which means that it kills on contact.

Therefore, if you need a roach solution that you can use for defense attacks, the Ortho Home Defense will great for going round your house or apartment.  But, for a massive roach infestation, you can start with applying the formula inside and under refrigerators, sinks, cabinets or baseboards.

Create a lethal roach barrier with this formula in areas such as garage, crawlspace, door-frames, and windows. However, this roach formula is poisonous and thus you must avoid spraying in areas frequented by pets or kids.

But use this roach formula in floor areas that won’t be covered by carpets. It is has non-staining capability, its rain-resistant and has no odor in addition to being quick to kill roaches and other insects such as spiders. Luckily, the barrier you’ve created will be active for a couple of months (about 12 months) eliminating even other insects such as spiders.

Buyer’s Guide – Best Roach Killer for Apartments

Therefore, it is important to find an appropriate roach control method that will kill the bugs that get into contact with it and those that are holed in the racked nest. Experts have varied opinions on the order in which cockroaches belong to, whether: Orthoptera, Dictyoptera or Blattodea. However, roaches cause both embarrassment and health consequences.

The best 4-part method for killing roaches consist of Traps, Baits, Sprays, and Growth Regulators (IGR). Best Roach Killer for Apartments are defined as a chemical or device used to kill cockroaches. Modern roaches require a warm and moist environment to survive.

Therefore, roach killer should target such environments to achieve maximum results. Gel baits are currently the most accepted roach killer since it has a mixture of attractant and poison which causes chain death of the roaches and the insects that eat the dead roaches.

1. Roach Traps 

Roach tarps of bait stations provide a no-mess method to control the roaches in your apartment. The baits attract the roaches with an enticing chemical smell, and thus they eat the bait and die.

Further, roach traps employ both a trap and a containment technique to control the roaches.  Also, the roach trap will injure and contain the roach if it tries to escape if the poison bait does not kill it.

Bait stations are designed to kill the roach slowly. After consuming the bait, the roach carries the poison back to their nest and disperse it to other insects.

2. Roach Baits

Roach bait is an indoor roach killer that exploits the emetophobic, coprophagic and cannibalistic trends of cockroaches. There exist varied types of roach baits which are utilized for different species and area. Roach bait gels may be used both indoor and outdoor.

Further, Granular baits are mainly used in outdoor spaces such as mulched areas in which roaches hide and breed in the house. However, they can also be used in wall voids and attic. To control the roach colony, the baits should contain Hydramethylnon 2% and Fipronil 0.05%.

However, avoid using baits together with insecticides. The insecticide can contaminate the bait and thus would neutralize the domino impact and thus would not attract the insects. Also, if the roach would die before distributing the bait to the other insect population.

Equally, use the same principle while baiting insects. It is important for the foraging worker ants the bait carry the poisonous bait back to the ant nest.

3. Roach Sprays

Most of the users love roach spray apart from some that have pungent smells. The sprays have D-phenothrin and prallethrin as the active ingredients.

The pyrethrum ingredient enters the roaches’ cuticle to bind the nerves’ sodium channels and thus stopping body activities such as heartbeat and breathing in the apartment. Despite being a very harmful nerve agent to roaches, the pyrethrum is nontoxic to human beings and other mammals.

The roach sprays can be used on cracks, crevices, and furniture to reach the roach nests effectively.

4. Insect growth regulators (IGRs)

IGRs are categorized as insecticides that do not kill the roach instantly but adversely affect its ability to grow and mature naturally. They operate by either blocking the cockroaches’ ability to reproduce or grow into an adult.

Therefore, the IGR will ensure that the roaches in your house do not develop another generation in their population as it will curtail their capacity to grow or reproduce.

Further, some IGRs mimic the natural growth hormones and are thus named juvenoid IGRs. They affect the length in which the roach remains in the larval or nymphal stage and the time when it turns into an adult.

For example, when you expose the cockroach nymphs to the juvenoid IGRs, they develop infertile adults or will not molt into adults. Also, the chemicals can affect the roaches’ adult life by blocking the creation of viable roach eggs. As a birth control method, the IGR will help prevent the development of roach babies or tiny roaches.

5. Roach Killer Bomb

Roach bombs or foggers are effective in treating a large cockroach infestation. However, you’ll need to learn when to use a the best roach bomb for house as it can be less efficient in roaches that are hidden in voids. Place the roach bomb at the middle of the room and set it off to allow the insecticide to move up and settle down killing roaches on contact.

How To Choose the Best Roach Killer for Apartments

Tip: You should choose the Best Roach Killer depending on where the roaches in your house are hiding.  However, you might require more than just one kind of roach killer. For example, for a large apartment, you might use the Home Defense MAX, or for a smaller house, you can use the Gel to kill roaches.

While you might enjoy catching some roaches roaming around the house, it is no secret that there is a whole colony that is hiding at some location in your residence. However, spray insecticides will kill the roaches only on contact. Therefore, you should target the roaches in the areas they breed and live, which makes Bait Strips, Gels, and Combat baits to be highly effective in roach elimination.

Cockroaches enjoy living in water and dark conditions that have water and food. Also, bathrooms and kitchens are excellent nesting areas for roaches. After creating a nest and accessing enough food and water, the roach population will increase rapidly. Therefore, you will only see the roaches when they are looking for food, water or when they are migrating to a new nest when their population has grown too large, or they are escaping from insecticides.

Therefore, it is critical to target the right places using the correct products while trying to control roaches in the house. Combat is created from carbohydrate-rich attractants which highly attract roaches. The roaches that roam in your house searching food and water will eat Combat and spread it to the rest of the population in the nests. The roaches spread the poising through feces, sputum, and carcass.

Combat Gel will help you control roaches in areas that are difficult to reach in the house. The gel’s characteristic feature will fit into crevices and cracks which the roaches use as entry and nests. Further, you may use the gel to fight roaches on pipes that act as an entry into your house. Bait strip will be effective to place under shelves and the garbage lids since they have an adhesive area to allow easy concealment from pets and kids.

Get to Know the Active Ingredients in Roach Killer Products

Roaches taste the food and other substances using their feet. German roaches love light Karo Syrup, brown sugar, proteins carbohydrates, and sucrose. However, when you mix sodium borate or boric acid, food-grade Diatomaceous Earth baits; ensure to keep them out of reach of children and pets.


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