Can Fleas Live on Clothes?

Can Fleas Live on ClothesAs a homeowner, I am regularly patrolling for fleas. Lately, I outlined how people carry fleas from one home to anotherIn this post, I address the topic: Can fleas live on clothesThe short answer is… YES & NO. Let me explain…

In summary: fleas can’t survive on your clothes. But, flea larvae can remain under the seams of the clothes, rugs, carpets, & pet fur feeding on organic waste, sloughed skin, and dandruff. On the other hand, adult fleas can (incidentally) feed on, but won’t breed from, human blood. After this, they’ll jump on other hosts such as cats and dogs. 

Adult Fleas don’t Live in Clothes

Adult fleas have very limited chances of surviving in clothes. As permanent ectoparasites, fleas will require to suck blood from other warm-blooded hosts such as dogs and cats. Therefore, fleas will normally live on their hosts – and thus they’ll not prefer humans. So, they’ll suck blood from the warm-blooded hosts and continue to reproduce

People aren’t fleas’ favored Host

Flea bites in humans are only incidental compared to how they attack pets such as dogs and cats. This is because human beings have no hair (cats and dogs have fur) required by fleas to hide from prying human eyes. Also, typically, fleas will not reproduce from feeding human blood. 

Fleas Bite humans and Leave

As noted above, fleas will suck blood on human beings and jump off to a more suitable host. Fleas won’t bite through your clothes. Hence, the fleas will crawl to an exposed skin area where they’ll make 2-3 bites before jumping off. However, any interruption will make the flea to hide under your clothes for a short time – possibly for a maximum of 24 hours.

Flea Larvae don’t Live in Clothes

Adult fleas are not prevalent in clothing, but you’ll find other flea stages. For instance, you can get pupa and eggs lurking in clothing like winter coats that you don’t wash regularly. Therefore, you might require to kill the fleas in a dryer

How to get rid of fleas in clothes


Use protective clothes against flea bites

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