CrossFire for Bed Bugs (7 Simple Tips)

This’s a review of crossfire for bed bugsWith some diligence, most folks will be bedbug free for less than $200-$300 spread over 2-3 months. If done properly, you shouldn’t see bugs after 2 -3 weeks – using CrossFire plus Cimexa. Crossfire for Bed Bugs

Lots of people believe in steaming/heat treating bed bugs.

I tried it twice & here’s why it failed for me: I did not have the time or patience to do it every single day for 2 months. 

CrossFire for Bed Bugs (Residual Spray) 

I guarantee you have bedbugs in your house laying eggs here there & yonder DAILY. So if you hit almost every area in a weeks time, there’s still going to be areas you miss that will have hatching bugs.

1. Remove Clutter

Step #1 Get rid of clothes, shoes & books! OK, maybe not everything, but everything you can live without. First, Everything needs washed & dried on HIGH heat & sealed up in plastic bags. 

Now the other big issue you have is you MUST figure out how/ where they are coming from or be prepared to treat forever. Here’s what to do – step by step. 

So I chose a chemical route of Crossfire. They both keep working for long periods of time. You do have to reapply the Crossfire every 14 days for 2-3 months after you see your last live bug but it works. 

2. Mix Crossfire crossfire

– Mix up 1/2 the bottle of Crossfire with 1/2 gallon of water in a chemical sprayer ($10 about anywhere). Spray every nook, cranny, baseboard, corner, crevice, etc.

You will need to repeat this every 10-14 days for 8-12 weeks & once mixed, you need to use it within 24 hours so that is why you only mix what you need. I treated my 1200 sq ft, 3 bedroom apartment with 1 quart! It goes a long way. 

– The Cimexa is a fine powder. Remove all the outlet covers & light-switch covers & give them a SMALL DUSTING.

If you put it too thick, they will avoid it!! You also want to put a fine dusting into any other voids you may have in your home.

3. Launder your Clothes Thoroughly

– For the first 2-3 weeks (while still seeing live bugs) Launder bed clothes every 3 days, drying on high heat. Remember to keep your CrossFire spray close in case some will be crawling around.

– Vacuum DAILY, paying special attention to along the baseboards, if you have carpeting. Make sure you empty the vacuum immediately, tie up the debris & remove it from your home -= to kill even baby bed bugs

– Don’t leave a single thing on shelves in closets, books on bookcases (no boxes either, bedbugs love hiding in cardboard) NOTHING. Leave them nowhere to hide! Everything you keep(hopefully not much) needs sealed/tied up in plastic or garbage bags.

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4. Treat your Car for Bed Bugs

– And lastly, DO NOT FORGET to treat your car! They will hitchhike to your car & before you know it, they’ll have infested it. Treat it with Crossfire every time you treat your home.

– The cheapest place I’ve found to buy the Crossfire is actually from here. It’s $30 and free shipping if u spend over $45. 

I suggest you go ahead & buy 2 bottles because it will take at least that much to treat every 14 days for 2-3 months & that way you get the free shipping! 

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