Crossfire for Bed Bugs

CrossFire for Bed Bugs (7 Simple Tips)

This’s a review of crossfire for bed bugs. Most folks will be bedbug-free for less than $200-$300 spread over 2-3 months with some diligence.

If done correctly, you shouldn’t see bugs after 2 -3 weeks – using CrossFire plus Cimexa.

Lots of people believe in steaming/heat treating bed bugsI tried it twice & here’s why it failed for me: I did not have the time or patience to do it every day for two months. 

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CrossFire for Bed Bugs (Residual Spray) 

I guarantee you have bedbugs in your house laying eggs here, there & yonder DAILY. So if you hit almost every area in a week, there’s still going to be areas you miss that will have hatching bugs.

1. Remove Clutter

Step #1 Get rid of clothes, shoes & books! OK, maybe not everything, but everything you can live without. First, Everything needs washed & dried on HIGH heat & sealed up in plastic bags. 

Now the other big issue you have is you MUST figure out how/ where they are coming from or be prepared to treat forever. Here’s what to do – step by step. 

So I chose a chemical route of Crossfire. They both keep working for long periods. You have to reapply the Crossfire every 14 days for 2-3 months after seeing your last live bug, but it works. 

2. Mix Crossfire crossfire

– Mix up 1/2 the bottle of Crossfire with 1/2 gallon of water in a chemical sprayer ($10 about anywhere). Spray every nook, cranny, baseboard, corner, crevice, etc.

You will need to repeat this every 10-14 days for 8-12 weeks & once mixed; you need to use it within 24 hours, so that is why you only mix what you need. I treated my 1200 sq ft, three-bedroom apartment with 1 quart! It goes a long way. 

– The Cimexa is a fine powder. Remove all the outlet covers & light-switch covers & give them a SMALL DUSTING.

If you put it too thick, they will avoid it!! You also want to put a fine dusting into any other voids you may have in your home.

3. Launder your Clothes Thoroughly

– For the first 2-3 weeks (while still seeing live bugs), Launder bed clothes every three days, drying on high heat. Remember to keep your CrossFire spray close in case some will be crawling around.

– Vacuum DAILY, paying particular attention to along the baseboards if you have carpeting. Ensure you empty the vacuum immediately, tie up the debris & remove it from your home -to kill even baby bed bugs

– Don’t leave a single thing on shelves in closets, books on bookcases (no boxes either, bedbugs love hiding in cardboard) NOTHING. Leave them nowhere to hide! Everything you keep(hopefully not much) needs to be sealed/tied up in plastic or garbage bags.

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4. Treat your Car for Bed Bugs

– And lastly, DO NOT FORGET to treat your car! They will hitchhike to your vehicle & before you know it, they’ll have infested it. Please treat it with Crossfire every time you treat your home.

– The cheapest place I’ve found to buy the Crossfire is actually from here. It’s $30 and free shipping if you spend over $45. 

I suggest you go ahead & buy two bottles because it will take at least that much to treat every 14 days for 2-3 months & that way, you get the free shipping! 

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