Dawn Dish Soap for Fleas (Complete Guide)

What’s better than a clean and happy pet? Sadly, fleas cause skin irritation, anemia (blood loss) or may kill kittens and puppies.

Sadly, commercial flea control products are harsh on kittens’ skin and their young immune system. 

But, washing your pets using dawn dish soap (the original blue Dawn) will safely eliminate that nasty flea infestation.

Dawn Dish Soap for Fleas (Complete Guide)

Dawn washing (instead of dog flea shampoo) will destroy the fleas’ exoskeletons and kill them. Check these dead bed bugs – know you enemy! 

To clear a massive flea infestation in your house, try the best fogger for fleas

1. Reduces surface tension of water – makes fleas to sink and drown?

Dawn dish soap is a detergent used in cleaning dishes. However, like a flea control mechanism, dawn dish soap reduces the surface tension of water and thus fleas sink and drown. Therefore, dish soap is considered to work as a surfactant.

But first: How Soap Reduces Surface Tension Of Water

Dawn has surfactants ingredients that reduce the water’s surface tension. Therefore, when you add the dish soap to water, the fleas that could ordinarily float on water will sink in the cleaning water and drown.

Notably, ordinarily, fleas have a waxy layer, in addition to their small size, which prevents them from the break the surface tension of water. However, with the dish soap, the surfactants will make the fleas to sink and drown within a short time.

Also, the dawn dish soap allows the waxy cuticle of the fleas to absorb water and thus its respiratory system leading to the drowning of the bug.

2. Breaks waxy layer of the fleas’ Respiratory System

Drowning fleas under normal circumstances is difficult. This is mainly because the respiratory system of fleas has a waxy layer that prevents water from entering. Further, the wax is also in the trachea and hence bars water from moving into the respiratory systems.

Application of dawn dish soap breaks the wax layer and thus allows entry of water into the fleas’ respiratory system. Therefore, the fleas suffocate as the water replaces the air and the dish soap could make suds to obstruct the fleas’ spiracles.

Using dawn dish soap for fleas (Step by step)

A. Dogs

But, Can you bathe a dog with dish soap? Yes, dogs, unlike cats, can be soaked and washed in dawn soap water until all the fleas are removed and dead.

1. Select a suitable dawn dish soap.

Although all dish soap brands can work in controlling fleas, dawn dish soap is recommended since it has useful surfactants compared to other soaps.

Further, from my experience with dish soaps, dawn is safe for pets as it causes minimal skin irritation after bathing and proper rinsing. Also, you can use dawn dish soap for fleas on puppies.

2. Warm bathing water

Your pet will enjoy the bath if you give them some warm water treatment. Also, you need your dog to be as comfortable as possible during the bathing process, and thus warm water will be suitable.

After adding the warm water in a basin, clean your dog’s coat thoroughly to remove all the dirt and debris from the pet. Using a container, ensure you bathe the pet in the water complexly but avoid affecting its eyes and nose.

3. Rub the dawn dish soap

Rub the dish soap on the wet pet’s coat to ensure that it is wholly lathered. Also, you can use a hair comb or brush to scrub the dish soap on the dog’s skin.

However, the amount of soap you will apply depends on how much the massive flea infestation has attacked

4. Rinse the Soap together with fleas

After 5 minutes of brushing and combing your dog’s coat, you will observe some fleas that will be noticeably dead.

Therefore, you can now rinse the soap from the dog’s coats, which will also remove the fleas that are dead and drowning. Repeated rinsing will ensure that will the fleas are cleaned from the dog’s skin.

5. Continue scrubbing

Ensure that you scrub the dog’s skin until there are no more fleas seen in the bathtub water.

Further, check critical areas such as under the belly and on the head to avoid leaving some on your head.

B. Cats

For the felines, you can use dawn dish soap for fleas on kittens and adults cats.

1. Mix dawn soap with little water

Since cats and their kittens do not love water and bathing in water generally, you can still use another alternative that will leave the fleas dead.

Therefore, mix an appropriate amount of dawn flea soap in a water basin and stir. However, ensure to use one basin of the detergent for each cat to ensure maximum effectiveness.

2. Flea comb with the detergent water

Purchase a flea comb beforehand to ensure you achieve the best results with the flea control on your cat. Dip the flea comb in the detergent water and comb your cat appropriately. This process will remove the fleas from then cats coat and deposit them in the detergent basin. The fleas will thus sink in the detergent water and drown.

3. Brush your cat

Further, the dawn detergent water will break the flea’s waxy layer and hence cause suffocation and death of the bug.

Brush your cat with the detergents water until you can see no more fleas coming out of your pet and dropping in the water basin.

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