Best Shower Drain Cleaner

7 Best Shower Drain Cleaner 2024 Reviewed

Owning the best shower drain cleaner is not only critical in eliminating internal odor, but also necessary in preventing hazards that may occur due to such clogs. 

  • At times, you may be stuck between items and wonder which one to go for in the current market due to numerous brands in existence.

However, whether you opt to go for snake tools, enzymes sticks, or liquid drain cleaners; the back stacks on the nature/type and the quantity of drain you need to remove in your shower eventually.

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1. Our #1 Pick: Green-Gobbler GGDIS2CH32 Dissolve Liquid Drain Opener

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Besides, you’ll need to consider other factors such as the type of drain, the extent of internal clogging, the degree of odor available, the environmental implications, and the availability of the product in the near future.

2. #2 Pick: Green-Gobbler Hair-Clog Remover (Ultimate for Main Lines)

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3. #3 Pick: New! Zep-Advanced Shower & Tub Drain Opener

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4. POPULO Electric Drain Cleaner

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Populo Auger is an electric-powered drain cleaner that features a resilient variable-speed motor, which allows smooth drain motion transition without splashes or internal fluid eddies.

The flexible and reinforced unclog cable is extra-long (25 feet) in order to reach a wide area coverage when unblocking your bathroom clog without necessarily relocating the machine.

  • Further, Populo Auger comes with a reliable lithium-ion battery that supports continuous draining on a single charge without being fatigued.
  • Indeed, the LED (in-built) reinforcement is strategically positioned to boost internal lighting when cleaning in a dark room.

You will definitely love the stable base design that comes with Populo Auger as it resists skid vibrations, while in operation. More so, the device is fitted with a comfortable handle suitable for easier portability.

Populo Auger can also be used in toilets, sinks, and tubs when drain cleaning. Though slightly expensive, Auger guarantees you continuous performance without any breakdown or repair – resilient. Notably, Populo Auger comes with free gloves, charger, and storage bag

The Good:

  • Features a reliable, variable-speed motor
  • Comes with a comfortable handle – highly portable
  • Integrates in-built LED – boost lighting
  • It’s lightweight and simple to operate
  • Comes with 25 feet cord – wide area coverage
  • Fitted with rechargeable and long-lasting battery
  • Can also be used in toilets, tubs, and tubs
  • Comes with free gloves, storage bag, and charger

The Bad:

  • Slightly expensive
  • Unsuitable for an area without electricity

5. ASAP Drain Guys Bio-Drain Enzyme Drain Cleaner

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ASAP Drain Guys is a liquid formulated drain cleaner that features a quick-acting, biodegradable base structure, which breaks instantly upon application.

The solvent is sufficiently agitated with an apple scent to improve your bathroom freshness after drain cleaning.

  • By choosing to use ASAP Drain Guys, you will not only remove think internal clogs, but you’ll also eliminate chances of further clogging of your shower for more than a year on a single-use.
  • Actually, ASAP Drain Guys are suitable for all types of pipes – they won’t damage or affect the fitting networks.

ASAP Drain Guys are engineered with 8 active strain bacteria (mixed with genetic enzymes) that liquefies solids and break down both organic waste and inorganic substances in your shower drains upon contact.

Further, ASAP Drain Guys come in a 2.31 pound can that is lightweight and easier to use – no solvent preparation needed. Importantly, ASAP Drain Guys are budget-friendly and have a long-lasting cleaning effect on single-use.

The Good:

  • It’s Biodegradable – no pollution
  • Engineered with 8 active bacteria strains – quick-acting
  • Agitated with apple scent – pleasant freshness after use
  • Packed in 2.31 pound can
  • It requires no solvent preparation – easier to use
  • It digests both organic waste and inorganic substances on contact
  • It’s budget-friendly and leaves behind a long-lasting cleaning effect

The Bad:

  • Not suitable for large scale drain cleaning

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6. Air Pressure Drain Unblocker Bathroom Drain

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Air Pressure Plunger is a manual drain cleaner that features a powerful pneumatic system, which utilizes compressed air tech to clear clogs in your bathroom drain.

The standby visual barometer (fitted on the Air Pressure Plunger) gives you real-time pressure when in action, while the expandable head design locks perfectly within the drain, thus preventing any pressure back loss when draining your clogged shower.

Apart from being simple to set up, Air Pressure Plunger comes with a user manual for easier referral in case of any use challenge. In addition, you will enjoy less operation force since the handle is attached to a relaxer that won’t drain your energy when aligning it into the clogged section.

Air Pressure Plunger weighs 2.46 pounds (lightweight) and it’s manufactured using a tough composite material that improves its service life and guarantees unmatched durability.

Indeed, the device comes with various accessories and installation package that fits different designs and shapes of your shower drains.

NB: Air Pressure Plunger can be used in other areas such as sinks, tubs, toilets, and sewers.

The Good:

  • Features sturdy frame design – resist breakage
  • It’s manually operated – no electricity is needed
  • Has visual barometer – for online pressure check
  • Comes with a comfortable handle and multiple installation accessories
  • It’s simple to set up and comes with a user manual
  • Can be used in toilets and sinks too – multiple application
  • It’s budget-friendly and highly portable
  • Uses pneumatic mechanism – high performance

The Bad:

  • Low pressure may affect the effectiveness

7. InstaPlunge Electric Plunger System – Unclog and drain cleaner

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InstaPlunge is an electro-pneumatic drain cleaner, which is manufactured using high-quality ABS plastic material to improve both performance and service life.

The lightweight plunger features a smart pressure dial, which is easily adjustable to meet your draining psi specs in seconds.

Actually, you will love the vigorously tested unclogging head and appreciate the comfort attained when in operation- no handle strains (has smooth finish handle cover).

Moreover, InstaPlunge comes with a simple push-button, which initiates unclogging action immediately without ripple formation.

  • By choosing InstaPlunge, you will not only save on power (has low power rating), but also enjoy minimal repair and maintenance cost – durable.
  • InstaPlunge comes with multiple accessories, including an inflatable head that prevents backsplash when draining your bathroom.
  • The pressure dial, plunger, and push buttons are synchronized to allow continuous drain cleaning without internal fluid shock.

InstaPlunge is suitable for all types of fittings and pipe networks (no chemical needed and hence it’s environmentally friendly). Though InstaPlunge is slightly expensive, its long-term service guarantees you quality performance and economic returns.

The Good:

  • It’s lightweight and simple to set up
  • Comes with multiple accessories and an installation package
  • Can be used in other places such as toilets, tubs, sinks, and sewers
  • Has non-return head design – no backsplash
  • Manufactured using best quality ABS plastic – durable
  • It’s vigorously tested – the best performance
  • It is environmentally friendly – safe for all pipe network
  • Comes with a free storage bag

The Bad:

  • It’s slightly expensive
  • Not suitable for large scale drain cleaning

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8. DrainX Power Pro 25-FT Steel Drum Auger Heavy Duty Drain Cleaner

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If you are allergic to chemical drain cleaner, consider using DrainX Power Pro – it’s chemicals and allergens free. You will definitely love the impressive handheld design that comes with DrainX Power Pro as it allows quick drain operations without muscle strain.

The electric-power drain cleaner also comes with a manual option, thus making it suitable for use in areas without power connection.

Further, DrainX Power Pro is fitted with 25 feet (heavily insulated cable), which allows a wide area coverage without relocating the power link

  • The drill head design that comes with DrainX Power Pro is reinforced with tuff steel, which helps in penetrating hard clog in the pipe network without breakage.
  • Actually, the head is attached to a tuff spindle that protects the electric connection when working in wet areas – no electric shocks.

DrainX Power Pro is simple to use (no special training needed) and comes with a simple manual drive knob – durable and break-resistant. Notably, DrainX Power Pro is packed with free, heavy-duty gloves, a draining pin, and a tuff storage bag.

The Good:

  • It is manufactured using tuff composite material – durable
  • Comes with both manual and electric operation options
  • It’s simple to use – no initial training is needed
  • Has tough head steel – drains hard clogs
  • Covers wide area – fitted with 25 feet cable
  • Comes with comfortable handle grip and simple manual knob – easier to turn
  • Supplied with free gloves, drain pin, and storage pack

The Bad:

  • Has limited use – not suitable for toilet draining

9. DrainShroom Snake Auger Clog Remover for Bathroom

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DrainShroom is a revolutionary unclogged/drain cleaner that’s manufactured using a heavy-duty stainless steel material to boost net strength and durability.

The classic grip design that comes with DrainShroom allows simple pairing and can be connected to any hand drill when in use without challenge.

  • If you intend to unclog embedded drain blockage, then, consider using DrainShroom as it comes with a 42″ cord (unlike other snakes drain cleaners), which is extendable at will.
  • Further, DrainShroom is highly flexible (easier to turn when drain cleaning) and has extra static properties that attract hair clogs in the drain easily.

DrainShroom is budget-friendly and requires minimal repair or maintenance costs. You will love the smooth finish and appreciate the snake design that comes with DrainShroom – it’s more comfortable to change when need be.

NB: DrainShroom corrosion-resistant (suitable for wet use) and slack resistance – retains its original tension.

The Good:

  • It’s highly flexible – easier to turn when in use
  • Manufactured using best quality stainless steel
  • Can be paired or connected to any hand drill
  • It’s slightly longer than other snakes – 42″
  • Resists bending and slacking
  • It’s easier to fix and remove – no installation manual is needed
  • Serves to a maximum of 3 feet deep
  • Budget-friendly and corrosion resistant

The Bad:

  • Doesn’t come with a hand drill
  • No suitable for depth below 3 feet

10. Forlivese 3 Pack 25 Inch Hair snake Tool Drain Cleaner for Bathroom

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Forlivese Hair snake is a flexible handheld drain-cleaning device that features a flexible & ultra-slim design, which is reinforced with barbered wand to improve unclog efficiency and boost grip action when cleaning.

With improved tensile strength, Forlivese Hair snake guarantees unmatched break resistance and thermal strains (can be used in hot water pipes without deformation).

  • You will enjoy smooth and easier drain accessibility when using Forlivese since the coiled/loop design nicely aligns with the piping/fitting network without much hassle when in use.
  • Further, Forlivese comes with a classic loop attachment and soft handle that allow firm grip (without slipping) when in use.

The recyclable ABS material (non-pollutant) used in the manufacture of Forlivese Hair snake is specially refined and self-hardened to improve its overall service life (durable).

Do not forget that Forlivese comes in a 4-pack set of 25″ drain cleaners (long and reduced reordering frequency).

NB: You can also use Forlivese Hair Snakes in other places such as toilets, tubs, sinks, and sewers.


  • It’s manufactured using Recyclable ABS plastic – no pollution
  • It’s comfortable and easier to use
  • Comes with a wide application area – shower, toilets, tubs, sewers, and sinks
  • It’s highly flexible – easier turning when in use
  • Reinforced with barbered wand – strainer when in use
  • Removes all types of clogs in the drain
  • Durable and reusable


  • The length could be more
  • May not remove internal oil clogs sufficiently

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In conclusion on the best shower drain cleaner, it’s important to consider factors such as the type/nature of the drain to be removed, the extent of the blockage, availability of the product, environmental implications of the selected product, and the actionability of the item you settle for.

  • Whether you opt to go for enzymes sticks, snake tools, or liquid drain cleaners, you must have the expected effectiveness you need to attain at hand for easier decision-making.
  • Further, you’ll need to assess the extent of the drain cleaning task at hand and the ease of use of the product of your choice.

Not forgetting, it’s wise to go for a shower drain cleaner that delivers quality results without overlooking cost implications.  Remember, some shower drain cleaners are meant for commercial use. Therefore, check the quantity or size before you place the final order.