Diatomaceous Earth for fleas (on Cats, Dogs, Yards)

As a homeowner, which flea control method do you advocate? (a) Chemical insecticides or (b) the natural methods such as Diatomaceous Earth or (3). A combination of (a) and (b). Diatomaceous Earth for fleas

We all have different opinions. But, for now, let’s leave at this “Diatomaceous Earth kills fleas” (as proved in this case study).

In this post, I outline how to use Diatomaceous Earth to kills in Cats, Dogs, House, and Yards. Let’s get started.

But first, What’s this Diatomaceous Earth? 

Diatomaceous Earth, being a desiccant (or drying agent), is mainly suitable for controlling fleas and flea larvae in dry places or indoor spaces such as dog/ cat bedding and cat/ dog houses. But why?

Well, using diatomaceous earth in water-wetted places or as a spray reduces the chances of the powder being taken up by fleas. So, for outdoor/ wet areas you can use flea sprays that contain pyrethroids like esfenvalerate and esfenvalerate or other IGR pyriproxifen.

Diatomaceous Earth for fleas in Yards

For yard and other outdoor spaces, flea treatment efforts should essentially concentrate on areas where flea larvae are mainly found. The areas include shady places, under shrubbery or decks, cat/ dog bedding areas, and crawl spaces.

Using Diatomaceous Earth for fleas in Cats


Using Diatomaceous Earth for fleas in Dogs


Using Diatomaceous Earth for fleas in Carpet



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