Can Fleas Live in Carpets

Can Fleas Live in Carpets Fiber? or Rugs?

So, can fleas live in carpets? For pet owners, fleas are an unfortunate part of having animals in the home, and from time to time, you may notice an infestation on your pet – maybe you’ve tried flea foggers

But treating your animal for fleas may not be enough; you need to consider your home too! For the yard, you can try these quality flea sprays for lawns

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Details: Can Fleas Live in Carpets? Fleas in the Carpet

Of course, the fleas can fall from your pet onto the floor and set up shop deep within the fibers of your carpet, where they can thrive quite well. 

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You may be surprised to learn that fleas can survive in a carpet for 2-3 months. That being said, without a host, they will be unable to breed, and here’s why;

  • A female flea must take her first feed from a host to be able to lay her eggs.
  • Depending on how much blood the female flea can draw from her host will depend on how many eggs she can; you can expect an average female to lay up to 50 eggs in the hours.
  • The eggs are laid directly onto the host animal, and as they move around, these eggs will fall out of the fur and wherever the land will be where they develop. A carpet is a perfect location for this.
  • Once the eggs hatch and the larvae become fully developed, they attach themselves to a hand to repeat the cycle.
  • If you have treated your pet for fleas and have not tackled your carpet, you can be sure that the fleas will continue to inhabit your floor as well as making their way back onto your pet to breed once more. 

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How To Clean A Carpet To Get Rid Of Fleas

If you have found yourself with some unwelcome carpet guests, there are things that you can do to rid yourself of the lodgers – clean the carpet

The simplest solution is to vacuum the carpet thoroughly and don’t just stick to carpets where fleas have been seen but vacuum the entire house.

  • To do this, you should pay particular attention to any crevices and take extra care when vacuuming deep pile carpets to make sure that you thoroughly remove any flea eggs. It is preferable to use smaller attachments on hard to reach areas, ensuring you clean everywhere.
  • After vacuuming, dispose of the vacuum contents or bag to ensure that the fleas cannot escape once again.
  • When cleaning your pet’s bedding or any fabrics on which they have sat, ensure that you wash them on a high heat as this will kill any fleas or eggs present.
  • Once you have vacuumed the carpets, you can use diatomaceous earth or flea powder on them, which will prevent further flea infestations from occurring. You can purchase this natural repellent from most health stores, and it is perfectly safe for use around animals.
  • There are other natural ways to prevent fleas from coming back; one such way is using lemon juice diluted in boiled water as a spray for the carpet and your pet. Many insects and parasites are deterred with citrus scents, and fleas are no exception. Rosemary is also an excellent repellent for fleas and can be used in the same way as lemons.
  • You might decide to create a flea trap using watbowl er with some washing-up detergent inside. The fleas will land in the mixture but will be unable to escape.
  • Finally, and if all else fails, you could try steam cleaning the carpet. This is an excellent way to eradicate fleas as the super high temperatures are perfect for flea removal. 

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Where else Can Fleas Hide in the Home

Whilst fleas are a natural part of the world’s ecosystem; it’s safe to say that they are a huge pest, and once our beloved pets have been treated, we want to make sure that the fleas have been completely eradicated from home.

Many people will wash fabrics such as bedding and sofa covers at noticing a flea problem but offers, the carpet is forgotten. It can seem like a real challenge to tackle with it being such a vast area, and after all-can fleas live in carpets?

In short, the answer to the previous question is yes; fleas can survive in a car, and so it is vital that you treat and clean the carpets within your home to remedy the f and but they’re well fully.


Fleas can be a nightmare for any pet owner, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. There are some natural methods to remove fleas from home, and these can be easily implemented.