Capstar Flea Tablets for Large Dogs

Capstar Flea Tablets for Large Dogs

Capstar® flea tablets for large dogs contain 57 mg of nitenpyram as its active ingredient and it’s effective for killing adult fleas.

  • The nitenpyram ingredient falls under the group of neonicotinoids.

The oral tablet is effective and safe for killing fleas in large dogs.

However, the manufacturers caution that these oral tablets must not be used for humans.

  • So, keep the tablets away from the reach of kids.

Luckily, Capstar is safe for use on so you can give a second dose to the dog if it has a fleas’ re-infestation.

Administering the Capstar flea trap tablets will require that you conceal the medication in the pet’s food or drop it into the dog’s mouth directly.

  • Inspect the dog thoroughly to ensure it has swallowed the flea tablet or re-administer the medication if you are not sure if it has swallowed.

NB: Remember that the fleas can multiply and reproduce while on another pet in your household even when you flea-treated your dog.

Dosage and Reaction

Capstar flea tablets must be administered separately to the dog or other pets.

  • For example, you must not administer Capstar tablets to any pet whose weight is below 2 pounds.

Also, check the packaging instructions 4 outlines on current dosing for the Capstar flea tablets.

No adverse effects have been recorded while administering Capstar flea tablets on dogs or pets over 2 pounds.

You will achieve 90% effective flea control on dogs with these Capstar flea tablets.

  • Luckily, Capstar tablets have a quick knock-down on fleas since they will kill the bugs in just 30 minutes.

Are Capstar flea tablets safe for nursing or pregnant dogs?

During the flea treatment process, you may notice that the dog may start itching and scratching – this is when the fleas are dying.

Itching and scratching in dogs after giving them the Capstar flea tablets is a temporary reaction to the movement of fleas.

  • Cats can show some temporary signs like excessive grooming, vocalization, panting, and hyperactivity.

You can prevent miliary dermatitis and flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) in dogs by treating the pets using Capstar flea tablets.

Also, you can use Capstar tablets in conjunction with other medications including shampoos, deworming medications, vaccines, antibiotics, corticosteroids, and heartworm preventives.

Remember that fleas also spread tapeworms and so controlling these products will have extensive medical benefits to your dog.

Capstar tablets will however not kill the fleas that are in and around the house (the pets’ environment).

  • So, repeat the flea treatment on the dog using Capstar tablets since the immature fleas in the environment will develop into mature ladies attacking your large dogs again.

So, in addition to using the Capstar tablet to exterminate the adult fleas, you can use an insect growth inhibitor such as program flavor to help control fleas in the other life stages.

Fleas life cycle

Fleas are known to be fast producers and so their presence can cause a major problem to your pets and the household in general.

These eggs will develop and hatch to become adults in about 3 weeks. Next, once the female fleas have their blood meal from the pets, they will go ahead and lay more eggs.

  • The flea larvae will emerge from the flea eggs in a few days and will remain in the pet’s environment concealed in places such as the pet bedding and the carpet.

Next, the flea larvae will create a cocoon and wait for appropriate stimuli so that they can emerge as young adult fleas.

The fleas in the stage will next hitchhike your pet and continue feeding on their blood – growth further to the flea cycle.

  • So, effectively control the fleas in all the life stages, we recommend a combination of the Capstar tablets (nitenpyram) and the flavor tablets (lufenuron).

Capstar® (nitenpyram) for Large Dogs

The oral tablets (Capstar) will exterminate adult fleas in large dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens that are 4 + weeks old and whose weight is 2 + pounds.

The nitenpyram (neonicotinoids) Capstar tablets will contain 57 mg of the active ingredient (for large dogs) or 11.4 mg of the same (for small dogs and cats).

But how long will the Capstar flea treatment last?

  • Well, Capstar tablets will have a quick knockdown on the adult fleas (killing them in 15 minutes)
  • However, the effectiveness and life of the free tablets will be around 24 hours when you will be required to re-administer if the pests are still around.

A Recent Customer Review

The customer notes that he hit the research grounds for an effective flea killer recently.

  • But he is keen to caution that Capstar tablets are our only guide for killing adult fleas on large dogs.

It is therefore impossible to use Capstar tablets to target fleas that are in the environment.

  • But the customer states that the Capstar flea tablets are an excellent tool that you can incorporate into the flea control mission.

So, if you’re planning to utilize mostly or only cut the tablets to control fleas in the house and on the dog, you will require extra vigilance and keen knowledge of the flea cycle.

  • This would require that you give the large dogs these Capstar flea tablets for a long time – this would require a vet’s advice.

This technique might not work for dogs that show adverse skin reactions from flea bites – this would require emergency flea treatment in the whole environment.

  • So, I recommend you combine administration of the tablets with thorough vacuuming and cleaning plus flea shampooing the dog following a regular schedule.

This combination will provide almost instant relief to the large dogs against fleas while also controlling the pests to slow their growth in the environment.


In summary, the Capstar flea tablets for large dogs are effective in exterminating adult fleas.

Despite the fact that the Capstar tablets will only work for 24 hours, it offers a quick knockdown on the fleas – which will be around 15 minutes.