Best Terrariums for Snakes

7 Best Terrariums for Snakes 2024 Reviewed

If you own a pet snake, then you must provide it with a safe and comfortable enclosure. 

  • Your pet snake needs to experience an environment that mimics its typical natural habitat.
  • So, which are the best terrariums for snakes? Well, below is a review of the best terrariums and the factors to consider when purchasing one.

A quality product will give you a very fulfilling experience with your pet snake. See the following terrains for snakes. 

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1. Exo Terra 18’’ x 18’’ x 24’’ All Glass Terrarium

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Let your pet snake enjoy the comfort of a natural-looking environment. The 18’’ x 18’’ x 24’’ terrarium from Exo Terra brings with it some of the best conditions for your pet. 

  • Perhaps the most outstanding feature in this terrarium is the rock background, which blends natural habitat features.
  • The rugged design of the background offers varied designs for your pet to climb up and down.

The extended ground platform gives room for ground resting if your pet likes to stay on low ground. The base is made of waterproof material to prevent water absorption.

The terrarium is slightly raised to provide space for inserting a heating element for the snake bedding or substrate.

The heating element heats the substrate to the optimum temperature to keep your pet comfortable. Temperature is also regulated through the window ventilation just below the door.

The glass front and side walls allow you to have a more comprehensive view of your pet. You can easily access the cage through the dual hinged door system on its front phase.

The door is equipped with a reliable lock to prevent accidental opening by pets, kids, or the snake itself.

At the top of this terrarium is a removable screen designed for letting in infrared light and UVB. It’s equipped with locks on the sides and inlets for inserting tubes or wires into the cage.

The Good:

  • Strong and durable stainless steel frame
  • Rock background provides natural-like habitat.
  • Substrate heating and proper ventilation
  • Double door and removable top screen

The Bad:

  • Possibility of glass breaking

2. REPTI ZOO Double Door Glass Terrarium – Reptile

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This is a great terrarium for your snake pet. It’s a glass-type enclosure with all the requirements for maintaining your reptile’s health and comfort.

  • Having glass walls ensures that you can view and monitor the animal even from far. 
  • It allows you to install a customized background, climbing items, substrate, and stuff for the snake to rest and hide.

Such a configuration allows your snake to shift from one place to another in response to the sun rays’ direction. This helps the snake in regulating its body temperature.

The top cover is a removable mesh that allows the penetration of infrared light, UVB, and air penetration.

The vent on the side also enhances ventilation and can be easily adjusted depending on the prevailing conditions.

The entire enclose is completely waterproof and has a reliable lock to secure the snake and prevent unintended opening by kids or pets.

What’s more, the raised glass platform on its bottom provides a means for heating the snake bedding.

The Good:

  • Sturdy glass walls
  • Durable steel frame
  • Good lighting and sufficient ventilation
  • Completely waterproof
  • A raised platform provides a heating chamber

The Bad:

  • Not ideal for a large snake

3. Carolina Custom Cages Reptile 48” x 24”x 24”Terrarium

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Quality, durability, and functionality are key to this terrarium from Carolina Custom Cages.

  • It’s constructed using tough steel and robust glass to ensure you get value for your investment. 
  • The three side walls, excluding the door, are made of tough cardboard with beautiful 3-D images of typical snake habitat.

These habitat impressions give your snake the illusion that they are in their natural habitat, making them comfortable.

The waterproof base ensures that the substrate or bedding does not get wet at any given time. The top cover is a meshed screen that promotes good air circulation and regulates temperatures inside the enclosure.

The sliding doors allow easy access to the enclosure during feeding or cleaning. There’s a reliable lock to secure your pet and prevent access by kids or pets.

With its easy and quick assembly design, you will neither waste a lot of time nor risk breaking any component.

The Good:

  • Ideal for reptiles such as snakes and a bearded dragon
  • Ample ventilation
  • Waterproof base
  • Cardboard walls with a mountain desert illusion
  • Sliding doors with a reliable lock
  • Black-coated frame

The Bad:

  • Relatively expensive

4. AQUA KT Terrariums Reptile Corner + Cup

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5. HYLYUN Terrarium Reptile Plant for Geckos Snake

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6. 2Pack Reptile Terrarium Plants + Cup for Snake

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7. Exo Terra 24’’x 18’’x 12’’ All Glass Reptile Terrarium

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This stylish terrarium looks impressive for indoor décor. Its short design completed with glass walls makes it a pretty piece for your home improvement projects.

  • Unlike the tall Exo Terra terrarium, this one gives you a landscape view of your snake pet similar to a TV set screen. 
  • The background at the back of this terrarium mimics a typical natural rock habitat for snakes.

Also included is a provision for climbing. The snake bedding and burrowing dens are not included in this product. But they are available at an extremely affordable price.

The raised bottom platform gives room for the substrate heater while the top screen promotes air circulation inside the enclosure.

This screen also allows the penetration of infrared light and UVB. It can be locked down securely or removed to access the interior of the terrarium for easy cleaning.

You can also access the enclosure through the hinged door.

A reliable door lock ensures your pet does not come out and prevents uninvited access by your kids or pets. At the back of the terrarium, there’re five closable holes for inserting tubes or cables.

The Good:

  • Short landscape design
  • Made with high-quality steel and robust glass
  • Secure door and lock
  • Closable holes for inserting tubes and cables
  • Excellent ventilation

The Bad:

  • Not ideal for jumping pets

8. Zilla Kit 10 Reptile Terrarium with Dome light

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Zilla Kit 10 is an ideal habitat for snake pets. It’s aesthetically designed with premium materials making it a good terrarium for indoor spaces. 

This snake cage measures 20.2’’ x 10.5’’ x 12.6’’, meaning it’s a compact enclosure that you can use for small snakes.

It comes with a green carpet that is capable of retaining heat to warm your pet. The carpet has odor-fighting properties and is not too rough for your snake.

The single dome light on its roof promotes good lighting inside the cage while also providing warmth to your pet.

There’s an analog gauge for monitoring the humidity and temperature of the surrounding. The top screen cover allows you to access the cage and promotes good air circulation within the cage.

Although it doesn’t come with a background or burrowing features, it will be an excellent terrarium for a beginner. You can purchase these inclusions separately to add some glamor to your terrarium.

The Good:

  • Compact size for indoor snake pet
  • Top mesh promotes adequate ventilation.
  • Ideal other reptile pets like geckos, lizards, a bearded dragon, and so on
  • Dome heater and lighting
  • Gauge for monitoring temperature and humidity

The Bad:

  • Background not included

9. Zoo Med Gecko Kit Natural Terrarium

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This terrarium comes with all accessories of a snake’s natural environment. So you won’t have to purchase additional items to add to your terrarium.

  • At only 12’’ X 12’’ X 18’’ in dimension, it will be a perfect snake enclosure for indoor spaces. 
  • As its name suggests, it uses eco-friendly materials to create a natural environment that makes your pet as comfortable as possible.

The substrate or bedding material is made of coconut fibers, which can be transformed into different environments to cater to different reptiles.

Unlike synthetic substrates, coconut fiber is bio-degradable. Thus you can use it in your garden as compost and replace it with fresh substrate.

The branch cork and the natural bush provide a perfect place for your snake to rest or hide. Plus, there’s a feeding rock, which also entails crevices for drinking water.

Ventilation inside the cage is made possible by the top screen, made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion. The screen also allows the penetration of UVB and UVA.

What’s more, the safety of your snake is guaranteed by the glass door, which has provisions for locking.

The Good:

The Bad:

  • Only for a small snake

10. REPTI ZOO Full View Mini Glass Terrarium for Reptile

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Get a mini snake terrarium for your home decoration projects. This terrarium gives you the perfect space for creating a natural habitat for your snake, lizard, or bearded dragon. 

It’s made of sturdy glass and a black coated steel frame giving it a stylish and appealing look. Thus, it’s a long-lasting piece of equipment that requires little maintenance.

The base platform allows you to install bedding or substrate of your choice.

You can also add hiding and resting chambers such as rocks, bush, and so on.

  • Since the enclosure is entirely water-tight, you can use it as a habitat for aquatic pets such as fish.
  • The top screen is a metallic mesh that allows air to get in and out of the cage.

When it gets cold, you can place a heating bulb on this screen, to provide a means for warming your pet.

Infrared light and UVB also reach your pet through this mesh. Plus you can remove it to access the cage during cleaning.

The Good:

  • Durable and stylish construction
  • Secure enclosure for your snake
  • Ample ventilation
  • Water-tight means it can be used with aquatic pets
  • Full glass view

The Bad:

  • Not good for large snakes

How to Choose the Best Terrariums for Snakes

A pet snake won’t serve its purpose if it is not housed properly. A good terrarium should not only give you a good display of your pet but also provide a comfortable environment for the reptile.

In this guide, I’ll take you through some important factors to consider when searching for the right enclosure for your snake.

The Size of the Terrarium

Snake pets come in different sizes and species. Some species are more active than others, meaning they exhibit a lot of movement inside a cage. Therefore, when selecting a cage, consider the length of your snake and its activity level.

You can choose a cage that is at least ¾ of the snake’s length. However, these criteria may not apply when you add too many accessories to enhance the cage’s beauty. In this case, you should consider a cage that is longer than the snake.


Just like humans, snakes need to breathe correctly for their survival. Therefore, a good snake cage should allow air to get in and out. Most of the cages have meshed screens on their top for ventilation and lighting.

Some have additional vents on their sides and near the door to increase airflow in and out of the cage.

Heating and Lighting

Snakes thrive well when provided with an environment that mimics their natural habitat. Right temperature and lighting are essential parameters for the survival and comfort of your snake.

Therefore, ensure that the cage comes with a means for heating and lighting. You might need a thermometer to monitor the temperature in the cage to maintain the optimum temperature.


You can’t risk losing your adorable pet. It’s both painful and a waste of money. So, you should ensure you get a secure terrarium with no possible escape routes for your pet. If the snake gets out of the cage, it may run into the bush, get trampled on the floor, or get killed by your dog or cat.

It also ensures that your cage comes with a reliable lock to prevent your kid’s or pets’ accidental opening.


Like other pets, snake pets should be taken care of to have a quality life. And apart from diet, they require an excellent terrarium that blends their natural habitat. 

  • Your typical terrarium will essentially be determined by your budget and the size of the snake. 
  • Other factors to consider include ventilation, security, and the ability to regulate temperature and humidity.

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