Best Silverfish Repellent

Top 7 Best Silverfish Repellent for 2024

On the best silverfish repellent, you will not only acquire a quality product but also reduce the hassles of searching for the top choice solution.

  • The current market is flooded with spray brands, which if you’re not careful, you may end up acquiring ineffective repellents or traps.

During selection, consider factors like quantity, action time, residue effects (if any), user mechanism, packaging form (powder, liquid, or compressed gas?), and the environmental impact upon use.

Reviews: Top 7 Best Silverfish Repellent in 2024

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1. HARRIS Boric Acid Silverfish Killer Powder

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HARRIS Boric is a silverfish killer/repellent that features a concentrated powder formulation, which kills on contact – a great Silverfish Killer.

  • The residual effects that come with HARRIS Boric guarantee total repulsion against silverfish thus limiting future infestation.

With HARRIS Boric, you will enjoy a comfortable application since the can is specially designed with an elongated application nozzle that enables you to administer powder into difficult hideouts.

  • Moreover, the alternative nozzle is slightly wedged to support point application hence reducing any wastage.

Unlike other boric-based products, HARRIS Boric is agitated with a lure that attracts silverfish into the vicinity for easier killing.

  • Indeed, the EPA-approved repellent is fast-acting and it won’t affect your pets during the action.

With HARRIS Boric, you can apply under or behind items such as washing machines, sinks, refrigerators, stoves, or dishwashers.

Alternatively, you can pour along cracks and crevices in your drawers, closets, cabinets, bookshelves, or baseboards without experiencing any stain marks.

Apart from killing silverfish, HARRIS Boric can also eliminate roaches, water bugs, and palmetto bugs.

The Good:

  • It is easier to apply – supports point application
  • Has strong lure – to attract silverfish
  • Won’t affect your pets during action
  • Reliable and has long-lasting residual effects
  • It’s EPA certified for home use
  • Affordable and we’ll concentrate
  • It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

The Bad:

  • Not suitable for commercial/large scale use
  • It may poison cooked food

2. Safer Brand 5168 Diatomaceous Repellent

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Safer Brand features organic pest killing formula, which repels and kills entire silverfish infestation within 48 hours – getting rid of silverfish.

  • You will love the natural ingredients that come with Safer Brand as they won’t affect your pets or kids when used.

Furthermore, the simple base compound is highly refined to prevent any skin irritation during application. Safer Brand kills silverfish by either dehydration or ingestion.

Actually, the powder works best for both indoor and outdoor pest elimination. You’ll not have to hassle preparing the product since it comes in a ready-to-use form.

More so, Safer Brand is budget-friendly and can be stored for future use (once opened) without getting spoilt. Importantly, Safer Brand also repels and kills ant, millipede, cockroaches, and crickets.

The Good:

  • Features organic pest control formula – no pollution
  • Kills by dehydration and ingestion as well
  • Works both outdoor and indoor
  • It also kills cockroaches, millipede, ants, and crickets.
  • Comes in a ready to use form/bottle – no preparation is needed
  • It’s best for large silverfish infestation – effective
  • Integrates natural ingredients – safe for pets
  • Won’t affect pets or irritate your skin

The Bad:

  • Not a spray option
  • Require residual cleaning after use
  • Comes in one canister package only

3. Dekko Silverfish Repellent

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Dekko is a modern grade silverfish repellent that features concentrated boric acid ingredients (20%) and 80% inert components, which act to kill upon ingestion.

  • The solid pack is finely compressed and gently agitated to boost poisoning action.

By choosing Dekko Silverfish, you will reduce frequent purchasing costs (it’s economical) and eliminate wastage caused by the use of spray or powder silverfish killers.

Actually, Dekko comes in two, 24-pack boxes that guarantee you multiple times use – usable for at least 4 months.

In addition, the package offers extra residual effects and integrates stain-resistant components – won’t mess applied surface.

  • You can use Dekko Silverfish both indoors and outdoor without any challenge.

NB: Dekko has no itching effects; hence it won’t irritate your skin upon contact. However, the package should be kept away from kids and pets.

The Good:

  • It’s easier to install – place pack in a strategic point
  • Comes in 24 pack box – multiple uses
  • Highly refined with 20% boric acid and 80% inert ingredients
  • It’s economical and kills when ingested
  • Can be used either indoors or outdoors
  • It lasts for over 4 months
  • Has no itching effects on contact – no skin irritation

The Bad:

  • It May take longer to kill the entire silverfish infestation – about 4 weeks
  • Only kills when ingested
  • Should be replaced after 4 months
  • Should be kept away from pets and kids

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4. D-Fense Dust

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 D-Fence Dust is a bio-friendly silverfish killer that features finite chemical ingredients, which kills on contact.

  • The powerful deltamethrin (0.05%) is extra concentrated to boost killing power, while the solution is agitated to improve penetration.

With D-Fence Dust, you will not only kill silverfish but also repel and inhibit their future infestation. The compound has strong residual effects that can last for over 8 months on single-use.

Moreover, D-Fense is odorless (won’t irritate your respiratory system when inhaled) and comes with a non-staining formulation that leaves your surface as it was after use.

  • The 1.15 pounds canister guarantees value for money when used in small-scale silverfish elimination.
  • However, for large-scale use, you may consider products like Ortho Defense as an alternative.

Remember, D-Fense Dust is fitted with a classic application nozzle that supports point delivery into cracks/crevices when in use.

Importantly, the solution is easier to clean and safe for your skin – no discomfort. However, D-Fense Dust should be kept away from children and pets

The Good:

  • Contains powerful Deltamethrin -0.05% – active ingredient
  • It’s odorless and non-staining
  • Weighs 1.15 pounds
  • It guarantees value for money for small scale
  • Has long residual effects -up to 8 months
  • Allows precise application – has wedged nozzle design
  • Quick-acting – kills on contact

The Bad:

  • The package should be more for large scale use
  • To be stored away from children
  • It’s not a spray option

5. JT Eaton 360 silverfish Killer

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JT Eaton 360 is a concentrated silverfish repellent that comes packed in a ready-to-use dilution ratio.

  • The inflammable compound is highly refined to improve killing action (kills in contact) and boost crack penetration.

You will definitely love the alternative nozzle that comes with JT Eaton as it allows point application, thus eliminating overspray. 

In addition, the powder substance integrates non-staining ingredients that prevent surface damage upon use – Fogger for Roaches.

 JT Eaton works best when used either indoors or outdoor – provided it’s kept dry on the surface.

You can count on JT Eaton when it comes to action power – the powder has a long-lasting residual effect and limited environmental pollution.

The US-made product also features a reliable active eliminator (boric acid), which not only kills silverfish, but also repels ants, roaches, bugs, and other crawling insects.

For your safety, JT Eaton won’t cause skin irritation on contact or create nasal discomfort when inhaled. Notably, JT Eaton is budget-friendly and easier to use

The Good:

  • Has long-lasting residual effects
  • Packed in ready to the used dilution ratio
  • Works both indoors and outdoor – effective
  • It’s not flammable and doesn’t stain surfaces
  • Contains boric acid – an active ingredient
  • Kills on contact and don’t irritate the skin
  • Made in the USA and weighs 16oz
  • Also kills cockroaches, bugs, ants, and other crawling insects
  • Has a classic application nozzle – allows point application

The Bad:

  • Only comes in one can – not for large scale use
  • To be kept away from kids and pets
  • Lacks lure additives

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6. Ortho Home Defense

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Ortho Home is a defensive silverfish repellent/killer that features a complex chemical formulation, which acts instantly on contact.

The odorless compound is packed in a large storage container (11.7 ounces) which covers a wide area – it’s best for large-scale use.

With Ortho Home, you will enjoy one-touch comfort during application since it comes with a classic wand that allows point delivery without hand fatigue.

  • Moreover, Ortho Home is specially designed with a wide base (stable) that supports intermittent placing while in use without toppling.

Ortho Home guarantees value for money – one container covers 5000 square feet. Indeed, the liquid spray can either be used indoors or outdoors.

  • Though Ortho Home integrates non-staining properties, it should not be used over porous surfaces.

Furthermore, you should avoid overspray or dilution. Ortho Home is safe for pets and won’t irritate your skin on contact.

Notably, Ortho Home leaves a long-lasting residual effect – remains active for 12 months.

The Good:

  • Suitable for large scale use – covers 5000 square feet
  • Has long-lasting residual effect – remains active for 12 months
  • Comes with flexible and heavy-duty spray connectors/wand
  • Can be used either indoors or outdoors
  • Won’t stain the non-porous surface
  • It’s quick-acting – kills on contact
  • Features a classic directional pray nozzle
  • It supports point application
  • Don’t stink or cause skin irritation when in use

The Bad:

  • Unsuitable for porous surface
  • Slightly expensive – not best for small scale

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7. HARRIS Diatomaceous Earth

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HARRIS Diatomaceous is a naturally sourced silverfish repellent that features a long-lasting fine powder, which kills pests on contract. The super-grade powder contains zero additives or fillers.

Actually, HARRIS is composed of 100% freshwater diatomaceous earth, which guarantees the best action when in use.

  • As long as the compound is kept dry, it will continuously repel silverfish and prevent any future re-infestation.

Moreover, HARRIS Diatomaceous comes with a free powder duster that supports smooth surface application – you can easily fill cracks and crevices during pest control.

  • Not forgetting, HARRIS Diatomaceous can be used both indoors and outdoor.

All you need is to locate silverfish infestation and sprinkle the powder or apply the powder in the section which you anticipate any sign of silverfish infestation.

  • HARRIS Diatomaceous repels or kills silverfish by either dehydration or ingestion within 48 hours.
  • Cases of skin irritation during application or pets’ discomfort can be avoided by using HARRIS Diatomaceous-safe.

Furthermore, the powder guarantees value for money when used as advised by the manufacturer.

  • Notably, HARRIS can also be used when killing or repelling other insects such as ants, bedbugs, fleas, and roaches. 

Go for silverfish repellent that is easier to use, well concentrated, acts on contact, available in different quantities, and one with fast-drying formula without sacrificing the overall cost.

Notably, your silverfish repellent choice should never pollute or cause any harm to the environment whatsoever.

The Good:

  • It’s 100% additives free
  • Simple to clean after use – no stains
  • Has long-lasting effects – when dry
  • Doesn’t have any fillers
  • Also kills ants, bedbugs, fleas, and roaches
  • Can be used either outdoors or indoors
  • Packed in highly refined powder form
  • It kills on contact or when swallowed – within 48 hrs
  • It’s highly penetrative to cracks and crevices
  • It guarantees value for money
  • Comes with powder duster – easier surface application

The Bad:

  • May cause nasal irritation when inhaled – for allergic persons
  • Unsuitable for large scale silverfish infestation control

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In summary, on the best silverfish repellent, you’ve realized that quality is not a function of price and quantity alone, but includes other chemical formulation and active ingredients present.

When making your repellent selection, consider humans/pets’ safety, environmental impact upon use, action time on a single application, and longevity of residual effects as well.

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