Best Wasp Fogger

Top 7 Best Wasp Fogger in 2024 Reviewed

A wasp infestation could be such frustration in your place, especially if no lasting solution is put into place – try the best wasp fogger. Foggers are commercial wasp killers that not only eliminate the infestation but also inhibit future infestation.

  • When choosing a wasp fogger, consider factors such as the quantity, chemical formulation, area covered, environmental implications, and extent of activeness.

Moreover, you need to check on operation mechanism, impacts on kids & pets, and available certification. Match fogger to the recommended environment (indoors or outdoors). Related: Bees vs Wasps vs Hornets

Reviews: Top Wasp Foggers

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1. FMC – 10058237 – Pyrethrin Fogger

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FMC Pyrethrin is a naturally blended wasp fogger that’s specially manufactured for indoor use only.

The fluid is sufficiently pressurized (5oz) for smooth administration, while the canister is fitted with a classic spray nozzle that supports point fumigation.

With improved concentration, FMC Pyrethrin guarantees extended area coverage – you can spray up to 5000 cubic feet. More so, FMC is human and pet safe – it won’t cause skin irritation or respiratory discomfort when inhaled.

The natural additives found in FMC Pyrethrin makes it ideal for use in areas such as hospital, warehouses, hotels, schools, garages, and homes without any adverse effects – it is environmentally friendly.

Indeed, FMC kills and prevents future re-infestation of wasps on single or double applications. The killing effectiveness left behind (by FMC Pyrethrin) prevents wasp’s eggs from hatching, while the product’s scent dies down in a couple of minutes.

The neuro-tech principle used in FMC Pyrethrin attacks the wasp’s central nervous system instantly, thus killing the insect slowly without any violence – stinging or buzzing.

Although FMC Pyrethrin works best for indoors, it’s not suitable for use in small closets or cabinets – high concentration may take longer to surge or fade.


  • Suitable for indoor wasp fumigation
  • Environmentally friendly – made from pyrethrum extract
  • Can be used in any place – home, school, garages, or hospital
  • Also kills mosquitoes, crickets, moths, tick and cockroaches
  • Kills on contact – quick-acting
  • Comes with dual synergized pyrethrins
  • Safe for pets – won’t cause skin irritation
  • Packed in a classic 5oz canister
  • Allows point application – fitted with press nozzle
  • Serves a wide area – up to 5000 cubic feet


  • Not for outdoor use
  • Highly flammable
  • Not for use in small closets

2. Ortho Home Defense Wasp Fogger

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Ortho Home Defense is a modern-tech wasp fogger that features a complex chemical regulator, which treats surface for up to 8 hours.

The simple solvent action formula that comes with Ortho breaks easily without straining the surface – it’s more comfortable to clean.

Indeed, Ortho integrates a classic press activation mechanism that not only allows intermittent spray action but also supports point application – you can easily fog wasps right at their hideouts/nest.

By choosing to use Ortho Home, you will also kill other insects like gnats, flies, mites, mosquitoes, hornets, and bugs. Furthermore, you’ll inhibit future wasp infestation as well.

Ortho Home guarantees instant killing action upon contact and comes with limited overflow – the dense fluid formulation keeps it stuck on the surface during the action.

With Ortho Home, you can also eliminate ornamental garden pests sufficiently – it remains active for up to 7 days. Remember, Ortho Home comes with extended use coverage – it’s best for outdoor wasp’s elimination.

NB: Always leave the solvent to dry before settling in the treated section. If possible, wipe/mop the surface with warm water.


  • Its quick-acting – kills instantly on contact
  • Best for outdoor use and Durable – effective up to 7 days
  • Comes with extended coverage – can be used in bush, shrubs, lawns, and grassy sections
  • It kills multiple pests/insects – hornets, flies, mites, bugs, and gnats
  • Fitted with a class press trigger – easier to use
  • Kills and prevents future infestation


  • Poisonous when swallowed – keep off from kids and pets
  • The package could be more – come in one pack

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3. Durvet IGR House Fogger

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Durvet IGR is a water-based wasp fogger that is specially manufactured using natural ingredients (pyrethrum), which kill wasps instantly on contact.

The three active insect killers are mixed particularly to boost the killing action without affecting the surface under fumigation.

Indeed, Durvet IGR contains a toxic chemical that eliminates both adult and young wasps entirely in seconds. Furthermore, the concentrated fluid (Durvet IGR) prevents wasp re-infestation for over 7 months on a single application.

Durvet IGR integrates Nylar (wasp growth regulator) that inhibit wasps from reproduction, thus controlling the entire colony with time. In addition, IGR does not contain CFCs, which causes environmental pollution – depletes the ozone layer.

You can comfortably use Durvet IGR to kill other insects/pests such as ticks, cockroaches, ants, spiders, lice, moths, flies, etc. without any challenges.

The product comes packed in three canisters, which covers a wide area – good for large-scale use.

If you choose to buy Durvet IGR, you’ll definitely love the classic spray nozzle that allows point application and prevents overspray, which leads to unmarked losses. Not forgetting, Durvet IGR is suitable for both indoors and outdoors use.

NB: Durvet IGR is budget-friendly and has long-lasting effects.


  • Manufactured with botanical pyrethrum – fast killing
  • Best for large scale use too – comes in 3 pack
  • Inhibits wasp growth – has Nylar additives
  • Kills both adult and young wasps
  • Contains no CFCs – no pollution
  • Easy to clean – manufactured using a water-based formula
  • Prevents re-infestation for over 7 months
  • Kills wasps on contact
  • Also kills ants, fleas, flies, moths, lice, ticks, mosquitoes, etc.


  • It is slightly expensive
  • Poisonous if swallowed – keep off from children and pets

4. Raid Wasp and Hornet Killer

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Raid is a market lead wasp fogger that features a complex chemical base, which actively kills both young and adult wasp on contact.

The residual substance left upon Raid application inhibits wasps re-infestation and prevents their eggs from hatching.

Actually, Raid contains permethrin and pyrethrins substances, which not only kill wasps, but also eliminate other pests/insects such as bees, hornets, mud daubers, and yellow jackets.

Moreover, the solvent is specifically concentrated to boost its activeness up to 22 feet from point of application.

With Raid, your outdoor wasp’s elimination will a thing of the past. Indeed, the product comes in a 3-pack canister, which guarantees wide area coverage without reordering.

Raid is fitted with an ergonomically fit trigger, which prevents overspray and allows point application when in use.

You will definitely love the uniform fluid layer (stain-free) that is left on the sprayed surface – it is more comfortable to clean.

Apart from matching budget to value, Raid comes in a classic portable design that supports intermittent placement when in use. Remember, Raid should always be kept away from pets or kids – it’s poisonous when swallowed.


  • It’s suitable outdoors use
  • Can be applied to a wide variety of products
  • Kills other insects such as bees, yellow jackets, and mud daubers
  • Highly effective – attacks wasps up to 22 feet away
  • Destroys entire wasp’s life cycle – egg, larvae, pupae and adult
  • Leaves residual killing effect
  • Instantly kills on contact and Prevents future re-infestation
  • Packed in 3 canisters – wide coverage


  • Slightly expensive
  • Poisonous when swallowed

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5. Spectracide HG Killer

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Spectracide HG is a non-staining wasp fogger that’s manufactured using a simple chemical formulation, which acts and kill wasps instantly upon contact.

The fluid is packed in a pressurized form, sufficient to cover the wasp’s nest entirely on a single press.

Indeed, Spectracide HG is fitted with a classic spray nozzle and ergonomic trigger that allows directional spray action, which prevents overspray when in use.

More so, the stand-alone design that comes with Spectracide HG supports intermittent placement and boost bases stability.

By selecting Spectracide HG, you will not only eliminate the entire wasp life cycle, but you’ll also inhibit their future infestation. Spectracide HG will also kill other insects such as caterpillars, scorpions, yellow jackets, and ants in the process.

With improved solvent concentration, Spectracide HG delivers a killing effect up to 27 feet away.

The solvent will further destroy the wasp’s nest completely on contact. Though Spectracide HG may be unsuitable for small-scale use, it guarantees value for money if used for large purposes.

Importantly, Spectracide HG may trigger electric shocks or fire in case it gets into contact with the source. Precautions should be put into place while in use.


  • Dedicated jet spray – u to 27 feet
  • Destroys the nest too and Won’t stain the surface – easier to clean
  • Instant action – kills on contact
  • Also kills ants, caterpillar, and scorpions
  • Fitted with ergonomic spray nozzle
  • Wide area coverage – 12 pack
  • Eliminates the entire life cycle and is highly portable and effective
  • Comes with long-lasting residual effects
  • Best for outdoor use


  • It may cause electric hazard – electric-powered devices should be off
  • Unsuitable for small scale use

6. EcoSmart Wasp Killer

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EcoSmart is a modern-grade wasp killer that integrates complex plant-based formula, which is dedicated to killing wasps on contact.

The simple structural bonds break easily (during use) and cover the wasp’s nest entirely, leading to full capture as intoxication takes place.

In fact, EcoSmart is self-agitated and sufficiently concentrated to boost its activeness up to 18 feet away.

Moreover, you will love the peppermint oil scent left in the vicinity (upon use) and the impressive canola smell that won’t irritate your nasal cavity when inhaled.

With organic substances in EcoSmart, your environment is safe (no pollution). Actually, this product won’t cause skin irritation to both pets and kids upon contact – guarantees safe. However, if swallowed, EcoSmart may cause stomach upset.

The stand-alone design that comes with EcoSmart offers improved stability needed for intermittent placement, while the ergonomic spray nozzle tip is specially fitted to prevent overspray and allow point application where need be.

Furthermore, EcoSmart inhibits future re-infestation and destroy the wasp’s nest too.

Upon use, EcoSmart will also kill other insects such as spiders, hornets, and yellow jackets in the process. Notably, EcoSmart is affordable and leaves a long-lasting residual effect.


  • It features plant-based additives
  • Eco-friendly – no pollution
  • Safe no both pets and children
  • Has powerful killing ability – kills on contact
  • Can be used to kill spider, hornets and yellow jackets too
  • Comes with pleasant scent – integrates peppermint oil
  • It’s best for outdoor use and non-living room
  • Highly effective – reaches 18 feet away
  • Packed in a classic 14oz can
  • Allows point and directional application


  • The quantity could be more
  • Unsuitable for indoor use
  • Not for large scale wasps elimination

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7. Hot Shot Wasp & Hornet Killer

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Hot Shot is an outdoor wasp fogger that features a complex structural formulation, which knockout wasps to death instantly upon contact.

The water-based solvent integration provides sufficient surface contact and limits stain effects upon us – it’s more comfortable to clean.

Further, Hot Shot comes in a 2-pack canister that works best for both small to medium scale wasp’s elimination. You will appreciate the 17.5oz ratio, which sprays up to 27 feet from a single point without relocation.

Actually, Hot Shot is fitted with an improved spray nozzle that supports both directional and points application – this prevents overspray, which leads to further chemical losses.

By selecting Hot Shot, you’ll not only eliminate the entire wasp’s life cycle (eggs, larvae, pupae, and adult), but you will also kill other insects such as yellow jackets, caterpillars,  and scorpions, in your home.

More so, Hot Shot leaves behind a long-lasting residual effect that inhibits further re-infestation – it repels external wasp. Consider Hot Shot for best outdoor wasp elimination – do not use it indoors whatsoever.

Always take precautions when fumigating since direct inhalation may cause nasal irritation or discomfort.

Though slightly expensive, Hot Shot guarantees value for money, when use in small to medium scale wasps elimination.


  • Kills on contact – Quick acting
  • Won’t stain Surfaces – easier to clean
  • Eliminates the wasp’s nest too
  • Fitted with classic jet spray – ergonomic
  • Wide effective range – up to 27 feet
  • It supports directional and points application – no overspray
  • Best for outdoor use only and integrates water-based formulation – safe
  • Also kills scorpions, caterpillar, tents, and yellow jackets
  • Limit future infestation


  • Not for indoor use
  • Slightly expensive
  • It’s unsuitable for large scale wasps killing

8. OFF! Outdoor Fogger

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Off Outdoor Fogger comes in a 3-pack canister that is sufficiently compressed and agitated to improve activeness up to 20 feet away – no relocation.

Indeed, Off fogger will cover a substantial area of up to 900 square feet without reordering – this matches value to money.

By choosing to buy Off Outdoor Fogger, you’ll not only eliminate the entire wasp’s colony but also inhibit their future re-infestation.

In addition, Off Fogger kills other insects such as mosquitoes, lady beetles, flies, and moths at the same time.

Off fogger integrates natural additives that reduce chances of air pollution upon use. The low concentration of pyrethrins is a clear indicator that Off fogger is not only safe for pets but guarantees no pollution upon use.

The fast-acting formula that comes with Off fogger knocks down wasps to death upon contact, while the repellant effect keeps the surrounding insects away. Actually, Off fogger leaves continuous killing effectiveness for 6 hours.

Though safe for pets and kids, extra concentration on the skin may cause irritation or upset.


  • It covers a wide area – up to 900 square feet
  • Manufactured for outdoor use only
  • Repels wasps and inhibit their future re-infestation
  • Has 6 hours residual effects
  • It kills other insects such as mosquitoes, moths, lady beetle, and flies in the process
  • Fitted with the comfortable press activation mechanism
  • Allows point application – no overspray
  • Comes with classic base design – stable


  • Not for indoor use
  • May cause skin irritation upon contact
  • The residual effects could be more


To wrap up, on the best wasp fogger, you need to consider factors such as the activation mechanism, package quantity, area of use (is it for indoors or outdoors use?), duration of killing action, and the number of applications needed for excellent results.

  • Further, you should match the fogger with a recommended area of use, check the environmental effects, human & pets safety, as well as the mode of killing indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Having an area covered by a given wasp fogger in mind is critical as it reduces the chances of chemical overflow, which may affect unplanned areas.
  • Indeed, it’s advisable to always check on the labels for further information and see to it if there is any certification needed before use.

Since most of these foggers may trigger fire, precautions should be put into place before use.  It’s recommended that you contact a professional exterminator if you are new to wasp fogger. Importantly, go for a budget-friendly wasp fogger without compromising net quality.