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Bed Bugs vs. Ants – Bite Difference

What is the difference between by Bed Bugs vs. Ants? Well, most Insects bites are challenging to tell them apart. However, it is important to know the difference between bed bugs and ants, particularly their body shape, overall behaviour and their bite characteristics. Such differentiation would enable you to choose the right insect solution such […]

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Where Do Fleas Come From?

View On Amazon One Minute you’re living your life, blissful and free of worry. The next, you’re clawing at your legs like Freddy Krueger, wondering if the joy and company that your pet provides you is really worth the hell he’s unleashed on your world. Before we get into some useful products for flea control, […]

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Do Carpenter Bees Sting or Bite?

Carpenter Bees‘ stings, just like those from snakes, are truly terrifying. Their huge size and the aggressive nature of the male carpenter bees cause even more fear among people.So, do Do Carpenter Bees Sting or Bite? Carpenter bees drill holes on people’s houses, wooden fences. Additionally, if a wood pecker passes by the drilled holes, […]

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Compare Carpenter Bee vs Bumblebee

Amidst the confusion between black bees in your yard, you must have tried to compare carpenter bee vs bumblebee. I hope you agree that differentiating between the two bee types was a difficult task. In this article we will examine the similarities and differences between  bumble bee and carpenter bee. Related: Do Carpenter Bees Sting?  But […]

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