Can Fleas Live on Clothes?

Adult fleas largely live on warm-blooded animal hosts (like cats & dogs), as it provides readily available blood meals. Sadly, fleas may host tapeworms leading to contamination. Therefore, it’s important to ask – can fleas live on clothes?

Summary: Adult fleas mainly live and reproduce off cats & dogs blood and thus won’t live in clothes for long. The fleas may hide under clothes for under 24 hours before jumping off to their preferred hosts. However, flea eggs and pupae can remain dormant for long while lying under carpets, pet fur, or clothes lying on the floor. 

Adult Fleas don’t Live in Clothes 

Fleas (particularly cat fleas) mainly suck blood, reproduce, and live from warm-blooded hosts such as dogs and cats. Therefore, its very rare for the fleas to leave their primary hosts (for a long time) – or even hitch on people or their clothes. This is because they are mainly permanent ectoparasites. 

Adult Fleas live on Fleas & Dogs (their Hosts)

Fleas will live on their hosts (as permanent ectoparasites)- and they’ll not prefer human beings. However, you can get pupa and eggs hiding in clothing (like winter coats) that you don’t wash regularly. Thus, you might want to kill the fleas in a dryer as the heat and detergents will help in the process. 

People aren’t fleas’ favored Host

Flea bites in humans are only incidental compared those on dogs and cats. Reasons?… Human beings have no hair (cats and dogs have fur) required by fleas to hide from prying human eyes. Also, typically, fleas will not reproduce from feeding human blood. 

Fleas Bite humans and Leave

As noted above, fleas will suck blood on human beings and jump off to a more suitable host. Fleas won’t bite through your clothes. Hence, the fleas will crawl to an exposed skin area where they’ll make 2-3 bites before jumping off. However, any interruption will make the flea to hide under your clothes for a short time – possibly for a maximum of 24 hours.

How to get rid of fleas in clothes


Use protective clothes against flea bites

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