7 Best Wasp Sprays (and Hornets) Reviewed

To defeat wasps’ colonies in your house or compound, you’ll need to acquire the best wasp spray. This is important, as wasps can really be nuisance at homes, especially when disturbed. Best Wasp Spray

They attack by stinging the enemy severally and instilling painful toxic chemical that cause swelling and bleeding at times. 

The situation may even worsen for those victims who are wasps allergic. To gain more insight, let’s get into the reviews. Read Also: Bees vs. Wasps vs. Hornets.

Sprays: 7 Best Wasp Sprays (and Hornets) Reviewed 

1. Raid Wasp and Hornet Spray – #1 Wasp and Hornet Spray

Raid wasp spray tops our list due to its unbeatable performance through active killing of horse fly and nested wasps on contact. The product features a strong scented chemical that is extra pressurized to improve its oz speed while spraying.

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The 17.5 ounce product will not only kill the adult wasps but also get rid of any eggs, larva and nymph in the wasps’ nest on contact. The active killing scent of Raid works within a radius distance of up to 22 feet.

Raid comes with a well-designed nozzle that allows easier point application into wasps’ hideouts. The flexible trigger that is incorporated in this product allows quick back locking and thus secures the remained spray for future use.

Raid spray remains active for over 2 weeks thus enabling killing of any wasps that return after spraying is carried out.

This wasp killer is manufactured to worker best in outdoor wasp eliminations. However, point application for wasps’ nests found inside the house can be done – only that your will need to seek qualified examinator to do that for you.

The 2-can package that come with Raid will spray several nests sufficiently. In addition, this product will also eliminate Hornets, ants, bees as well as mud daubers completely in the vicinity.

Importantly, Raid is clients reputable due to its long term, quality service delivery.


  • Budget friendly spray option
  • Kills on contact – quick acting
  • Powerful killing scent
  • Environmental friendly – no pollutants
  • 2-Can package, 17.5 ounce
  • Long lasting and multiple applications
  • Don’t itch on skin contact
  • Best for outdoors
  • Won’t affect your pets
  • Point application nozzle
  • Can also kill ants and bees


  • No suitable for indoor wasp killing

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2. Hot Shot 13416 Wasp – #1 Wasp and Hornet Spray

To enjoy extra killing radius distance, select Hot Shot- a product that is engineered to cover a jet spray distance of 27 feet from single point of application.

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The narrow edge nozzle of the Hot shot is specially designed to allow point action when spraying – this reduces unnecessary loses. In addition, the powerful killing agent in Hot Shot compound will kill both the adult wasps and hornets immediately on contact.

You’ll enjoy a wide spray cross-sectional area since the product’s 17.5 oz, releases the killing chemical fast without letting any wasp escape alive.

The water base aerosol spray is non-pollutant and will eliminate the entire wasps’ nest in a single application. Moreover, it will also kill the eggs and larva as well as any other wasp that visits the nest site 2-3 weeks after spraying.

This product is best suit when used outdoor. It features a special non-stain agent, thus, won’t stain any clothing or furniture.

You can also use Hot Shot to eliminate yellow jackets, ants, caterpillars, scorpions as well as bees in your compound. In case you use this spray indoors, let the windows and doors remain open for at least 5-7 hours.

Though Hot shot has no skin irritation, the product is poisonous when swallowed and should therefore be kept away from children.


  • Covers larger radius- 27 feet
  • High nozzle speed -17.5 oz
  • Allows point application
  • No staining on clothes – water based
  • Kills on contact.
  • Environmental friendly – no pollutants
  • Long lasting – several applications per can
  • Budget friendly and top quality
  • Kills entire wasp’s life cycle
  • No skin irritation or effects on pets


  • Poisonous when swallowed
  • Not best for indoor use

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3. Spectracide PRO Wasp Spray

The Spectracide PRO is manufactured essentially with a powerful wasps’ knockdown chemical that kills entire wasp’s life cycle (egg, larvae, nymph and adult) instantly on contact.

Spectracide 30110 SpectracidePRO Wasp & Hornet Killer Check Today’s Price

The sharp narrow oz, that is enable by nicely designed trigger, allows point application in tiny holes, cracks or other wasps’ hideouts – hornets. 

Spectracide PRO will secure a large area of 20 feet radius and will instantly knock down any flying wasp without necessarily following it. Actually, this products leaves behind an active killing scent that will last 1-4 weeks, thus helping in elimination of any wasp that may come back.

With Spectracide PRO, you will also get rid of mud daubers and yellow jackets in your compound completely. Moreover, this product comes with 47, 300 volts of powerful dielectric breakdown energy and thus should only be used in outdoor wasps’ elimination.

For quicker wasp killing, you will need to spray the chemical either early in the morning or at the sunset since this is the best time when wasps are very active.

Normally, you will need to spray the wasp nest till it gets moist/wet and then leave it for 24 hours before your remove it – this ensures complete killing of the wasp’s life cycle.

Spectracide PRO is non- pollutant, stain free and won’t irritate your skin on contact. However, it causes stomach upset when swallowed and should strictly be kept away from kids.


  • Large spray area coverage – 20 feet radius
  • Strain free, non-pollutant and has no skin irritation
  • Kills instantly on contact
  • Deep penetration in cracks and holes
  • Powerful oz speed -17.5
  • Point application
  • Best outdoor application
  • 1-4 weeks knockdown effect


  • No for indoor application

4. Pt Wasp and Hornet Spray Freeze II Wasp Spray

For excellent destruction of wasps’ colonies, Pt Wasp and Hornet Spray Freeze is manufactured with a super active killing agent that instantly knock down the wasps on contact.

Pt Wasp and Hornet Freeze Check Today’s Price

Actually, this product freezes and paralyzes the wasps on contact before killing it, thus protecting you from any possible stinging.

With Pt Wasp and Hornet Freeze, you will be able to kill wasps over 15 feet away without moving any closer. Moreover, the point application mechanism that comes with this product allows you to spray deep places such as holes and cracks where wasps may hide.

Unlike Wasp Freeze, the Pt Wasp and Hornet Freeze II features a powerful prallethrin compound that will also help eliminate bees, mud daubers, tent caterpillars as well as spiders. Moreover, this chemical won’t cause any pollution all respiratory irritation while spraying.

Actually, this product would work best when used outdoors on wasps’ nest, holes or cracks. You can utilize point application if you choose to use it indoors.

However, precautions are highly required to avoid any spill over on clothing or utensil as this scent may take longer to fade away.

The spray trigger is nicely designed to allow lock back thus helping save remaining spray for future use. When spraying, you will need to ensure that the applied area is fully wet or moist to enable complete killing of eggs and larvae.

Pt Wasp and Hornet Freeze has a chilling effect that remain active for 2-3 weeks- this will keep off or kill any wasp that may come back. Sunrise or sunset is the best time for spraying since the wasps are usually very active then.


  • Knockdown killing on contact
  • Long chilling effect-2 to 3 weeks
  • Point application
  • High Oz -17.5 and less application force
  • Large application radius – 15 feet
  • No respiratory upset or skin irritation
  • Has a Non-pollutant compound –prallethrin
  • Can also kill mud daubers and spiders
  • Best for outdoor application


  • Poisonous when swallowed

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5. Syngenta 73654 Demand CS

When it comes to large colonies of wasp, Syngenta is the best wasp spray to use. The product features a powerful iCAP Technology that activates the compound for instant killing on contact after application.

Syngenta 73654 Demand CS Insecticide, 8oz Check Today’s Price

Syngenta comes in a large container that ensures several applications (of many wasps’ nest) without refiling or depletion. Moreover, the 8.0 oz delivers ample surface application time without any wastage.

The water-based wasp killer will deliver an excellent killing action for both outdoors and indoors application.  This product will actually serve you for longer time than any other product because; for every can, you’ll be able to make 4-8 gallon of powerful deadly spay chemical (6-24ml per gallon).

The multi-sized microcaps or Syngenta actively penetrates the wasps’ nest thus killing the entire wasp’s life cycle. Actually, the demand CS compound in Syngenta will remain active for 3 weeks, whether sprayed in hot or cold environment.

Importantly, Syngenta is a non-pollutant and will cause not skin irritation on contact. The product has no odor or any staining agent that may affect the sprayed surfaces – hornets. 

Notably, the Lambda-cyhalothrin compound integrated in Syngenta will help kill over 30 insect species including the spiders, flies, ticks, bed bugs, ants etc. In fact, Syngenta won’t harm your pets.

NB: This product is poisonous when swallow and should therefore be kept away from kids.


  • Best for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Kills instantly on contact
  • Large quantity – 4-8 gallons when diluted
  • Non-pollutant and has no skin irritation
  • Kills over 30 insect species
  • Don’t stain surfaces
  • Has Powerful iCAP Technology
  • Kills on Contact
  • Harmless to pets


  • Low Oz -8.0
  • Poisonous when swallowed
  • Slightly expensive

6. Wondercide Natural Indoor Pest Control Spray

For your indoors wasps killing action, consider Wondercide as it comes with a quick-acting chemical that kills the entire wasp’s life cycle on contact.

Wondercide Natural Indoor Pest Control Spray for Home and Kitchen Check Today’s Price

One amazing feature of this product is the pull trigger nozzle that allows you to control the amount of spray you release. Moreover, the nozzle opening is specially designed to allow easier point application without spilling off.

Wondercide has aroma therapeutic fragrance (rosemary, peppermint oil and cider oil) that leaves a nice smell after every application. The powerful 32.0 Oz allows deep penetration into cracks and holes (wasps’ hideouts) while spraying. The USA made product has a strong active scent that will not only kill the insects but also repel them.

Wondercide is water-based natural compound and won’t stain your clothes, furniture or carpet on use. Moreover, this product is safe for children and pets such as dogs and cats.

Importantly, Wondercide will kill other insects such as spiders, scorpions, fruit flies, cockroaches, ticks, ants, fleas etc. In fact, Wondercide is the solution you need for other house-invading insects that may be disturbing you.

All you need to do is to keep off the locked house for 2-6 hours after spraying, in order to allow actual insect killing to take place and then, clean the mess out.


  • Quick-acting – kills on contact
  • Deep penetration- 32.0 Oz
  • Don’t stain clothes, carpet or furniture
  • Best for indoor wasp spray
  • Can also kill spiders, ants, ticks, fruit flies etc.
  • Has nice fragrance – aroma therapeutic
  • Not harmful to children, cats and dogs
  • It’s USA made and Has natural ingredients
  • Don’t irritate the skin or throat
  • Nice pull-controlled nozzle design


  • Not Suitable for outdoor use
  • Can be harmful when swallowed

7. TERRO T3300-2 Wasp Spray

TERRO comes in two powerful cans that will help eradicate completely any wasps’ infestation in your place in a couple of minutes.

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The product has nicely designed nozzle that will enable point application. Moreover, the TERRO comes in a high pressurizes state. The 19.0 TERRO Oz allows deep penetration thus reaching wasps right in their cracks and other hideouts without strain.

You won’t need to keep shaking the can since TERRO continuous releases the killing agent nice by help of light pressure push button.

The quick-acting killing chemical will eliminated the entire wasp’s life cycle (adult, eggs, larva, and nymph) instantly on contact. Actually, the chemical is formulated to form a foam that suffocate the wasps after spraying.

TERRO has a large area coverage since its jet spray can reach up to 20 feet radius from a single point. The product won’t harm your pets or kids while spraying. In addition, TERRO has no odor that may cause respiratory upset.

You can use this product best outdoors. The water-based compound won’t stain your clothes, furniture or other items on contact.

Importantly, TERRO cause no skin irritation on contact and it’s safe both kids and pets. However, the product has itching sensation if it touches your eyes (rinse with excess clean water).

The best time to spray this chemical is at sunrise or sunset – clean the entire wasps’ nest after 24 hour to enable effective killing.


  • Large area coverage -20 feet radius
  • Kills on contact – quick acting
  • Also kill Mud daubers and Yellow jackets
  • Long Lasting – 2-can package
  • Non-pollutant and non-staining
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Has no odor or additives
  • No skin irritation
  • Nicely Designed nozzle
  • Point Application
  • Budget friendly


  • Unsuitable for indoors
  • Cause eye irritation on contact


Though wasps’ infestation can cause serious problems to dwellers, proper elimination approach is needed to succeed in combating them. Having the best wasp spray in your house is one crucial step towards this success.

It’s important that you select the wasp spray that will not only eliminate wasps but can also destroy any other insect that gives you trouble at your home. Remember, some of the best wasp spray are reviewed in this article for you.

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