How to Get Rid of Cockroaches (Step By Step)

A cockroach infestation is probably the hardest household to control. Besides being very sneaky, cockroaches breed very fast, bite human beings when food sources are limited,  scared, and may even develop resistance to some pesticides. But don’t despair, there are different best roach killers. But, in this article, we discuss in detail some of the best ways … Read more

How to Get Rid of Fleas (Quickly)

The few fleas you see on your dog or cat only make up 5 percent of the total flea population in your home. There is a whole bunch of them hiding on your pet’s bed, carpet, furniture, and even in your own bed. Here are some great methods on how to get rid of fleas … Read more

How To Kill Bed Bugs Fast!

When you wake up and discover blisters, red rashes, bed bug bites, or small itchy spots, there is every possibility that bed bugs are around your living domicile. A bedbug infestation can cause restless nights and spread panic in most homes – and the bed bugs bites could last for long. In this post, I … Read more

7 Best Squirrel Repellent 2019 Reviewed

Below is a guide to the top 6 best squirrel repellents on the market, as well as a quick guide on how to use them properly. Although cute to look at, Squirrels can be damaging pests. Squirrels can chew holes in doors and wires, damage the insulation and leave their feces inside your home. They … Read more

Do Fleas Stay On Humans?

If you’re like most humans, you’ll start scratching just with the mention of bed bugs. However, fleas bites on humans are only incidental. But adult fleas will bite and suck blood from humans, cats, dogs and outdoor animals like opossums, foxes, and rodents both for survival and reproduction purposes.  So, in this post, I’ve answered … Read more

7 Best Weed Killer for Lawns 2019 Reviewed

Lawn weeds are a real pain in your beautiful yards, flowerbeds, driveways, sidewalks, and patios. Also, choosing the best weed killer for lawns is a daunting task.  For instance, any non-selective and flower bed weed killers kill both weeds and the lawn grass; non-selectively.  Experts advise various weed killers for different circumstances to help you … Read more

Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas on Cats

You might have noticed that your cat is scratching its fur more than usual and some small creatures are falling off its skin. Your cat is most probably infected by fleas, a nightmare to your cat and you as well. There are many ways to get rid of fleas from cats. They include methods where … Read more

Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas on Dogs

Fleas are not only irritating and a nuisance to your dog but they also cause painful wounds to them and internal infections. Many methods to get rid of fleas on dogs have been advanced. Among the numerous methods, many dog owners are opting for methods that don’t involve the use of chemicals. Methods that do … Read more

7 Best Weed Killers for Flower Beds 2019

If you’re wondering how to get rid of the weeds in your flower bed or lawns, you’re not alone! You can get about it the ordinary way by hand plucking the weeds but this is laborious and not a permanent solution. The weeds will just grow right back if not removed by the root. We … Read more

Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Spray Review

Hey guys and welcome. In this post, I’ve reviewed Bedlam Plus bed bug spray – one of our best bed bug sprays. Bedlam Plus residue will continue killing bed bugs for about 4 weeks after application. I note that it’s great for carpeting, box springs, and mattresses.  Luckily, research reports that more than 40 percent … Read more

Diatomaceous Earth (Uses and Benefits)

You probably were searching remedies to the roach infestation in your home, or a solution to fleas that have become a nuisance to your pet and stumbled on Diatomaceous earth. And now you are wondering what this Diatomaceous earth is. This article is going to lay down all the facts about Diatomaceous earth and its … Read more

Spectracide Bug Stop Fogger Review for Bed Bugs

Spectracide Bug Stop Fogger is not a spray but a fogger, or bug bombs, which will claim the ability to permanently kill bed bugs – as one of the best bed bug sprays.  Nevertheless, we know that it leaves no residue and its odorless, but is it effective against bed bugs, their eggs, and nymphs? So, … Read more