Can I Use Baby Shampoo On My Cat

Can I Use Baby Shampoo On My Cat?

Well, it takes a well-trained cat to make it have a bath, otherwise, cats hate water. To bath or remove fleas, can I use baby shampoo on my cat? The whole process of getting the cat to bathe is difficult and you may find yourself using unskilful ways to get it into water.

  • Can I use baby shampoo on my cat? No, it’s not a good idea to use baby shampoo on cats. Baby shampoo is not designed for cat pets and may contain some chemicals that may harm the furry pet.
  • Some shampoos may also affect the cat’s skin by causing irritation and dry skin too. Instead, it’s a good idea to use the cat shampoos that are available in the market.

In this detailed article, I have gathered all the necessary information about these shampoos. Also, get to learn more about the alternative shampoos that you can use on the cat.

Details: Can I Use Baby Shampoo In My Cat? A Healthy Pet

No, because baby shampoo is made for human skin which is very different from cat skin. Though cats are not good with water using shampoo is going to affect their skin by causing dryness and also irritation.

  • Cats are also good with self-grooming and it will be rare to get them with real dirt that needs a bath.

However, if you find yourself in a position to bathe your cat, instead of the baby shampoo, replace that with cat shampoo. A cat shampoo is made with specifications that won’t harm the cat’s skin. 

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Will Baby Shampoo Hurt Your Cat?

Though in general baby shampoo is not safe for your cat, their damage levels differ. For instance, unscented shampoo is less irritating and has low alkaline levels.

  • The lack of scent in the shampoo is a good much for the cat’s fur alkaline.
  • On the other hand, a scented shampoo is not good for your cat. They will cause skin irritation and also dry skin.

Castile soap is among the good baby shampoo that you can use on your cat with fewer effects. You can treat this as the last option if indeed you fail to get the cat shampoo.

Can I Use Baby Shampoo on My Kitten?

No. kittens have more sensitive skin than the cats themselves. Baby shampoos are not good for them. Though kittens are easy to manipulate and make them have a bath, it should not be the reason to harm them too.

  • They get themselves dirty and less skilled with self-grooming which makes it more important for you to bathe them. This could also serve as a good chance to train them on bathing.
  • If the baby shampoo is harmful to adult cats, then it is dangerous in kittens and should not be used on them.

If you have to wash the kittens, I recommend you get cat shampoo which has the right components to clean your cat. You can also consult with your vet for the recommended cat shampoos. 

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Reasons Why Your Cat Might Need To Be Bathed

Though cats hate water and getting them to bathe is strenuous. But there are times you have to take the bull by the horns and get the cat to bathe no matter what.

Below are several reasons explaining what happens when you don’t make bathing your cat your business.

Fleas infestation

Fleas like attacking and hiding on furry pets like cats and dogs. If you do fleas control and fail to bathe your cats and dogs, you stand more risk of infestation.

  • It’s easy to tell your cat is infected by fleas from the constant grooming and itchiness.
  • Alternatively, if you spot fleas in your house, it goes without saying-your pets are also infested.

Among the suitable ways of eliminating fleas from pets is a bath with warm and soapy water. An unscented cat shampoo is also a good idea to use when bathing them to eliminate the fleas.

Dirt from the coat

Some cats will go hunting and some even go to the ceiling and attics where they get themselves dirty.

Though they may groom themselves, sometimes it’s had to get lots of cobwebs and other dirt from their coat. When this happens, you have all the obligations to make sure your cat is clean.

Cats are very fond of this getting the coats dirty and a good bath with a cat shampoo would be good for them. Related: Flea Drops for Cats.

Medical Reasons

If your cat is sick or injured and can hardly groom herself, you need to take up the task of bathing her.

This is the same case with an aging cat who will also likely groom herself and may need your help bathing.

How do you tell, you need to bathe your cat? Well, the cat becomes smelly, has shabby fur, obese cats, and even the injured.

As a cat owner, these bathing your cat and others pets keep your home clean too. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Cat Licking Their Fur After Bathing With Shampoo?

After the bath, you are more likely to see your cat licking their fur. There are different interpretations to this. Both of you did not dry fur well and the cat is only trying to rinse herself.

Another alternative is that the shampoo could be irritating on the skin or the cat is trying to get rid of the scent.

This cat’s reaction just tells you the relationship between cat and water. It is also normal to see the cat running scared because of the trauma from a compulsory bath. 

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In Summary

Can I use baby shampoo on my cat? The answer is No. It’s not a good idea because some baby shampoo cause irritation and skin dryness. Even so, cats hate water, and getting them to bathe is an uphill task.

  • Though a cat won’t like it a bath is necessary and healthy. For instance, it’s necessary to bathe your cat when it’s sick, obese, or even dirty young kittens.
  • Also, when your cat and other pets play host to fleas and other bugs, then bathing them becomes necessary.

Instead of using baby shampoos, cat shampoos are better to bathe your cat because they will not harm your pet.