Can Fleas Bite Through Clothes

Can Fleas Bite Through Clothes?

Fleas are very stubborn parasites. They like to suck blood from both humans and animals-more so our pets at home. When it’s cold outside, they find their way into our houses for survival. When on human, can fleas bite through clothes?

  • Yes, and No, fleas can’t bite through thick clothing or layers of clothes such as denim, jeans, and sneakers.
  • But, fleas can bite through thin clothes such as silk or lace – thin and tight fabric-like skin tights. Fleas cannot bite through clothes but like to find their way under the clothes and enjoy biting and sucking blood. 

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But, fleas will move under the clothes to feed on your exposed skin. Thus, you can stop flea bites by wearing closed-toe shoes, long trousers, and socks – and tuck the pant legs into your socks. For additional flea bite protection, use sprays some Sawyer Products Permethrin on your garments. 

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Can Fleas Bite Through Clothes?

Fleas can’t bite through clothes. But if the clothes are thin or tight they can. In most cases, fleas like to penetrate under the clothes and hide before they can bite into your skin.

  • There are some clothes that protect you from fleas. These clothes should actually cover your body well without leaving any part bare.
  • Fleas will always reach out for the skin but if they can’t reach it, they will attach themselves to the clothes as they wait for the best moment to bite.

On the other hand, there are clothes made from loose weaves that easily allow fleas to get to your skin.

  • For this kind of clothing, fleas won’t have to struggle to get to the skin even when you have fully covered yourself.

Fleas can also sneak their way into the clothes seam and stitch into the skin. This can happen even if the fabric used is strong and hard to allow fleas. 

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The Best Clothing to Stop Flea Bites

Fleas get into our clothes in so many ways. If they can bite through, they hide under the clothes and look for the best chance to bite.

  • Good fabrics are a better way of protecting yourself from their bites.
  • There are fabrics that can easily allow fleas to penetrate your skin and others that do not.

If you are visiting the store, garage, or chicken pen where there is flea infestation, there is a need to be mindful of the cloth types you put on. 

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Wearing Long Pants Tacked Into Socks

Even if fleas can’t bite through clothes, it is good to wear protective clothing that keeps fleas off.

  • For instance, there are long pants that can be tucked into socks and easily keep the fleas off.
  • Fleas can easily get into our bodies through open legs and feet and closed shoes will also help.

In the case of your hands, wear long-sleeved shirts and avoid crop tops and others that expose your skin.

Jeans and sneakers – These are good clothing that you can use to help in protecting yourself against fleas attacks.

You can wear them with socks because flies have a soft entry spot between socks and trousers. You can as well tuck the trousers into the socks.

So far so good, the best clothes that you can put on in a flea-infested zone are long pants and long-sleeved shirts. This is only helpful when it comes to preventing flea bites but that doesn’t mean fleas won’t attack you.

  • If not that, you can still use some spray repellents on your clothes to keep off the fleas from your clothes and prevent bites as well.
  • There are clothes that make us prone to fleas bite-these are;

Skin tights and thin fabrics – These kinds of fabrics are the easy spots for fleas, they can easily penetrate through them. If you have such kinds of clothes don’t dare use them

Loose woven clothes – This kind of clothing, though they are thick enough, they have a loose hole and pattern that allows fleas to go through. They are not good to put on in a fleas-infested area. 

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How Can I Keep Fleas Off Me?

Fleas are found both outdoors and also in houses. They are all-season pests that suck blood from humans and pets.

  • They don’t necessarily come as a result of dirt, but furry pets are one of the biggest hosts before they can find their way into the household fabrics curtains and carpets.
  • If there are notable signs that you have fleas in your house and outdoors, there are ways that you can protect yourself from those fleas.

Using Flea Repellents – Flea spray repellents are also a good way of keeping the fleas off your skin.

  • The good thing with the repellents is that they can be used both on the skin and on clothes.

There are different types and scents to select from while some are for domestic and commercial purposes.

Are Clothes Effective Flea Deterrents?

Clothes are very effective in protecting you against flea bites but they are not deterrents.

  • Repellents are very good deterrents that you can use, either the essential oils or the sprays for that case.
  • If you don’t have the repellents, long pants and shirts would do such a nice job in preventing flea bites.

The biggest worry will be that you may find yourself transferring all the fleas to your home and you may need other methods of elimination.

In Summary

Can fleas bite through the clothes? No, they can’t. Fleas are parasites and survive on human and pets’ blood and therefore will do anything to get to your skin.

  • Even so, there is a need to be vigilant and protect yourself from flea infestation and bite. Skintight and clothes with loose weaves are more likely to let fleas into your body.
  • Fleas hide under the clothes and other areas of your house and also outdoor. To avoid flea bites, it is good to control all the possible areas of infestation within your house for a flea-free environment.

Use of repellents and essential oils are good ways to keep fleas from your clothes and also avoid flea bites. Some other methods can also be applied to keep fleas from your home and also from pets.

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