Can Bed Bugs Bite Through Clothes? 7 Tips

Dealing with bed bugs is a menace in our houses. They like to hide under clothes and mattresses but can bed bugs bite through clothes.

  • The truth is bedbugs cannot bite through clothes. They have to find their way through the skin before they can bite. A lot of people think that they can bite through clothes but they don’t. They only penetrate through the open spaces of the pajamas, blankets, socks, sheets, and other fabrics.

Different types of clothing that offer different kinds of protection on bed bugs. Whether you use it in the bedroom or living room, the experience is just different. Related: Bed Bug Foggers.

Details: Can Bed Bugs Bite Through Clothes?

If you have a bed bug infestation in your house, don’t be surprised if you wake up and find yourself with bugs bites.

  • Not because the bugs will bite through the clothes but because they have an easy way to get under the garments and bite.

Though these clothes help, some still can’t protect you from the bites while others can.

1. Will Bed Bugs Bite via Your Pajamas?

Even if bed bugs cannot bite through fabrics, it is important to note that they can still make their way underneath the pajamas into the skin.

Bedbugs have mouths that are not structured to bite or cut through clothes but instead bite through soft skin. They also have a proboscis that easily penetrates into the skin and sucks blood which they depend on for survival.

The only way bed bugs will bite you even with your pajamas is when you sleep and leave parts of your skin exposed. They enter through the open spaces in the hand and legs and get to the skin before biting.

2. Will bed bugs bite via Skin tights?

Just like others fabrics, bed bugs can’t bite through skin tights. However, skin tights are very helpful because they keep the body well-covered making it hard for the bugs to get to the skin and bite.

Though the bugs may also try another way of getting to your skin by climbing to where the clothes are loose and easy to allow them to penetrate underneath.

Therefore, instead of pajamas, skin tights offer much better protection.

3. Can Bed bugs bite via Socks?

If you get bites underneath the socks, it’s probably not bed bugs because they can’t bite through socks. Whether the socks are cotton or elastic types, bed bugs will not be able to bite through them.

  • May bed bugs will probably move around the socks borderline where they get into contact with the skin and bite.

However, there are socks that are loose or woven with large spaces, they can easily let the bed bugs underneath and into the skin.

4. Can Bed Bugs Bite via Blankets?

Blankets don’t offer much protection from bed bug bites. If you are relying on it to protect yourself, you will be disappointed.

Unlike skin tights and other clothing, blankets won’t protect you from bites. Bed bugs are able to penetrate underneath the blankets and bite your exposed skin.

What if you tightly wrap the blanket around you? Well, chances are at night as you sleep you will untangle yourself and give room to the bugs to crouch in and start biting.

But if you are infested with bed bugs, don’t go for the blankets instead use pest control products to eliminate them and have a bug-free house.

6. Can Bed Bugs Bite via Sheets?

Just the same way, bed bugs can’t bite through other clothing, they also won’t bite through sheets. Like blankets, they will make their way underneath it before they can attack you.

  • Bugs are clever and will most likely hide beneath the blankets and sheets waiting for the right opportunity. In this case, they will also like to hide underneath the blankets.

Therefore, though bed bugs can’t bite through clothing, some clothing still makes it easy for the bugs to get through and bite.

How to Stop Bed Bugs f Biting Through the Clothing

Bed bugs are very nagging parasites. They attack when we least expect and can survive for a long period without a blood meal.

  • They will hide under the mattress and other areas and wait for the opportunity to get to the skin and bite.

Even though they can hardly bite through clothing, some home remedies will be good to keep off the bed bugs off.

1. Using Mattress Covers

For those bed bugs that hide under the mattress, it is so easy to keep them off by using mattress covers.

  • Because it is hard for the bugs to penetrate and bite through clothing, this will keep them off from finding their way to come and bite you.

This method is not 100 percent effective because it does not eliminate the bugs and those that are not enclosed under the cover will still come and attack you.

2. Using bug traps

There are tarps that are designed to trap bed bugs. They are available at the retailer’s store and other outlets.

  • With the traps, you can place them around the bed as you sleep to enjoy a peaceful night. These traps have either a slippery or a sticky surface that traps the bugs. These traps use heat and carbon dioxide to attract the bugs.

If you can have access to these traps, you can improvise a homemade trap by using water to create a slippery surface for the bugs.

3. Contacting an Expert

If the infestation is too much, contacting a pest control expert is a good option. This is because of their experience in bed bugs management.

  • Those using traps and covers works only to prevent the bites but will not stop the bug’s infestation.

Most pest control experts know how to handle and also eliminate both adult bugs and eggs and have a bedbug-free house.

In Summary

Can bed bugs bite through clothes? The answer is no. Their mouths are not adapted to that but are made of proboscis, which bites and sucks blood from the host.

  • Bed bugs find their way underneath the clothes into the skin, where can bite and have their blood meal. Some clothes like skin tights can prevent the bed bugs from reaching the skin while others like blankets and sheets can hardly do that.

To minimize the risk of bed bug bites through clothes, you can employ home-based solutions as listed or invite a pest control expert to help you.

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