7 Best Steam Cleaner for Fleas 2022 Reviewed

Steam cleaning with the best steam cleaner for fleas will help eliminate fleas and their whole lifecycle but sadly this process will cut the effectiveness of applied insecticides. 

  • But after spraying the surfaces such as carpets for fleas using insecticides, vacuuming the spaces routinely is an effective alternative to breaking the flea lifecycle – in that massive flea infestation. 

Check these best-selling flea vacuums.

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1. #Our 1 Pick: McCulloch-MC1385 Canister-Steam Cleaner

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So, McCulloch-MC1385 steam-cleaning will be highly effective for massive flea infestations to give you excellent control of your spaces.

  • But once you’ve vacuumed, I advise only vacuuming to maintain the residual activity of the applied pesticides and insecticides.

But steam-cleaning with McCulloch-MC1385 may also reduce the effectiveness of insecticides making them go up to the non-detectable levels.

  • But this varies with the pesticide used and the kind of surface under cleaning. 

But shampooing and steam-cleaning your carpets can drastically cut the residual effect of various insecticides and pesticides applied – and thus exterminators recommend steam-cleaning before treating with the insecticides

The Carbaryl or alkaline shampoo may stain the carpets, in addition, steam-cleaning will equally stain the fibers. But carbamates aren’t largely used for treating pests indoors. 

2. #2 Pick: BISSELL SteamShot Hard-Surface Steam Cleaning Machine

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How Effective is Steam-cleaning in Killing Fleas? – Steam-cleaning will naturally kill the fleas – and luckily it doesn’t use toxic chemicals.

  • Exterminators and professional BISSELL cleaners will steam the surfaces to clean them as well as remove flea infestations.

The bugs will just withstand some temperatures before dying. Therefore, flea steamers and general dryers will exterminate the fleas.

Further, fleas will equally drown with the steam-cleaning – plus the extreme temperatures (under 46.4 degrees or over 95 degrees Fahrenheit) will exterminate the flea eggs and larvae.

Ensure that the BISSELL steam-cleaning machine generates a great flow of steam with temperatures of around 120 – 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • This will readily exterminate those adult fleas, their eggs, and larvae.

These machines will work great for flea-extermination on your cars, pet beds, couches, and even carpets.

3. #3 Pick: COSTWAY Multi-purpose Steam Cleaner

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Steam cleaners (COSTWAY) work with enough humidity and high temperature to exterminate fleas in your environment and apartments. It’ll remove fleas from inside furniture, hard-to-reach places, and deep inside the carpet fibers.

Carpet and house COSTWAY cleaner that is water- and steam-based are excellent in the removal of debris compared to using flea vacuums – they’ll remove and destroy most flea stages.

Cocoons and flea larvae are challenging to remove using a dry vacuum  – you’ll find these flea stages hiding in carpet fibers and they’ll hide further if disturbed. Also, the flea cocoons have fibers that’ll get bound tightly in the carpet. 

  • Both the cocoons and larvae will easily be removed using steaming at high temperatures of about 38°C (100.4°F) – all the flea stages.

The humidity and warmth generated by the steam will stimulate the flea eggs to hatch sooner – and thus it’s important to COSTWAY vacuum after steaming. Vacuuming, unlike steam cleaning, won’t reduce the effectiveness of the insecticides. 

4. Vapamore MR-100 Primo Fleas Steam-Cleaner

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Vapamore MR-100 won’t leave a sticky mess or odor – plus it’ll steam clean and flea-treat about 1,125 square feet while controlling the bugs (including ticks, mosquitoes, spiders, ants, silverfish, and roaches) for 7 months – killing their larvae, eggs, and adults.  

Vapamore MR-100 has great onboard attachments to remove the fleas and other stages from hard-to-reach areas such as small crevices, cracks, and under furniture such as the bed. The attachments are adapted for furniture, carpeting, and clothes. 

So, homeowners will effectively play around with the steamer attachments and extensions (about 20) that are dropped on the machine’s rear-end compartment. 

Vapamore MR-100 is an effective flea extermination technique that’ll not involve chemicals. You won’t need expensive and harsh chemicals to clean automotive, tile floors, kitchens, and bathrooms. 

The steamer generates 220 Degrees Fahrenheit that’ll exterminate fleas for about 60 minutes – The steam through the high tip will come up in only 11 minutes – thanks to the 1500 watt power from the heavy-duty (1.6-liter tank) steamer. 

  • The continuous steam generated from the large capacity tank (1.5 liters) will irritate the fleas’ skin and kill them. Further, this is a dry steamer (just 5% water volume) and thus it won’t lead to the growth of mold & mildew.

The steamer has a quality solenoid valve (CEME ELECTRONIC) that’ll open the machine electronically from its handle allowing the lines to remain dry and deliver just super dry and hot steam. 

Comparing this Vapamore MR-100 with the McCulloch MC-1275 shows that the former is superior – with durable components. You’ll love the steamer’s built-in storage ad doesn’t require regular purging prior to usage. 

But will this steamer exterminate bed bugs too? Well, Yes Vapamore MR-100 will also kill bed bugs on the couch or bed. It’s excellent for steaming the baseboards, dressers, bed frame, couch, and carpets against bed bugs – repeat in 1 -week’s interval. 

Is the steamer usable on my shower tiles? Yes, you can clean the shower tiles provided you use a rag or pad – including cleaning various hard surfaces. Just use the squeegee steamer attachment in cleaning any glass. 

  • Kills active flea infestations while also prevention fleas re-infestation.
  •  Externminates flea adults, larvae, and eggs
  • Won’t damage your furniture – it lacks chemicals and hence it also won’t hurt your kids and pets
  • Suitable for steam cleaning and exterminating fleas on cars, couches, and clothes


  • Risk of steam burns

5. McCulloch-MC1275 Flea Steamer & Cleaner + 18 Accessories

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McCulloch-MC1275 is a heavy-duty steamer that’ll kill bed bugs and fleas – but you’ll require to hit the bug directly with the steam for a minimum of 1 minute. 

Also, ensure that the flea nozzle won’t blow off the bugs – and cause re-infestations. 

You’ll get chemical-free cleaning of stains, grime, and grease for the autos, grills, appliances, laminate, wood flooring, granite, and ceramic tile. 

The machine allows continuous cleaning with its lockable steam trigger plus the additional versatile accessories for steaming your squeegee, scrub pad, brass brush, nylon brushes, mop pads, and floor mop. 

6. Wagner-Spraytech 0282014 915e Steam-Cleaner

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Wagner-Spraytech 0282014 takes just around 10 to 15 minutes to fully heat up and generate the required steam. 

Producers say that you need to utilize distilled water – this is because it’ll generate optimum steam. 

The steamer’s jet nozzle and the Nylon utility brushes are packaged with the machine. Plus it has extra 18 nozzles and accessories (attachments) that’ll help you dissolve and loosen the grime, grease, and dirt on appliances, kitchen countertops, grout, or carpets. 

Wagner 915e steamer uses no chemicals and thus it’ll be safe for kids or pets – great for safe removal of household surfaces, wallpaper, and bugs like fleas. 

The steamer is excellent for removing wallpapers – it’ll strip them easily from various surfaces without the use of chemicals. Its long hose ( 8 ft.) will readily reach those high places covered with the wallpapers. 

The machine allows long run-time with its high-temperature steam to clean and also kill bugs such as bed bugs and fleas. You’ll get 40 continuous steaming minutes plus in just about 9 minutes, you’ll have achieved steam of 212°F (100°C). 

The steamer is also great to use as you can use distilled water of about 40 oz. when you simply connect the desired attachment, you’ll simply notice the steamer light up orange when it’s ready for its function in cleaning & flea treatment. 

But Steaming-Cleaning Won’t Kill Massive Infestation

Steam cleaning and cleaning machines won’t be a great method for clearing that massive flea infestation. Thus, you’ll require to use extra techniques to tackle such an infestation. 

Largely, the adult fleas won’t live for long on their host including humans. The females will lay 25 eggs per day – these eggs will hatch within 1 to 12 days

  • The fleas’ eggs won’t stick but they’ll drop in your environment just a few hours after they’re laid. Therefore, you must flea-treat the pets to avoid re-infestation cases.


In summary, will steam kill the fleas? Yes, steam cleaning your surfaces will kill fleas but you’ll require to undertake vacuuming to remove those massive infestations.

Luckily, it’ll exterminate flea eggs, larval, and adults. But professional flea treatment will require the usage of IGRs or boric acid that you can spray around the carpet or near baseboards.

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