Do bed bugs fly

Do Bed Bugs Fly? Bedbug Movement

When I first left my parent’s house and got my apartment, it was a frustrating hustle to get rid of bed bugs. Just like myself, most homeowners fear and get a chill with the mention of a bed bug infestation. In today’s post, I’ll be answering this question – “can bed bugs fly?”

Let’s face it: Controlling bed bugs can be a difficult, expensive, and time-consuming task given that they’ve become more resistant to insecticides such as neonicotinoids. But imagine what it would be like if bed bugs could also fly? Well, this would be a notable horror. So, let’s dive right in for more details.

In short, NO – Bed bugs do not jump or fly but have dysfunctional wing pads. They mainly use crawling to move around looking for a blood meal, a hiding place, or a new host.

So, if you’ve seen an insect that closely resembles a bud bug flying around the house, most probably we’re talking about carpet beetles or stink bugs (bet luckily these don’t bite). 

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Before we move on with bed bugs and their movement, I recommend that you also view this guide on stink bugs vs. bed bugs

Do Bed Bugs Fly? Bedbug Movement

You ever wondered how bed bugs spread? Maybe you previously thought that bed bugs jump/ or fly from one room or house to another. Well, you were wrong because bed bugs only move through crawling. But do they have wings, or it’s equivalent maybe?

Well, bed bugs are wingless insects. However, on the flip side, these bugs winglets make it look like they have wings, but the wings do not develop fully.

So, the flat body (oval too) and underdeveloped wings are the bugs’ key features. To put it into perspective, bed bugs are something just some inches larger than your largest fleas.

To avoid confusion,  bed bugs are about apple-seed-sized insects living off blood from human beings and animals. Before sucking blood, the bugs will be flat in shape but swells into a reddish colored bug after the blood meal. However, since bed bugs only feed on blood, seeing them on your premises does not signify that you have a dirty living.

What about baby bed bugs? 

Just like the adult bed bugs, their nymphs (the Immature bedbugs) are also wingless but will also shed some skin (molting) 5 times before attaining the adult stage.

So, since they cannot jump around quickly to hide from human beings and other enemies, these bugs will hide in tiny spaces, particularly in a cluster.

For example, you can find the bed bugs and their eggs in headboards, bed frames, box springs, and mattresses. But don’t worry, I created an article on how to get rid of stink bugs.

Do Bed Bugs Climb Walls? 

As noted above, bed bugs and their nymphs will move only through crawling. Their crawling sprees will most likely lead the bugs to climb on different favorable walls and finally getting onto beds, cupboards, and cabinets.

Besides, bed bugs can crawl through drain pipes to get from one house to another. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to unblocked clogged drains, possibly using one of the best drain cleaners.

However, the bugs tend to have reduced crawling ability when it comes to smoother surfaces such as metal or plastic pipes, porcelain, or glass.

For example, bed bugs will have a difficult time climbing up the porcelain walls of your bathtub. However, they can climb up on another nearby (and rough) wall and finally fall off to your bathtub.

But don’t be too happy; the bugs can still use electrical runs and pipe chases. Control the bed bugs through spraying or bed bug steamers.


It’s clear now that, despite having some wing pads, bed bugs will not jump or fly like your regular insects such as flies and fleas.

The legs of these bugs do not have enough energy to propel it into a distance through jumping. Therefore, the sole method of movement for the bed bugs is through crawling.