Capstar Flea Tablets for Small Dogs

Capstar Flea Tablets for Small Dogs

Capstar tablets are effective remedies for controlling fleas in dogs, puppies, kittens, and cats. In the Star article, I will discuss Capstar flea tablets for small dogs (up to 11kg). 

Notably, capital will begin killing the fleas on your dog in around half an hour and its effectiveness will last for one day.

  • So I advise that you start the journey of controlling that flea infestation on your car or the dog by administering Capstar – it is an effective flea killer and it’s also fast-acting.

Let’s dig in! 

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Details: Capstar Flea Tablets For Small Dogs

Cops are tablets that are effective and fast in killing fleas on small dogs such that you’ll actually see the pests falling off from your pet.

  • Professionals advise you to use Capstar tablets in combination with other flea treatments that are considered long-acting.
  • Some of the known long-acting play Killers include tick control collars like those produced by Solesto or advantage.

The tablets are easy to administer and we’ll kill the adult fleas very fast. You can give the tablets daily – probably with food or even without.

  • Capstar flea tablets will be effective and safe for controlling fleas in small dogs that measure up to 11 kgs.

KILL ADULT FLEAS: Capstar oral flea treatment tablets (11.4 mg) are safe for dogs and puppies from 2-25 lbs., four (4) weeks and older.

With the 11.4 mg of the Capstar tablets, we exterminate adult fleas in puppies and dogs that are 4 + weeks old or 2 lbs to 25 lbs.

  • Lucky for convenience and cost reduction, Capstar flea tablets can be purchased without needing a veterinarian prescription.

Capstar flea tablets are all so fast in treating re-infestations – experts advise that you just administer another daily dose until all is cleared.

  • Capstar tablets also have a quick knock-down effect on the fleas – so the pests will start falling off from the dog in just 30 minutes. 

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Effective and Fast Acting

Capstar is made using the nitenpyram active ingredient which will kill the fleas fast on your cats and dogs – the knock-down effect is estimated at just 30 minutes.

An analysis of the Capstar’s action shows that the remedy is able to disseminate 90 + percent of the adult fleas in just 4 hours (in dogs) and only 6 hours (in cats).

Besides capsule tablets we’ll be safe and effective for use on kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs that are 2 + oz in weight or 4 + weeks in age.

Another advantage of the Capstar tablets is that we will exterminate adult fleas before they begin reproducing and laying eggs.

  • Capstar will exterminate adult fleas that would otherwise trigger allergy dermatitis caused by fleas.

Luckily, Capstar can be purchased for killing fleas in 57 mg for large dogs (25 pounds – 125 pounds) or in 11.4 mg for small dogs and cats (2 lb to 25 pounds).

  • Administration of the Capstar tablets is easy as you will simply be required to give them in food or drop a tablet inside the pet’s mouth.

You can administer Capstar flea tablets with other medications such as the longer-lasting or monthly medications and they’ll be safe.

  • Also, you can administer Capstar flea tablets with flea shampoos, deworming medications, vaccines, antibiotics, corticosteroids, and heartworm preventatives.

However, Capstar flea tablets are not suitable for use as a preventative flea medication.

  • So you should purchase and use another flea prevention remedy for your small dogs – ensure that a solution is able to kill even the flea larvae and flea eggs.

However, Capstar flea tablets are not safe for use in kittens and puppies that are under 20 pounds in body weight or under 4 weeks in age.

How long will the Capstar Flea tablets last?

As noted above, Capstar flea tablets are not to be used as preventative medications for fleas.

  • Dosing the small dog with a tablet will only kill please that are on its body at that time.

So, Capstar tablets are widely used in rescue operations – for flea-treating stray cats or dogs.

  • The process involves dosing the cat or dog using Capstar tablets, feeding them appropriately, and then bathing them probably using a suitable flea shampoo.

So, on how long the Capstar flea tablets last, I will say that this is an incorrect or misplaced question because this solution will not offer long-lasting prevention.

So, the Capstar tablet may be described as an instant flea solution as opposed to being a long-term flea pill.

Are Capstar flea tablets safe for my small dog?

Yes, Capstar tablets are effective in treating fleas on both cats and small dogs.

However, you must strictly adhere to the dosage recommendations that are on the product description.

  • The 11.4 mg package is suitable for flea-treating dogs and cats that are 2 lb 25 pounds in body weight
  • The 57 mg package is effective unsafe for flea-treating dogs that weigh 25.1 lb to 125 pounds

The oral medication can be administered by hiding it in the dog’s food or simply dropping the tablet into the pet’s mouth.

Flea-Free Dogs

My mum received the Capstar tablets package in the evening and she administered it immediately.

She says that, after 1 hour, she’s checked through the dog’s hair for any live fleas.

  • Luckily, not a single live flea was found but there were many dead ones.

Next, my mum decided to give a dog a thorough washing to remove most of those dead or live fleas.

  • Finally, my mum reports that her small dog became flea-free and also happy.

However, she noted that the product description classified the product as non-long-term in its action.

  • So, she had to contact the vet for accommodation with a longer-term flea killer for a small dog.

My mum’s review is that Capstar tablets will be great if you need an easy and quick remedy for fleas prior to getting a longer-term remedy.

Effective for small dogs

Capstar tablets worked excellently as described.

  • I used the product on my small dogs that weigh anywhere from 11 lb to 16 pounds.

I noticed that the Shitzu dog that had denser hair on its body came with more fleas.

But we administered 1 dose to each of the dogs and the formulation was able to clear all the pests within 1 to 2 days.

  • However, it was important to administer another dose to the dog that had long hair after 1 week.

My review is that Capstar tablets are effective safe and well-priced for use in controlling fleas – plus they are nonprescription which makes them very convenient.

Capstar cleared the fleas on my Shih Tzu dog that mainly stays in the US but sometimes moves to the yard – where I believe he picked some fleas.

  • But ever since this encounter, I also purchased a yard flea killer that has helped so much.

Used in Conjunction with Flea Combs

Experts recommend that you use the Capstar tablets in conjunction with some quality flea combs.

  • This will increase the chances of catching all the fleas within one hour.

After administering the medication, you will notice that a small dog will begin moving around and becoming restless and scratching crazily.

  • This is because the fleas will have panicked and so will be moving around as they die from the medication.

Pet owners are advised that this is a common habit but they should comb the outdoors to catch any fleas that may escape.


So in summary, Capstar tablets are effective remedies for controlling adult fleas that are already on your small dog.

  • However, be cautious because there is a dosage limitation depending on the age and weight of your small dog.

I also recommend you use Capstar tablets in combination with other longer-term flea remedies such as the Sentry Oatmeal Flea Shampoo.

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