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Bio-clean Drain Septic Bacteria 2 Review

Bio-clean Drain Septic Bacteria 2 Review? Don’t we all hate the common challenge of the slow-moving drain in the kitchen or sink?

In this post, I’ve reviewed the Bio-clean Drain Septic Bacteria, which is one of the drain cleaners I recommend for your plumbing systems. I tested Bio-clean using Friskies cat food that contains 10 % fats, 30 % protein, and the others are mineral substances & carbohydrates. 

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You have to note that Bio-clean Drain cleaner is a bacteria/ enzyme formula that is eco-friendly. Luckily, it’ll tear down the clog/ gunk on the inner side of your drain pipes (both metal including copper and PVC pipes) but won’t damage the pipes.

Bio-clean Drain Septic Bacteria 2 Review

Therefore, compared to other drain cleaners that are either highly basic or highly acidic, thus harming your piping system, this Bio-clean Drain cleaner has only enzymes and natural bacteria that’ll break down the organic matter (the drain clog) that’s blocking the plumbing system.

Safe and Ease of application

You’ll require a single teaspoonful of the drain cleaner and dump it into the clogged drain or piping system. However, mix the drain cleaner powder with some hot water to activate the bacteria and enzymes’ working. Finally, pour your great water drain cleaner mixture directly into the clogged drain.

The slower rate of action: 4-6 hours (Overnight is better)

Compared to the other drain cleaners such as Pure Lye drain opener, Drano Max Gel Clog Remover, or the XIONLAB Safer Drain Opener that required an allowance of 15-30 minutes to work on the drain clog fully, this Bio-clean Drain cleaner requires about 4-6 hours without flushing with either cold or hot water. This is mainly because The organic enzymes and bacteria have a slow rate of action compared to the basic, acidic or caustic cleaners.

Cost-effective drain cleaner

Bio-clean Drain cleaner is more very safe and cost-effective compared to other drain cleaners available in the market today – due to the en enzymatic mode of action. Bio-clean is highly economical.

It allows about 100 drain treatments per bottle. As noted above, you’ll only require just one tablespoon to treat your clogged drain. The natural bacteria tend to multiply fast after eating some organic matter in the plumbing system, giving you faster and cheap drain removal. 

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Genetically built formula

The genetically built formula will consume all the soap scum, oil, grease, hair, and cotton in your clogged drains. It’s a unique formula that is a development from the advances in the recent decade’s biotechnology. The clog’s enzymes act by digesting the foreign material in a way just like how humans digest food.

On the other hand, once mixed in water, the bio-clean digest the organic matter, tripling in number by the minute, and release mineral ash, carbon dioxide, and water. Further, the enzymes do not rely on gravity to act and will thus ill love throughout the clogged drain and eat away the organic matter.

Bio-Clean safe for pipes?

I would say that Bio-clean, as they are just natural bacteria and enzymes, won’t generate dangerous gases in their action. Bio-clean digests organic materials without heating or generation poisonous fumes.

The drain cleaner won’t harm your pipes as it has not contained caustic, acidic, or alkaline formula. Further, it won’t eat away any live tissue as hence it’s safe for yourself, your kids, or pets in addition to being eco-friendly.

Further, the products of its action are only mineral ash, water, and carbon dioxide. The mineral ash must not make you worry as it’s safe and even helps aid plant development.

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